Friday 29 March 2024

What do you mean by block?

Winnie: Hello again! Mum finally got around
to helping me blog. Sheesh!
She needs to do this more often as she can forget
stuff, I am new to this blog thing, but mum is not.
She is getting on though,,,MOL !
Anyhow, she called me a block!!!!
Can you imagine?

    So, what is a block and why are you laughing?

Did I mention that sometimes mum is silly?

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Hi from Winnie

Winnie: Hi friends. Life has been good for me.
Getting mum to blog...not so much.
I told het that if she does not blog, she will forget
how to do things,(she is getting up there in age you know)
Any way, as you can see I am doing well and enjoying life.
We both are :)

 I will work on mum to post more often 
as I want to see my new friends and I need mum to 
get better at posting from a laptop.
I mean really...she just needs to do this more often.
I really like the idea if having SO many online friends!
So...see you again soon!!!!

Monday 18 March 2024

Snoozing with a Friend

Winnie: When snoozing, it is always nice to have a quiet friend


Friday 15 March 2024

Finally get to blog again!

Winnie: Hi, remember me...Winnie?
It has been hard to get mum to help me blog.
We are having lots of fun though.
Life is good and we cats all get along,
at least there is no hissing but we do not play
together a lot, but that is OK as we have lots of time.

I am enjoying the  views  from this window,
I see cars and busses and people and I am
kinda happy to be indoors!
 Mum has been enjoying herself too and is
the main reason for the lack of blogging,,,sheesh!

                                               Ah well, the important thing is to have FUN! 
                                                        We are certainly doing that! MOL!                         
                                          I will drop by later to see how you are doing,
                                                            For now...I gotta go play!!!!