Tuesday 29 January 2013

Purrs for our Grammie

Grammie made it through surgery!
Now all she has to do is keep improving 
and we purr she does this !!

Hi friends. We could use some purrs.
Our Grammie (Mom's Mom) had a fall  and has a 
fracture in her hip. She was supposed to have an operation
Monday ,but it was delayed until today.
While they were checking her at the hospital, they also
discovered she has a stomach aneurism.
Needless to say, we are worried and Mom is too.
We hope you will purr with us for Grammie to make it
through the operation and get better.

We will not be visiting for a while, but will try to keep
you updated.
Thank You!!

Monday 28 January 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: What a nice day it is! I am happy when Mom is home.
We had a fun weekend. I was looking out the window at the snow.
Can you see it? It is on the roof of our little shed. Mom says
it is still super cold,but the deep freeze is coming to an
end this week.

I bet all the birds and squirrels will be glad to see the end of
 this cold spell too. Mom puts out seed for them .

This window looks out onto the porch. It is pretty cold out
 there  even though it is enclosed. It is not heated. darn !

Tiger is having a good snooze.

JJ is on the bed with her.
He wanted a close up so you can see how handsome he is.

Treasure is sitting on the carpeted shelf . From there, he can
 look out of the window I was standing in. That window faces 
the river. We cannot see it very well because of all the 
trees between the house and the river.
Sometimes we get to see squirrels when they run through 
the trees!

Mom saw Earl the Squirrel on the deck in the backyard!

Even though she was indoors, I think Earl saw her too!

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Friday 25 January 2013

C-C-Cold Friday !

Well another Friday is here and it feels the same as all
the other days this week...COLD!!!
Mom said that we shall see an end to this bone chilling 
weather  towards the end of the weekend and into
next week. Thank goodness! Bet it has been very hard 
on any animals outside!
It was quite nice on out enclosed porch yesterday, so
I went out and spent time in the box. It was nice!

Then Mom came along and wanted to take pictures! ::sigh::
She had to be silly and shoot through the hole in the box.
Peek-a-boo !

Tillie enjoyed the porch too. The sun brings out
the red in her furs ;)

She likes being on the porch so she can keep an eye on 
things! Yes, one of the "things" is Julie. As long
as they just look, Mom is OK with that!

Julie spent time in the kitchen windows, since that is 
the best place to watch the birds and squirrels.
She also likes to watch Mom,after all, it IS a kitchen !


  Tiger was enjoying a snooze on a blankie on top of a puff

  The best place to sleep and be warm, she says.
With her arthritis, she loves to be warm !

JJ likes following Mom around. He is looking for belly rubs!
He got them too !!

Treasure is looking nervous.He is by nature, 
but even more so now!! Yesterday, Mom took him and Tiger
 to the Vet!
They both need dental work, but Treasure will most
likely loose teeth !!!!

When the sun was coming up, the orange glow highlighted
the frost on the kitchen window.

Here in Nova Scotia, the sun rises at 7:43 AM and twilight 
starts  about a half an hour before the sun comes up.
That gives us that nice orange glow. 

It also highlights the wonderful artwork that
Jack Frost paints on the windows during the cold nights !

That really makes us glad to be indoor kitties !
Today it is - 12C with a wind chill factor making it 
feel like - 28C !!! It has been a few years since
we have had weather this cold !
Too bad for Mom, heehee

Stay warm friends and stay inside!
If you live "down under" stay cool  ;)
Either way, have a fun weekend !!!

Monday 21 January 2013

Georgia and her Mousie on the Chair

Georgia loves to sit,sleep and play on this chair.

She says it is very comfortable and just her size!

She has a mousie she got from Mom's co-worker.

 She gives Mom the stink eye in case Mom tries to take
the mousie away ! Get your own Mom !!

Caught in the middle of play.

Georgia even relaxes with her mousie.
It is there when she is ready to thrash it again.

Tiger: Well Mom, where is MY mousie???
Mom: Just a tic Tiger, I'll get one for you.

Know what Tillie did this weekend?
She got a bath from JJ !!!
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Friday 18 January 2013

Finally Friday

 I am watching for Mom.  I know she said Saturday, but I
will keep my eyes on the door. She will be here for the 
weekend and I am excited. I love Mom and I am her
#1 kitty !! Does that make me a Diva?

My furcousins are having a good time with Mom.
They are very relaxed and enjoying some good naps.
Mindy wants Mom to put the camera down and give
her some scritches. Yup, Mom gives pawsome scritches !!!

Cookie is on the couch,just hanging out and enjoying the day.

Mike is in his fave box catching some Zzzz's.
He is in the kitchen,so he can be handy if food appears!

Moe is snoozing in his box in view of the kitchen.
He also will be ready to take advantage of anyone (mom) in 
the kitchen !!! Those boys thing only about food!!!!

Georgia: I know Mom will not be here until tomorrow
so I am going to snooze until she gets here.
Then we will have FUN !!

We hope all of you have tons of fun this weekend too !!!

Oh, and Tillie, you ARE a Diva !!!!

Monday 14 January 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mom was here again this weekend and it was
 pawsome. She gives the best scritches and I love 
getting them !!! Sunday was warm so Mom opened the door
to the porch. It was a bit sunny at times too.

Oh, I hear some of the kitties on the porch. I think
I will stay right here on this chair. It is comfy and I like it.
Besides, It is close to Mom when she comes over to 
drink her coffee. Then I get my scritches!

JJ is just waiting for a belly rub. He is not fussy who 
rubs his belly.See? He is looking at YOU!!!

Tiger is sitting on the porch to prove that she does NOT
always sleep in her box. She does sleep a lot though.
She is the oldest kitty at sweet 16.

Treasure likes the red blanket on the bed and spends his
time napping there. He likes to be warm and  it looks like
he is. Sweet dreams Treasure!

Have a fun, fun week friends !!!!

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Friday 11 January 2013

Finally Friday

Oh boy, it is Friday again and we are looking forward 
to Mom time !! She was here mid week to see us
and torture us with that flashy box !
She gave us lots of attention too, so we let her
off the hook a little bit!

It was pretty nice on Thursday and not very cold.
Last night it was crazy windy outside!! Sheesh !
We are thankful to be indoor kitties !
Whatever you do this weekend, we hope you are 
cozy and get lots of attention.
Extra treats wouldn't hurt either! Hahahaha!!!






Why yes, my tail IS in my food dish !!
I am making sure Mom does not spray her cleaning solution
 in my dish . That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Tillie: Mom,I  see you with that flashy thing. 
I'm trying to get some sleep!
You're making me nervous.

I know you're still there Mom.

Have a fun weekend !!!

Monday 7 January 2013

Just Hanging Out

Georgia: It was a good weekend. Mom came home 
Saturday evening and stayed until Sunday night.

I had lots of attention and scritches!

I am so happy I am stretching and rolling on the floor!
It's fun ya know!!

Treasure: I am enjoying some time on the porch.

It's a nice place to hang out.
At night, I like to pile on the bed with mom .
You have to get there early to get a good spot!!!!

Hurry back Mom !!!!

Tillie saw a blur!
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