Monday 30 August 2021

Vacation ,Blogoversary and Remembering

Julie: Hello  friends! Nice to see you again!
Mum and I had a wonderful vacation.
Some of it was spent with mum's younger sister.
Mum enjoyed her stay, but I did not as much.
Mum's sister has 2 cats at her home.
One is hers and one belongs to her son .

Good thing mum's sister had a suite in the basement for us,
and we never had to meet. Mum had a great time,
and I did when she came down in the evenings for 
bedtime. She often came down during the day too.
Let me just say I am happy to be home!!!!

Mum went to her younger sister's place(mum has 3 sisters)
as another sister's son was getting married.
We stayed there almost all week and came home Friday.
Needless to say we missed an important anniversary!
The day this blog was started!!
As you may know, mum is NOT very organized!
She should have done this in advance!
Oh well!!!

Anyway, on August 24,2007 mum and Mickey 
started this  blog.
This was the first picture of Mickey.

Mickey lived with other cats too.
This is Tillie

  and this is Georgia

She blogged for a few years and then revealed
that there were actually 3 more cats!!!
I am not sure why she did this and
neither is she. Oh well ;)

This is Tiger



Sadly, there are all gone now and there is only me.
I do not mind too much as I get ALL the attention now!

Now that this vacation is over, I hope things get back
to normal! Home sweet home...I love it!!!!

Thanks to all that did remember our Blogoversary!

Friday 20 August 2021

Julie After Dark!

Julie: Mum was late getting home and I wanted
to go outside. She said it was dark, nut I still wanted 
to go out.

Gee! It IS dark out here!

Maybe I will come back indoors. 
There is not much to see in the dark!

Maybe tomorrow I can go out if you are not late again.
I hope so too Julie. Summertime roadwork
is never fun  to contend with when you want to
get home!

There are clouds in the sky and they are
making the moon  a bit spooky.
The moon will be full on Sunday,August 22.
It will be the Sturgeon moon.
It will also be a "Blue moon"

Last night, it was a mysterious moon.

Well, I am looking forward to Friday night.
Not only will mum be home for the weekend,
she will be on vacation for a week!!!
Oh the belly rubs I will get!!!!!!!!!
Talk about FUN!!

Monday 16 August 2021

Julie, In and Out!

Julie: Mum had some company this weekend so I
did not get out as much as I would have liked.
I actually did not want to go far, so I just lay in the doorway.

This way I am in and out and mum cannot close the door.
I like having options. Sadly this option does not
happen  often. I am always ready to take advantage of
favourable situations!


Friday 13 August 2021

Not Scary Friday the 13!!!!!!!

Julie: Happy Friday friends!
This is my favourite day because it means
I have mum for 2 days!!!!! WooHoo!
Mum likes it when I come when she calls.
 I do it so I can continue to be allowed out!

See! I am a pretty good cat!
I like going outside, but I also like to be inside
with mum.
I love getting brushings and scritches!
 Did you know today is a special day?
For me it is!!

It's Friday the 13th and I am a 

I am not scary though.
Mum says I am a loving cat.

 Friday the 13th or not, I purr you all have a pawsome
and FUN weekend!!!!!

Monday 9 August 2021

Critters and Cat

Julie: Mum and I saw some neat critters this weekend.
First up is this Blue Jay. He was just relaxing in the tree.

On the top of the (broken) tree was this squirrel.
It is not often you see a squirrel just hanging out.
Usually they are in constant motion.

This squirrel was hanging out on top of the 
bird feeder. No doubt enjoying some of
the seeds mum puts out.

I spent some time outside on the ramp.
Sometimes I just like to sit in the porch\doorway 
and just look outside.

It was quite a nice day. Not too hot either.
It was cloudy most of the day, but the sun came
out around suppertime.
All in all a good weekend with mum.
Naturally it included lots of belly rubs and brushings!


Friday 6 August 2021

A Cat on a Foggy Night

Julie: Thursday was a very rainy day.
The rain had stopped by the time mum came home.
I was glad as I got to go out!

I like to just sit and listen to the sounds.

I also like to taste the grass!!

There was quite a bit of fog too!
Beyond that house is a lake.

 I am happy the weekend is here and I get to spend
time with mum. We may get some sunshine an I might
get more chances to go out.
I love the brushings I get when I come in.
Mum combs me  to make sure there are no
ticks on me and none have been found so far.
Neither mum nor I go into the woods.

So! Saturday should be sunny! WooHoo!
In that case...Let's get this weekend started!!!

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Mum's Random pics From the Weekend

Julie: It was nice having an extra mum day.
It was quite a rainy day too so mum was happy
to be  home. I liked it too.
Happy Birthday Halifax!

The ducks stopped by as they know mum still puts
out some seeds. They enjoy them a lot.

We even had a visit from a cheeky squirrel!!!!

 We did have some sun on the weekend and I found 
it on my fuzzy mat. I get lots of brushings on this mat.
I like that a lot too!
This is also where I get lots of brushings.
I REALLY like that! It feels so good !