Sunday 27 October 2019

And Then There Were 2

On Friday, October 25,sweet JJ
crossed his Rainbow Bridge.
He was an amazing 22 years old!
He was happy and had an amazing appetite
right up to the end.
He was a sweet,gentle soul and he will be missed.
He IS missed already.

Here are some pictures of JJ through the years.
I did not have him from a kitten.
I first met him in 2005.

The 1st picture is from 2010.

One of his last pictures. He was unsteady on his feet,
But still got around.

The original 6.
Treasure,Georgia Tillie
Tiger,Mickey and JJ.

Now, there is just Georgia (16 years)
and Julie (10 years) who joined us in 2012

Heading to the Rainbow Bridge
Treasure,Tiger,Mickey and Tillie are waiting.

Friday 25 October 2019

Friday Close Ups and Mum too!

Georgia: I am very happy that it is Friday.
I love having mum home on the weekend.
She likes it too as she loves hanging out
with us.

JJ: I am happy  too. As the weather gets colder, 
mum turns the furnace on.
It really feels good on my old bones.

Julie: I LOVE having mum home. 
She gives me great belly rubs and cuddles.
I like to sit on her lap when she reads her books.
I like to hang out with mum.

Mum: Some of you  on FB have heard that my brother 
was lost in thick woods for 4 days.
Search and Rescue came in to help search for him.
He walked out of the woods on day 4 and 
a man checking a water tower asw him and said 
"You're the guy they're looking for!"
After being checked out at the hospital, he was pronounced
We gathered at Thanksgiving October 13 and this is a family
picture.Just 1 sister missing as she lives in Ottawa.
Good news, she is moving here next year!
Brothers in law are at the end.
My brother that was lost is 2nd from the right.
My sister in front on the right blogged as
"Team Tabby" They blog once in a while  as there
is only Mindy now.
Yours truly is beside her in front in blue.
Picture taken by the brother of the guy on the right.

We had lots to be thankful for this year and 
we are thankful every day for family!

We will be having FUN this weekend.
What FUN will you be having?

Monday 21 October 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia:We had a really nice weekend.
It was sunny and warm.

It was great for getting lots of outside wiffies.
I could heat lots of birds and the squirrels!

It was also nice to just sit and enjoy the day 
and the sun on my furs.

JJ and Julie also enjoyed the sunshine!
I think they were in pre-snooze mode. MOL!

Julie: I do like sleeping in the sun.
I also like watching the yard to see what 
critters are out there.
That sun does feel really good on my black furs though.

Happy Monday!

Sunday 20 October 2019

Mickey's Musings-It's Tocktober!!!

The day we show our tocks for the late,great Derby!

Georgia: My tocks.
Well, you get the idea.

Here are my tocks!

I don't mind showing them a bit!

Julie: Her are my tocks!

Friday 18 October 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: We are mighty glad today is Friday!
Mum was working a bit late this week  and was late getting home.
That meant she did not bother us with the camera  a lot.
We did not mind that part. MOL!

Julie: I am glad this week is over.
I did not like mum working late as I missed my 
mum time. I will make up for lost time this weekend though!!

One thing is for sure, we will make sure to have FUN!!!

How about you? What will you be doing for FUN?

Friday 11 October 2019

Friday Long Weekend!!!!

Georgia: Happy Friday friends!
We had a pretty good week and now we look forward
to a pawsome weekend!
Because it is our Thanksgiving weekend!!!!!!!!

 JJ: That's right Georgia. Thanksgiving is here and that means
mum will be home an extra day!
That means  mote scritches and treats!!

Julie: I would like some treats now please!
I also would like belly rubs.
It is such FUN when mum is home for extra days.
This weekend will be FUN!!!!!!

To all of our fellow Canadians, we wish you all a
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday 7 October 2019

Sunshine Makes Us Happy !

Georgia: I was not feeling  well last week
and had to visit the Vet.
Yes, I was a bit constipated again, but I feel great now!!
What does it mean when mum says pumpkin
is not just for Halloween?

JJ: It was pretty nice this weekend so I had
lots of sleep time on the porch.
It was so good.
I feel so ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Julie: Oh that sun feels good on my body.
My black furs really absorb the heat!

There is only one problem...

That sun is BRIGHT !!

Friday 4 October 2019

Friday Close Ups

Georgia: Well it is Friday and we are happy.
It is the weekend and Mum will be home.
We like that as it means more mum time and lots of scritches.

JJ: I like having mum around as I love attention.
I also like scritches and treats.
I also like heat. As it will be a bit cooler this weekend,
mum may have the furnace on a bit.
Oh that sounds good!

Julie: I love weekend because mum is home and I love mum.
I sit on her lap when she reads.
I also love belly rubs,treats,scritches, warm sunshine,
the porch...pretty much everything!

Most of all, we all like FUN!!!!!
What do love most?