Saturday, 1 September 2007


A Light in Silence & Remembrance

My new friend Roxy, is black like me,and she is very nice,even if she is a DOG!

One night while Mom and I were looking at the computer,we found a picture that reminded us of Roxy, because the dog was a pug(but not black), and the cat was black like me. Mom really liked the expression on the dogs face. We found it at this very funny site So if ya want a good laugh go visit.


The Devil Dog said...

Hi Mickey! That site is hysterical, mom was laughing and laughing as she called Millie's mom to tell her about it. And you called me your friend! Wow, I am so happy I think I'll... running around the house like a maniac and then tackle Lucky!

ps mickey, I am a girl. Can I still be your friend?

Daisy said...

Roxy seems very nice! It is good to make new friends.

I LOVE icanhascheezburger! I check it every day.

Karen Jo said...

Roxy is a really interesting and fun woofie. I love I Can Has Cheezburger, too. I visit every day. That picture is an especially good one.

The Devil Dog said...

Oh Mickey, I am running around in circles I am so excited about what you said. Sigh, if you were a dog (because I can't be a cat, mom is allergic to them) maybe you could have been my sweetheart, like Monty and Millie). Ah well. I don't care, you are still my friend, and sweet.
Your mom will like the baby pictures of Lucky and me, but it may be a few days to get through the rest of the story.