Friday 30 June 2017

Finally Friday !

The mum: Georgia where are you going ?

I need some pictures for your blog post.
Your friends want to see you.

Georgia: How is this pose?

Much better.

JJ: It's the weekend and I am happy.
But then, I'm always happy.

Isn't that right mum?

Yes JJ, you are a very happy cat.
You are the groover,always taking it easy.

 Julie: Weekends mean porch time and mum time.
I like any time I get to hang out with mum.

I also love Critter TV !
There is a lot going on at this time of year.

We are having lots of FUN this weekend.
July 1st is Canada Day and Canada is 150 years old!

Mum took this picture on the waterfront on the boardwalk
at Halifax Harbour.

We had some special visitors too.
The tall ship Esmeralda from Chile.

These US navy ships.

.Mum was excited to see this ship.
This ship is an aircraft carrier and we do not see these ships very often.

Mum also saw these Canadian Forces guys.
They were friendly and waved at her.

Mum has more pictures from her outing that she will share.
For now...Let's get this weekend started
so we can have some FUN !!

WE purr you all have FUN too!

Monday 26 June 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Ack!  Ack!

Yikes! I think something caught in my throat!
Thank goodness it's gone now.

There! Now you can take my picture.
Everything is OK now.

JJ: It was a pawsome weekend to be on the porch. 
It was warm and pleasant.

My biggest decision was which way I wanted to face
when I had my snooze.
I think this way.

My little sister Julie was also on the porch.

You can see more of her porch time at

So pop over for a visit.

Friday 23 June 2017

Finally Friday Close Ups

Well, it's finally Friday again and we are happy since
mum will be home for two days.
However, she will be gone for a while on Sunday to a 
family gathering.
We will be OK with that if she brings us some treats.
As usual, we look forward to plenty of cuddles and scritches,
and ,of course, FUN!
Today, we give you some close ups.




Whatever you do this weekend,
be sure to have FUN !

Monday 19 June 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia:  I friends. Yes, I am getting ready for a little nap.
Mum was busy this weekend doing lots of chores.
Supervising that is hard work.
The best part was when mum needed a break.
Then she would find me and give me scritches.
She knows how much I love having my cheeks scratched !
You may start scritching now mum !

My lazy siblings enjoyed a snooze on the couch on the porch.

If you want to see more Julie,
pop over to House Panthers!

Friday 16 June 2017

Finally Friday !

Oops! Mum goofed and set the wrong time to post!
Good help is really hard to find.Sheesh!

Georgia: Well, it's Friday again and we are happy.
While we are glad to have mum home for 2 days,
we would be happier if it would be sunny.
Yup, the rain is coming back.
Oh well, at least it will not be torrential rain,just showers.
We will still have FUN!

JJ: I will still be able yo have my snoozes.
I can sleep pretty much anywhere.
Now that's FUN!

Julie: I really like the sun.
It is so much more fun to dine in sunlight.
At least showers will not prevent me from having FUN!

Earl: As long as I can get to these feeders I know I will have FUN! 

Whatever your weather, we purr you all have a FUN weekend!

Wednesday 14 June 2017

What Julie Saw on the Weekend

Julie: Last weekend when I was on the porch looking
out the window  I saw some strange critters!
Mum said they were groundhogs.
They were baby ones and the Mama was close by.

This is the Mama.

She is very cautious and looks out for the  little ones.

Mum was indoors and took the pictures through glass and
the railings on the deck.
She saw this young one.

Looking for tasty shoots and grasses to eat.

Wandering through the yard.

Hmmmmmmmmmm,this looks tasty.

So does this!
Well, maybe not.

The baby groundhogs have a bit of grey in the furs.
They get more brown as they get older.

Two of the five babies.
They move very fast and it was hard for mum to get pictures
of them grouped together.

This baby must have sensed he was being watched.

It was  fun watching these little critters run around
the yard.
Mum was happy she was home and able to get a few pics.

Monday 12 June 2017

Sunshine and Heat Equals Happy Cats!

Georgia: Hi friends! We had a pawsome weekend 
with lots of sunshine and warm temps.
I even went on the porch.There was lots to see.

I enjoyed window wiffies too.

I thought that I might pose you you too.
It always makes mum happy when I look at the camera.
Are you done mum? Good.
I may have a nap here today.

 Can you guess who I am?
I am backlit by the morning sun.

Yup, it's me, JJ.
Guess it's not too hard to guess as I am the only longhaired cat 
living here.
I do enjoy that warm sun. It feels good on my old bones.

That warmth feels good.
From this angle, you can see my very floofy tail

Julie: Hi! 
 As you can see, I am sitting on the dryer enjoying a sunbeam.
Do you want to see more of me?

I thought you might.
I am doing my usual Monday post at

Pop over and see me.

Monday 5 June 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: It was a fun weekend and we had plenty of sun!
We were on the porch a lot too.
I thought I would pose for you.
Here is my profile.

 Here is my front.
Sorry, I forgot to look at the camera.

Here is JJ's profile.

JJ forgot to look at the camera too. MOL!

We did see some interesting Critter TV.
First up was Mr and Mrs Woodpecker.
They enjoyed the sunflower seeds as well as tapping
on some trees.

Then came Earl the Squirrel. He loves the seeds too !
He tends to act like a little piggy though, as he
wants to eat ALL the seeds.
Fortunately he is too squirrely to stay in one spot for long.

My sister Julie enjoyed her weekend too.

You can see more pictures of Julie at