Monday 27 February 2023

Staying warm during the cold weather!

Julie:  I was just laying in my bed on the filing cabinet
when mum came along to take some pictures.
This filing cabinet is in a corner and there is a space between
the cabinet and the wall. In that space is a floor vent.
As it is Winter, it is blowing warm air.

If you think that makes me happy, you would
be right!! It is SO cozy and I am s very happy cat.
It is quite cold outside so we have to be careful
our water pipes do not freeze!

 By Tuesday, the temperatures should moderate  to more 
bearable conditions. That is good because if it is too cold, 
our water pipes can freeze! 
Mum will keep the water running a bit overnight
 so they will not freeze.
The rest of the week looks like more normal temperatures.
Both mum and I are ready for Spring!!!

Friday 24 February 2023

Julie on Friday


Julie: Here are some random pictures mum too of me.

Here I am on the edge of the bed.
Mum has the Winter cozy sheets and they are warm.
I like snuggling with mum!

On a sunny day, I curled up on the porch sofa.
The sun was nice on my furs too.

Mum opened the door and I sat outside for a bit.
It was cool bit not cold. I did not wander as there is no
tasty grass this time of year.

I was happy to be outside for a bit.
It will probably be a while before
I sit out again. Mum says we are getting snow!
It will start early Friday morning.
Oh well, that happens in the Wintertime!
24 days until Spring!

Monday 20 February 2023

Up and Down Winter weather!

Julie: This window id a great place for dining.
It has a nice view because it is  one of two
windows. In other words, it is in a corner.
It provides great views when I am dining.

It is a good place to wash your face too.

I like to sit on the desk to make sure mum does
my blog the way I like. She is a good
secretary even if her typing is not fast.

Our snow is going away slowly.
Today is above freezing and it is raining.
That helps get rid of snow.
It is not good for people that want to skate on the lake.

 This week is going to be crazy weather wise.
It will be warm and  at the start of the week, 
then cold near the end of the week.
We will see rain, sun and snow.
I will have to wait and see if that changes during the week
I am not too concerned as I am indoors and
it is always nice and cozy inside!
How is the weather where you live!

29 days until Spring!!!(counting today)

Saturday 18 February 2023

No freezing rain ,just more snow

Julie: Well, we did not get any freezing rain.
We did get more snow last night.

The birds were happy, especially since Mum
put out seeds.

Then the sun came out!
We all like the sun.

Most of all, I like getting brushed!
OK Mum, start brushing please!!!!!


Friday 17 February 2023

Snow, drama and Sunshine!!!

Julie: Friends, what a week!
Mum was supposed to get an oil delivery
last Friday but was unable to get any.
Our road was getting a load of rock .
The road we are on is a private road so maintenance
is not done by the city. 
While we are the 1st house, the truck could not get up the road
so we did not get our oil!
We had about a quarter of a tank. The office said they would 
come back on Thursday.
Mum asked if that would last and they said it should.
Mum crossed her fingers.

This is the snow we got Tuesday  !
No wonder Mum was worried!
She got out and started to shovel the snow.

The ducks came!

They enjoyed the seeds!

Mum shovelled  snow again while I was  at the Vet on
 Wednesday  and it was fairly warm.
Snow started melting!
Then, the oil man showed up and we got oil!

Thursday was sunny and warm!
                                   The ducks really enjoyed the seeds with the melting snow !

 Nothing beats dining in the Winter sunshine!!!
Dining in the sunshine is such FUN!

                                                        Guess what is happening tonight?

                                                           We have a freezing rain warning!
                                                            At least we are warm and cozy!

Monday 13 February 2023

Sunny and clear before a snowstorm!

Julie: Sunday was nice and sunny but the
weatherperson says we are getting snow.
Lots of snow!
Mum and I are not too happy about that.
We have been liking our minimal snow Winter.

The deer have been liking it too as there is still
some greenery  for them to eat.

                                                    The ducks also like a snow free zone.

Guess mum  better get her boots and snow shovel ready! 
I will stay indoors where it is warm and cozy!

Friday 10 February 2023

Happy Ducks and happy Julie

Julie: Mum's phone does not take the best pictures.
As you can see, the ducks told their friends
that there is a good place to find seeds.

If Mum is late putting out the seed, the ducks back up a bit.
They seem to know she has seeds and will not
harm them.
The ducks would rather have the seeds than run away from mum.

I like to hang out in this bed on top of a filing
cabinet. There is a floor vent next to it that blows
warm air. It is very cozy!

When I see mum coming my way, I hop down onto
the table. I know she will give me brushings.
I have her well trained...MOL!
 Have I mentioned that I love having mum home
all the time? 

We are having a wild weekend. There will be snow followed 
by lots of rain. The temperatures will be up and down
all week with some rain and snow.
Ae least there are no storms coming!


Monday 6 February 2023

Fridgid Weekend!

Julie: We had a wild weekend!
We had some snow on the ground.
A cold weather system moved through and boy
did it get cold on Saturday!!!!!!

It was so cold the water froze in the
pipes! Mum even had the water  running a bit too!
Apparently not enough or else it did not matter.
As the cottage is old, there are lots of places for cold to get in
especially the basement which is not a full basement.
The overnight temperatures got down to -16C(3.2F)
with gusts up to 47 KPH(29mph)
We were cozy under the covers with the furnace going.

In the morning as the temps slowly rose, the water started
running again. Probably because the wind died down too.
 We were lucky we had water back
before lunch. Smart mum had water in the kettle
for morning coffee! People in the city(we
are just outside the city) had lots of frozen and 
burst pipes. It made a lot of mess in high rise buildings.
The water people and fire department were very busy.
I was glad the the furnace kept us cozy and warm.
Snuggling with mum helped too.
We enjoyed a cozy night.
Sunday was pretty nice too.

Today is  better. We might get some rain showers.
The daytime temps will be above freezing
during the day and we may even get some rain 
later in the week. Sun too.
Have I ever mentioned that I am glad to be an
indoor cat?!


Friday 3 February 2023

Helping Mum with the blog

Julie: I am sitting on the desk helping Mum with my
blog. I know she likes my company and my input.

OK Mum, the pics look good.
Save it and schedule it now.

 Now that's done, how about a treat and then you can brush 
my soft silky furs.
You know you want to do that!
MOL! I know mum so well!!

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Snow and a Month that Celebrates Black Furs!

Julie: Guess what?
 WE got some snow that  did not get washed away by rain.
Mum said it is light and fluffy.
I think it is cold.
I am glad to be an indoor cat!!!

Also I want to say
"Happy Black Cat and Dog Awareness month!