Monday 28 February 2022

After the Friday Snow!

Julie: Friday it was quite snowy when mum
got home. We were both happy that she was home too.

 Saturday was sunny.

I wanted to go out to see what it was like.
Nope!! Too cold on my toes!

Let me know when Spring comes.
Until then, I'm staying indoors where it is warm!

I am happy that tomorrow is March. 
That means that Spring is coming!!!!!

Friday 25 February 2022

The Weekend is Here, So is the Snow!

Julie: I am happy that March will be here next week.
So is Mum.  That is because we are having yet
another storm!!!! This one is looking like
a big one too! We should get about 15cm
of snow and blowing snow!
The snow is not too bad, it's the blowing part that
is not so nice.

This was our yard last night.
It will look very white tonight.

 Guess I will be getting lots of belly rubs as it seems
mum will be staying close to home this weekend.
I will really like that! It will be FUN!
March will also mean warm weather is coming 
and longer days. Now that will really be

Monday 21 February 2022

The Ducks are Dining and Mum is home

Julie: After all the rain on Friday, the snow went away.
 It was nice to  sit in the window and enjoy the

The ducks came by for a snack on  sunflower seeds
mum put out.

Saturday night we had some snow and it got cold 
again. That did not stop the ducks from coming back.
They know where the good noms are!!

Mum and I are going to enjoy this extra day.
She will read after I get my brushings.
I like having mum at home.
Mum likes being home.

Friday 18 February 2022

Another Storm and a Long Weekend!

Julie: It is dark by the time mum gets home.
Therefore I dine at night with no view from 
the window. If I could show you what I see,
 it would look very different from what we have
had. On Monday we had a snowstorm that left
lots of light, fluffy snow. Thursday it rained and now
most of the snow is gone.
Today is going to be  a wild one!
The weather service has issued bulletins.
There is a wind warning, a rainfall warning and
a flash freeze warning!!!
Yup, the temps will drop in a hurry (from 8C to -3C ) 
and the rain on the ground will freeze very fast!
This makes for dangerous conditions for walking
and driving!

Yikes!! Good thing mum will be home just before 
things get too bad!  Another good reason 
to be an indoor cat!
By Monday, the temps will we warmer again!
Mum says  Winter was not like this when she was
a kid. It snowed and it stayed until Spring.
I think I will just stay indoors!

What do you mean  by "smile" ?
Isn't it enough I am looking at the camera?!
MOL! I love driving mum nuts!!!!

 I may not always want to pose for the camera
but sometimes I will. After all, I want my friends to see me.
So, what's FUN? Warm homes, food, belly rubs 
and a human that loves me.
Also a long weekend  ahead!
Yup, we  have a holiday called" Heritage Day"
Click oh the link to check it out.

OK, so, let's get this weekend started!!!!!!

Monday 14 February 2022

Happy Valentine's Day

Julie : I wish you all a

 Lots of love, purrs and sandpaper kisses 💖

Friday 11 February 2022

Dining without the view

Julie:   Ahhhhhhh! 
Nothing like having a meal by the window.
Not much of a view though as it is dark outside.
There is no snow either!
It rained all day yesterday and washed it away!
All that is left is some ice in some areas.

It will be mild until Sunday then start cooling
again and maybe some more snow.
Mum likes snow better than ice.
I prefer green grass, but I guess I'll have to
wait a few more months to see that.
Yup, life is pretty good indoors.
It is warm and cozy all the time.

 OK mum, lets go do some brushies!
I love getting brushed.
It is so FUN and feels good!!!

Monday 7 February 2022

Icy Weekend

Julie: On Friday, mum was home because there was 
a big ice storm.
It started out as rain and boy did it rain!
The temperature dropped way down overnight
and the water froze!
Mum was careful when she went out Saturday morning
to put out birdseed.
As you can see, Mr & Mrs Mallard liked the seeds.

Sunday, we had some sunshine and it sparkled in
the icy branches.

I enjoyed spending some time in my cat bed.

It was a pretty relaxing day as mum spent some time 
reading  her book. When she finished, I got lots
of brushings. I really liked that.

 All in all, it was a pretty good weekend.
How was your weekend?

Friday 4 February 2022

Yet Another Storm!

Julie: Well, mum is home today. 
That is because we are getting another storm!
This storm will be different as it will be an
ice storm!
Yup, we will be getting rain that will change to 
freezing rain as the temperature drops.
It is expected to last into Saturday!
We will be covered with ice!

Mum and I will be warm as long as the power stays on.
With lots of ice, it is quite likely we will lose power.
Some parts of our province have already lost power!
This storm will last for more than 24 hours!
We may be offline a while if we lose power.

Better charge your batteries mum and fill up the water jugs!
No power is no FUN !!