Monday 28 November 2022

Just Hanging out and a question

Julie: I agreed to pose as mum seems to like 
taking pictures of me.
See...sometimes I will co-operate!
This is a really nice place to relax. It is soft and comfy and 
nicely lit in the evening.
I just like to hang around, keep mum company
and relax. Life is pretty good.

 Question from the mum:

 The Vet called to say that the  lump removed from
Julie is cancer. The Vet says
"removing her other mammary chain or doing chemotherapy 
can dramatically increase her survival time."
The chemotherapy that is used for this is doxorubicin and I have used this several times in dogs with lymphoma. It is given by placing an IV catheter and slowly infusing the medication. We usually keep them in the hospital for the day and monitor an ECG. This is done once every 3 weeks for a total of 5 treatments. Cats and dogs tolerate chemotherapy better than humans and don't tend to have as many side effects.

Any thoughts or advice if anyone has gone through this?
Julie is about 13 and I am not ready to lose her.
I also so not want her to be stressed.
I want her to be happy with whatever time she has.

Friday 25 November 2022

Friday with Julie

Julie:  So, here is my scar. The stitches are out so
I just need to wait for things to heal.
Mum is happy that I do not bother the incision.

I am super happy that is over and I can get back
to doing important things...

                                          like snoozing!!

We have gad a busy time in the yard .
Fall means a lot of food sources dry up.
The ducks know mum puts out seeds and 
they come to enjoy them.

We also had a visit from this very fine looking deer.
Good thing I was safely indoors!!!!!

Monday 21 November 2022

Getting used to missing furs.

Julie: Oh no, you have that camera again!
I'm not ready!

Mum: Julie, you look just fine!

Julie: Really! Even with the furs missing from my leg?
Mum: Yes Julie. Your pals know you had an operation.

It won't take long before your furs grow back.
Maybe we can show a picture of your incision
Julie: Ummmmmmmm, maybe next time.

Friday 18 November 2022

Friday Sunshine!

Julie:  There is nothing quite like having a treat
on the windowsill with the morning sun shining.

I guess I will have to enjoy the sunshine today
as it will be rainy on the weekend.
There is even a possibility of a few snow flurries!
I hope not because that means cold and I
do not like the cold.
Mind you, I do not go out so much because it is cool
and the grass is not as tasty...darn!

I am not looking forward to the Winter
coming as that means COLD!

Mum, how many days until Spring?

Monday 14 November 2022

Getting ready to have my stitches out!


Julie: We are back in our home.
On Wednesday I go back to my Vet and hopefully
I will have my stitches removed!
I will really like that as it is pretty hard
not to want to lick that area.
Good thing they do not bother me and I 
did not need the cone or any other deterrent!
Mum was surprised.

Really mum?
                                                                            I am a good cat! 
                                                                   I  only licked at them  a bit.
        I did not bother them as I did not
want to go back to the Vet!
However, if it means getting the stitches out
I will gladly go!
Then maybe some furs will grow on my belly again! 

                                                    OK about a few treats!!!

Saturday 12 November 2022

Indoors watching the Rain!!!!

Julie: Hi friends. Mum and I are back in our home. 
I  have to go back to my Vet this week to
have my stitches out. I hope I am well healed as I am not
crazy about these things in my belly.
Good thing I don't lick too much or I might have to wear the
dreaded cone!


                                                             It is really rainy today.
                                               This is the remnants of Tropical storm Nicole.
Needless to say, I will not be going outside to
search for tasty blades of grass. Phooey!!

                                                       Oh well. I would be cozy indoors than 
                                                   outside getting soaked! I can get lots of scritches
                                                    too. I think that sounds best. I purr you are all 
                                                    having a pawsome Saturday too!!!!

Monday 7 November 2022

I had a big operation!

Julie: Hi friends. As you can see I am home.
Last Wednesday I was at the Vet for
another operation! Yup, I had another lump 
on my belly. This lump wad on the other side.
The Vet decided to remove the"mammary
chain". It was called a unilateral mastectomy.
All I know is that I did not feel the best
for a few days and I have  a belly full of stitches!

Mum is happy I am doing well and eating!
That means a lot to humans. I am happy too.
I go back to the Vet next week at have the stitches out.
I am already licking at them  and mum watches to make sure
I do not bite  or chew them.
So far so good.  I feel well and enjoy my scritches.
I will be glad to have the stitches out though!!



A picture of the full moon through tree branches.

Friday 4 November 2022

Julie Purrs for Peace

Julie: When you look around the world, you see 
that there is conflict  among humans in many
places. That is very sad.
My wish for the world is for everyone to
be kind  to each other and to understand and
accept their differences.

To quote Jimi Hendrix and others: When the power of love
overcomes the love of power, we will know

 Yup!  Peace...and bellyrubs!