Friday 30 April 2021

Photo Fails with Julie

This week, I have decided to join the Photo Fail Blog Hop
I a m showing you the pictures that prove
mum is not the best photographer.
Surprising as she has the best subject...ME!!!!!!

Julie: Mum likes to take pictures of me. 
I think  I am a good subject !
Too bad mum is not a great photographer.
These pictures prove that. She does not take time
to compose a picture. She points and shoots!

Here, she is not paying attention to the bust background.
The lighting is too bright as well .

Again, with a busy background and the subject(me)
is not looking at the camera!
Focus could ne better too .

Gee mum, you could have waited till I was ready!

Mum, the floor is slanted, we are not on a ship!
Also I am not looking at the camera.
Photo fail! Poor composition!

 I hope you thought this was FUN!
Maybe mum will improve now I have exposed her faults.
Nah, I doubt it. Mum is mum!
Have a FUN weekend!!!!

Monday 26 April 2021

Outside for a Bit!

Julie: We had a pretty good weekend.
The weather is getting better  and warmer.
I was looking out the bathroom window
and bathroom kitty was keeping me company.
Then mum asked if I wanted to go outside.

The day was overcast and coolish, but I did not mind.
I like to explore.

Hmmmmm! I wonder what's over on the other side?

Birds! They game to eat the seeds mum puts out.
Gee! They are big too!

Pigeons mum says.
I just looked at them for a bit and then I went indoors.

I did enjoy being outside, but mum says I need a 
harness first in case I want to explore.
I guess that's OK, seeing as I have no choice.

Friday 23 April 2021

It's the Weekend, So Brush ME!!!!!!!

Julie: By now you all know how much I love getting brushed.
It feels SO good I can't get enough.
I ask mum all the time. Good thing she
does not mind as she knows I love it and it 
keeps my furs soft and shiney.

After getting brushed, I feel relaxed and happy.
So happy I am ready for more brushes!!!
Come on mum, I'm ready!!

 Before I go(to get more brushes) I need to tell you about
my test results from the Vet.
My kidneys are good!
Mum will make sure I get good quality food for a
cat my age(12). What does she mean by "my age"!!!
Anyway, I wish you all a happy weekend
and lots of attention from your person(s) !!!!!

Monday 19 April 2021

Cats and Critters

Julie: It was a pretty good weekend !
Mum was home and I got lots of cuddles,scritches
and brushings!I love getting brushed!
It was also a weekend for lots of critters too.
Some are cool, some mum is not thrilled about. MOL!

This guy has been on the porch for the past week.
Mum is not fond of this critter and would love for
it to move outside!
So far, it it stays where it is, it will be safe...

 Here we see the squirrel family.
No doubt eating seeds mum puts out.

It is another sign of Spring when the Groundhog 
shows up...

and the bugs come by.

The mourning dove dropped by too.

At dusk, the deer dropped by to enjoy some grass.

I know she liked it as mum brought me some grass

earlier in the day.It was really good

Me, I enjoyed a nice afternoon nap!

Friday 16 April 2021

Finally Friday!

Julie: I am sitting in a spare room mum is cleaning out.
Because of the windows behind me  I look dark.
Well, I am a black cat after all. MOL!

Hmmmmmmmmm! I wonder if there is anything I can 
get into and explore.

I guess I'll just go into the main room and hang out.
It is closer to the kitchen after all!

I am happy that it is Friday. That means I will be home
with mum  all weekend. Yesterday, she stuffed  placed
me into the carrier and took me to  the Vet.
The Vet stole my pee!!!!!
Mum says they will test the pee to make my kidneys
are  healthy.
For now, I am looking forward to a weekend with mum.
She said there is grass outside and she will pick me some.
Mmmmmmm! I like fresh grass.
That will be FUN!!!



Monday 12 April 2021

Cats and Critters

Julie: I have some interesting views from this kitchen
window. In addition to watching for mum to come
home, I also see critters!

We get a lot of birds visiting as mum puts out seed.
These crows stopped by for some eats.
Mum says crows are cool.
I think they are big but not as big as the ducks.

This deer came around again.
Now that things are starting to get green there are
more choices and grass to nibble on.

These ducks are becoming regulars
Pretty soon they will be bring their
ducklings over here. That will be exciting as 
baby ducks are cute.
Even though I am a cat I still like to look(since I am not
allowed out to chase  play with them ;)

Friday 9 April 2021

Finally Friday with Julie!

Julie: I am happy the weekend is here as I love
spending time with mum.
WE look out the windows to see the great outdoors.
We see lots of critters visiting our yard.
The silliest of all is the silly squirrels!
They love getting sunflower seeds from the bird feeder.
Most often he hangs oh the feeder!

I like to have naps during the day and this bed is pawsome.
It's soft and on top of a filing cabinet that is next to a floor
vent. It is very cozy in the Winter whenthe furnace is on!

This is my fave spot for brushing.
I sit here often and most times mum is quick
to take the hint. This brush feels SO good!!!!
Mum can do this ALL weekend...right?!

 That would be such FUN!!!
What are you doing this weekend friends?
Hope it will be FUN!

Today I want to wish a very
to the pawsome cat friend MARG!!! 

You can leave birthday wishes  at

Monday 5 April 2021

Monday With Julie


Julie:Sunday morning, we had some freezing rain,

In the afternoon we had rain.
It is days like this that make me happy to be
an indoor cat!

Mum, please put the camera down after this pic.

I want some brushies as they feel so good.
It's like a massage on my body!
Do you cats and dogs like getting brushed?
I love them a LOT!!!!

Saturday 3 April 2021

4-3-21 !

Julie: Today's date is April 3,2021 ot 4-3-21

Is this the final countddown?!!!!

I hope not because I'm not done yet...with anything!