Monday 25 December 2023


                                          Winnie: I like this first Christmas in my new home!
                                           Look at all the toys! I got some treats and another 
                                           toy for Christmas.
                                            Do you know what I am most happy about?
                                            Yup! Having a home of my very own!
                                            I am SO happy I was adopted!

                                           I hope every pet had a great Christmas too!!!!!

Saturday 23 December 2023

My housemates

Winnie:  Hi friends. I am getting more settled 
in my new home. I like Mum a lot.
I like Auntie and Uncle too.
I am having lots of fun here.
I am a lucky cat and I have built in friends.

 Summer is a pretty nice cat.
Mum says her furs are very soft.
We get on OK but are not besties yet.

This is BC. She is black like me, though she has more 
white furs  as you can see on her neck and tummy.
She likes to play and chase strings.

                                          We are not big friends yet, but slowly getting there.
                                          When we do become friends, it will be pretty lively
                                           around here! We all like to play and run around.
                                          I have been exploring this place and it is pretty nice.
                                          There is lots of room to run around! There are even stairs 
                                           here. Exploring will be such fun and this place is way
                                            more fun than the SPCA shelter.

                                           Mum says Christmas is just days away, but I already have
                                           my present... a great new home and a Mum that loves me!!!
                                           As it will be busy over the next few days, I will wish you all
                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS and  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thursday 7 December 2023


Winnie: Gee I bet I can fit under this bedside table!



Heh!! New I could do it!!!!!!
Not very exciting under here though...
Maybe I will go hop on the bed instead.
It is soft and cozy!

Monday 4 December 2023

Hello from Winnie and a Remembrance of Julie

Winnie: Mum and I would like to thank
Ingrid Rickmar for this lovely tribute and remembrance for 

                                       I did not know Julie, but Mum tells me she was a
                                                  wonderful companion and friend.
                                                 I know I have big paws to fill and I will do my best.

                                                 We are  off to a pretty good start as Mum needed a kitty   
                                                 to love and I needed a loving home with a human to love.
                                                 We are settling into our home with  mum's sister and hubby.
                                                 I still have not met my furcousins BC and Summer,
                                                 There have been glimpses though and maybe some hisses.
                                                 Good thing we all have lots of time!!

                                                 It has been a while since mum posted and she is rusty! 
                                                 Must be a sign of...age maybe   MOL

                                                  Anyway, see you all soon!!!!!