Saturday, 21 June 2008

Photo Hunt- Water

Photo Hunters

The theme this week for the Photo Hunt is : WATER

WATER is important for fighting forest fires!

Helicopters have buckets to collect WATER.

There was a lake close to the fire.

There was a lot of smoke!!

Georgia prefers to drink her WATER.

Tillie likes to drink WATER too.

Neither cat wants to have a bath in WATER!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What fantastic pictures!!! We prefer to drink from our water fountain!!! We don't want to bath in water way!!!!!!!

George Steppa & Shmoo,Mus,JR Man, and TT said...

me George loves water and taking a bath but dont get the bottom of my feet wet NO NO NO hey Mickey we is over at MOKIS party ar u not coming over hurry befor all the food is gone your Bean is trying to eat the laptop

Ana said...

Btw, how the fire is going? Is it all okay now?

And why you don't love baths? It's so nice to get cleaned without doing anything, especially in summer! :-)

Have a great weekend all of you!

Praline said...

Great pictures. I hope the fire is out soon.

I agree - water is for drinking and not for kitties getting wet.

Tesla said...

how often does yoor mommeh gif yoo bath in water? Mommeh does dis to meh every few months. And she said sumtin abouts meh summer baf?! I'm worried!

Cat Street Boyz said...

We get our water from a Drinkwell fountain...Do you live right off the water? The beans can walk to the lake but we can't see it from our house...check out our Blog and see all the water that is down the road from our home.=^Y^=Ty

Forty Paws said...

Yes, we have bowls of water and fountains of water. We hope there is no fire around here that needs a helicopter with water!

Luf, Us

Natu&mona said...

Hello Mickey.
Japan is the rainy season.
Water is full because of rain.
Is the smoke all right?

Have a great weekend

Natu&mona in Japan said...

Nice to meet you.
I look in Japan.
I liked the figure which sat down on the shin, a chair with the cat which I loved very much.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh yes, water is quite important isn't it?

Daisy said...

Those are some very interesting and scairty photos! I hope all the fires are out soon.

dennis said...

Dennis likes ice cubes in his water. Hello Sweet Daisy, nice to see you above me. xxx ooo

topcatrules said...

Your water pictures are so good Mickey! Hugs from Australia. :)

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

We've been reading about the fires in your neck-of-the-woods. We are glad you guys are okay!

Anita said...

You should been frightened. We are glad that you are good.

The Devil Dog said...

If I never took another bath I would be happy. But I don't think I will get that lucky.


THE ZOO said...

were lyk dennis we lyked ice cubes in owr water. we hope eferyfing ok at yur place and yalls safe.