Saturday 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Bye,bye 2011 !!!!

As we bid farewell to 2011, we wish
that 2012 will bring you joy,health and
continued friendship!!!!!!!!!!!
We keep purring that maybe in
2012, animals will get the love,respect and 
homes they need !!!
We are thankful that on this rainy
New Years Eve, we are warm,dry and well fed.

Well, we have to go now,
Mom is getting out the treats!!


Friday 30 December 2011

Friday Close Ups

So, here we are. The last close ups of 2011!
We  hope you have enjoyed them.
We are talking with Mom to come up with 
different posts for 2012. We think it is
more fun to have variety, though we will
still show off our good looking faces,heehee
You know how it is when your Mom gets
lazy  about taking your pics and posting!
Mom takes pics of all kinds of stuff, 
she just needs to concentrate on us,





JoyJoy (JJ)

Wednesday 28 December 2011

What Mom Saw

Hi!! I am here to show you what  Mom saw
on Argyle Street in Halifax just before
Christmas. I think you will agree that 
humans sometimes do very 
interesting things!!

See what I mean?

These figures are in a vacant lot.
No construction is going on, but these
figures are occupying the space.

There are lots of them.

I think they may be trying to get out!!

I wonder what this figure thinks of her
view across the street? !!

As I said, humans do interesting things!!!

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Christmas Gift

Hi!! JJ here. I hope you all had a wonderful
and fun Christmas and Holiday time!!!

We did!! Mom was at her sister's place
 for Christmas, but she came back 
and spent lots of time with us!!
She used up vacation days, 
so she was off lots of days this month!!

We love it, but I like it the best!!
This is our furcousin Mike.

This is Moe.
Wonder what he was looking at.
Somebean with food,no doubt!!
We bet they had a fun Christmas too!!
There were lots of beans around!!!

Mom's nephew,Tall Son,was there too.
 Christmas Eve,his Mom gave him this 
birthday cake

He likes the sparkles!! 

It does look pretty.
Mom said it tasted good too!!!

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Our Christmas Card!

Here is our Christmas card. 
We have it in two sizes.
 Please take them along with 
our best wishes for a 
Merry Christmas
and Happy Holidays!!!!!!

This is a small card for your sidebar.

Monday 19 December 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi furriends, Georgia here.
As you can see, I am on the porch. 
It may be cold outdoors,  but it is
cozy on the porch.

I can even hear those silly squirrels and the birds!

Tiger is having fun rolling on the floor.

Rolling on the floor is fun Georgia!!
You should try it sometime, heehee

Mom and her sister were out lots and lots.
Mom even went to her sister's place and 
saw our furcousins. Here is Mindy.

They also had to finish a home improvement
project with paint...

so they could put up this tree!!
After all, Christmas is here this weekend!

Good thing they got that done.
Mom came back home and we
 all had a fun Sunday.
So, that is why I am taking it easy on the porch.
Have a super week  too!!!!

Pop over to House Panthers
See what Tillie is doing today.

Sunday 18 December 2011

Party of Five

Not very often Mom catches us all together!
Mom was out lots this weekend and even
was at her sister's house.
When she came home,we told her it was time to send
out our e-cards!!
We sent some to the ones on Huffle's list.
Do you want one?
Let us know in the comments or you
can e-mail us here:
dragonmalyx at hotmail dot com

Now, we are going to finish snoozing.
We left Mom a list of things to do
and we hope she gets it done!! Heehee

Monday 12 December 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia

Zzzzzzzzz!!!! Oh,um,Hi!!
I am having a nice snooze in this cozy box.

Hi JJ! What's going on?
You can't come in here,,
because I am having a nap in this box.
Maybe later OK?

Hi Mom!!! What are you doing?

Just came out to see how you are doing.
I have the little tree all decorated.
I hope you kitties like it  too.

Ooooooooooo!! It looks nice Mom.

Now, you kitties must remember,
this tree is for decoration, it is
not for playing with!!!!

OK Mom.

Be sure to see what silly Tillie is doing
over at House Panthers!!!!

Monday 5 December 2011

Monday Musings with Georgia

HI friends. I'm spending some time relaxing and 
checking on things around the place.

Mom was away a lot of the weekend
visiting with Grandbean.
Yesterday, Mom put up the outdoor lights
because it was sunny and pleasant.

I am going to show you some of the decorating
 Mom and her sister did  to get ready for the Tea
and Tour.
They made these peppermint patties 
for the bake table and they all sold.

Here, the hall is ready for beans to come in 
for the tea. The lady in green is Bonnie, 
and she looks after the tickets  and does a
 lot of organizing.

The wall hangings belong to Mom and her sister.
Mom's sister made most of them too.

Here is an Angel watching over the 
Three Wise Men. Mom made that wall hanging

Here are a bunch of Santas that are all handmade
Mom made the big Santa in the middle
as well as the plaid Santas sitting down .
 The fundraiser was a big success and
everyone had fun!!!
We were glad when Mom came home,
because she gave us all scritches and treats!!

Tillie has some pictures to show you
of our lights and a few of a place 
where she went this past weekend.
You can see them at House Panthers.

Friday 2 December 2011

Friday Close Ups

Happy Friday friends!!!!
It is another weekend and once again, 
Mom will be busy outside the home.
She is going to a family get together.
She says "better to do it now before the weather
gets too bad.
Also, one of her sisters will be spending
Christmas in Ottawa with her son's family.
They are expecting a new blurp Dec 28!!
As usual, we will be spending our time snoozing 
and watching Bird and Squirrel TV.
We hope you all have a fun, fun weekend!!
Maybe your beans will be home... maybe not 







The peppermint patties Mom 
and her sister made for the Tea and Tour.
If you would like the recipe, we will
email it to you!

Another pic of the Vishus Deer!!

Want yo see more?
Tillie did a post ,see it here!