Friday 28 September 2012

Finally Friday


Oh boy, it's Friday and that means Mom time !
Good thing as it is sunny today, but will rain all weekend
,so we can snuggle with Mom! We love snuggling!

Wanna start now?

I am looking forward to Mom's chin scritches and belly rubs!

I am going to try to keep Mom to my self !!
I am not good at sharing and Mom says I need to learn.
I will take my time learning. Heehee!

I am going to relax and snooze lots! I went to the Vet yesterday
and I am doing well. I have more pills for my asthma and new
  food for my arthritis. It is called, MediCal Mobility Support with
things like glucosamine in it to make me feel better. All i
know is that it tastes yummy !!

I like looking outside! I hope there will be things to see
in the rain. Maybe that silly squirrel !

Yup, relaxing and Mom time are on my list!!
The more rain, the more Mom. I love those belly rubs too !!

Have a FUN,FUN weekend !!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

What Mom Saw

Hi! Georgia again. On Monday, I said that Mom would share
some pictures she took on Saturday when it was really foggy.
Most are interesting for your beans, but I think you kitties 
 and woofies will like the last ones ;)

This is a pilot ship in Halifax harbour.It is backing out from the dock.
Maybe it is going in search of the sun!

 These old buildings are fading away in the fog. The building with 
the spire is called The Khyber . It was built in 1888 as
The Church of England Institute.After many tenants over the years,
 it is now a multipurpose art centre.

  Mom,her sister and her sister's hubby(B-I-L) then went  to the 
Halterm Container Terminal. They recently finished  a new dock
that can handle very BIG ships (  post-Panamax). You can see
how BIG the cranes are. The crane is next to a trailer from an 
18 wheeler. As the port was quiet this day Mom said  the crane 
was filled  with hundreds of birds and they were very loud!
She didn't even bring some home!!

 Here is Mom's b-i-l posing with the crane to  give some scale.
It is almost fading into the fog! On the right of the picture
you can see some big  rocks, and beyond the rocks is the harbour!

 The best part of Mom's trip was this big bird. It is a 
heron and it was fishing for dinner as it was about 6:30 PM
when Mom took this picture.

Mom said he was 3 times as big as me!!
Still, she could have brought it home...right?

I hope you enjoyed the foggy pictures. It is sunny today,
but the rain will be back tomorrow.
Well, I think I will go have a nap and dream about big birds!

Monday 24 September 2012

Mondays with Georgia

Georgia: Well, we had a good weekend. Mom went
 out Saturday  to help her sister celebrate her birthday
then they went for a walk  at Point Pleasant Park near the
Halterm Container port and took pictures of things in the fog.
I do not get that either ! I will share some of her pics
later. We had a Mom day Sunday and  the sun popped out!
It has been a rainy week, and we will see more rain today.

Mom found a bottle of bubbles and Tiger and JJ had some fun
chasing them. They said the bubbles did not taste good !

 The bubbles got in their furs!

 After the play, a nap was in order,so we all headed to the porch.

 Treasure was already there. He has his favourite spot by
the window.

 Tiger had her nap in her favourite box!!!

Tillie and Julie are at House Panthers.
You can see their  over there.
To see , Click here !

Also, our great friend  Pierro  is having a birthday party today !!
He will be 5 years old. Drop by and have tons of fun!!!
 Click his name to  go to his blog!

Saturday 22 September 2012

Happy Birthday Auntie N !!

Guess what? Today Mom's sister,Auntie N is celebrating
her birthday !! Yup! Our furcousins at Team Tabby
are wishing their Mom a Happy Birthday
and we are too !!!

We hope you have a super Birthday Auntie N !!

Friday 21 September 2012

15 Minutes

Now that Fall is almost here(Saturday Sept 22), we notice that the
evenings are not as long. The sun sets at 7:30PM, but this
week it has been raining and it seems to get dark sooner than 7:30.
That leaves Mom with a problem,how to get some pics of us.
Well, she grabbed her camera around 7PM and started shooting.
She did use a flash,but she got pics and did it all in
15 minutes !
Then she did the post for us. Thanks Mom!!
Happy weekend everyone !


Tillie (keeping both eyes on Julie)

Julie (listening for Tillie pawsounds)

 Tiger (I don't like that flashy thing!)



Outside on the  deck railing Mom saw a snail.

Wonder if he likes the rain.

We hope Tillie and Julie will take note of this, heehee


Also, could you send purrs toTamir's family. 
They are sad because he went to the Bridge.
We have lost many friends recently as well as
May they all find Peace.

Monday 17 September 2012

Musings with Georgia

WOW! The weekend is over already!!

It was fun with Mom around, but now I am ready for a little nap.

Oh hi Julie!! This spot is taken. You can look for another one.
Why not see what is happening in the kitchen ?

Julie: Hmmm, this looks interesting !!!
Spider #1 is big and spends the day hiding in the window frame.
He does not want to get eaten by a bird!
Spider #2 is smaller and has taken over  spider #1's web!!
Wonder what will happen ?!!!
Maybe we will find out tonight!!!!

Want to see what Tillie and Julie are doing?
Pop over to House Panthers.

Friday 14 September 2012

Finally Friday

Once again it is Friday. I like that as it means I get to spend
more time on the porch. That will be good as it should be sunny this weekend.

Tillie is catching up on some sleep after her wild tear earlier
 in the week.If you missed it, pop over to House Panthers.
She really is "silly Tillie".   Hahahahaha!!

 Tiger loves her cozy bed on the porch and the sun makes her
body feel better. She is 16 and has arthritis.

Julie is happy her furs are all black again.
No more blotches,just healty, shiny black furs.

Treasure is a restless kitty and always wanders around
looking  to see where Mom is  or looking for a good
snoozy spot!

JJ already found his spot and is happy.
That looks so comfy,I will get my spot and nap too.
Have a super fun weekend !!

Monday 10 September 2012

Monday Snoozings with Georgia


huh ?

Not now Mom, I'm sleeping!

Oh Mom!!

Yawn !!!

Well, as I am awake, I may as well wash my face.

I can't be too angry at Mom for waking me up with that
flashy box, because I can g back to sleep.
Mom has to go to work and it is raining outside and windy too!
She is going to get wet, heeheehee!
That's karma.

The wind and rain are getting Tillie wound up!!
Go to House Panthers and see her wild eyes!!