Friday 30 November 2018

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday we were doing plenty of this.
We had a BIG storm that had very strong wind
and ,in some areas,snow!
There were lots of flurries in the air, but nothing 
stayed on the ground.
At the Cape Breton end of our province, 
there was a lot of wind and snow and tree branches!
That caused problems with the electrical wires and the flow of
electricity into the main power grid.
As a result, there was a huge power outage !
In the metro Halifax area the outage was the largest
We lost our power in the morning and got it back 
about 1PM. Other areas got power about 5 PM.
Some areas were still waiting late in the evening.

Once again, Mum was happy to be home.
She is still using up vacation time and will not go back
to work until Wednesday.
Needless to say, we are happy cats!!
We love having mum home.
That means FUN!!!!
How about you?
What are your plans for the weekend ?
Hope they will be FUN !

Monday 26 November 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Happy Monday friends.
Even though mum went back to work today, we are still happy
because we had a great time when she was home.
Our weather was crazy!
We had sun, then we got some light snow and the
temperatures were cold!
We had wind so there was a wind chill factor also!
Mum was really happy to be home!
This week there will be sun,rain and maybe a rain-snow mix.
The temps will be in the +C (centigrade) range
so that is good.

On the warmer days, we did get on the porch.
Julie was delighted!

A lot of days JJ and I napped together.

In this picture, you can see where JJ had some 
mats removed at his back end.
He is mat free and happy.
Mum heard back from the Vet and he passed his tests!
His Thyroid and kidney functions were in the good range,
do no increases in his meds is necessary!! WooHoo!

The best news is that mum has Thursday
and Friday off!
Did we mention that we love mum holidays?!
We wish all of you a great week !!!

Friday 23 November 2018

Friday Thoughts with Georgia

Georgia: Hi friends.It's Friday and that means 
mum's staycation is over. Darn!
We have enjoyed this week and we had lots
of snuggles and FUN !
The good news is that mum still has some
vacation days left!
This week has been crazy  in the weather department.
We had sun,rain and snow and it was warm and really cold.
The cold weather was Thursday and today.
The rest of the weekend looks to be warmer.

 On the cool days, JJ and Julie did not go on the porch.
They sat on the windowsill and looked onto
the porch and outside.

Julie was looking for live squirrels.
The one above her is just a figurine. MOL!
If any squirrels or mice get into the porch, 
they better watch out! Julie is quite a mouser.
(Mum has had to rescue some that Julie brought 
into the house.Sometimes the mouse is not so lucky.
Mum is happy that Julie never tries to eat them.)
Heehee! Mum leaves the kitchen door open 
when we cats are on the porch)

JJ also enjoyed looking out the windows.
This week mum took him to the Vet for his
semi-annual check-up. They stole some of his blood.
They do a Senior wellness check.
Mum has not caught up with the Vet yet to see 
how he is doing.They are watching his thyroid and kidneys.

JJ also had a few matts that mum could not remove.
One was right under his chin.
The  Vet staff removed them so now he feels better
but his coat is a bit uneven. JJ does not mind though.
He is just glad mum is not picking at his furs anymore.
For a kitty that is 21 years old, he is still pretty active.
He also has a really good appetite.
The Vet said he can eat as much as he wants!

While mum goes back to work Monday, we will
enjoy our weekend and have FUN!
What are your plans for the weekend?

We purr you all have FUN !

Thursday 22 November 2018

To Our US Friends-Happy Thanksgiving !

We wish all of our American friends
a very happy and tasty Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Monday 19 November 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We are really enjoying having mum
at home with us. We are getting lots of scritches
and attention. We are getting rain today, but Sunday
was nice and sunny and warm on the porch!
I loved it and spent the afternoon on the porch.

JJ enjoyed a warm snooze on the back of the couch.

Julie enjoyed snoozing on the couch too 
when she was not following mum around.
Mum has been enjoying reading her book.

We are all enjoying mum's staycation !

Friday 16 November 2018

Stormy Friday!

Julie: I am super happy today. Know why?
Mum is on vacation starting today!
10 days with mum at home!!
Mum is kinds happy too. MOL!

Georgia and JJ are happy even if they are still sleeping.
They will be looking for scritches and brushings!

Today was a good day for mum to be off.
We are having our first snow !
It came in like a lion too!!
The birds are looking for the seeds mum put out 
early this morning.
The forecast says it will change to rain this afternoon.
Mum is happy to be home.

We are all going to snuggle and watch the snow and maybe rain.
Mostly, we will be looking forward to having FUN !

We purr your weekend will be FUN also

We also send lots of purrs to all affected by the fires in California !

Monday 12 November 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We have proof that JJ and I are good drinkers.
We love our water.Right now, JJ is having his drink.

Now it is my turn.
JJ is pretty good about sharing.

This past Sunday was Remembrance Day.
Mum said it was the 100th anniversary of the end of
World War 1.
Every November 11 there is a Remembrance Day
service held in communities across Canada.
This one is in our community.

The veterans,Canadian forces,police,cadets and 
other groups all attend.

Marching in.
Mum said it was well attended.
Mum said the when WW! ended, church bells rang
throughout Europe in celebration.

Julie was happy this weekend too.
she has a few more pictures to share with you.

You can see her post at

Click the RED link

Friday 9 November 2018

So Happy It's Friday!

Hello friends!!!
Once again Friday is here and we are happy.
Mum is happiest of all.
Last Saturday mum was sitting in a chair when Julie 
plopped in front of her and started rolling around.
Mum thought she was so cute and she bent down to pick
her up. BIG Mistake!!
Bending from a sitting position to lift a 12 pound(+ or -)
cat is a really bad idea.
Yup, mum pulled a muscle in her back and spent
the weekend in bed(amidst some loud screams of pain).
Then, the clocks gwent back and hour and we had no idea 
if we would ever see food again!

Fortunately, we all survived and mum is back to normal(?) again.
The best part for us was no camera in our faces.
The sad part was that we did not do our blog or get to do 

We will share our picture from 2017.
We also purr for PEACE every day

We have to admit that not being chased with a 
camera was pretty good.
While mum was laid up in her bed, we got to have our naps too!
There are times when we cats can all get together.

Now that mum is better, we can look forward to the weekend
and some FUN !!

What are you doing this weekend ?
Hope it will be FUN !

Friday 2 November 2018

Finally Friday

Georgia: Yay! It's finally Friday!!
That's what mum said.
She also said it felt like a long week.
WE are happy it is Friday too as it means more mumtime!
It also means snuggle time as it will rain on Saturday
but we will see sunshine on Sunday.
That sounds good to me.
As we get ready for the weekend, we offer you our
 Friday Close-Ups!

Her is mine.

Sun Loving JJ 

and  Mum's Shadow Julie!

So, what's on your agenda this weekend?
We purr it will be FUN !