Friday 30 September 2022

Happy Friday with Julie

Julie: Gee! Friday already. Not that it really matters.
It just seems the days pass by quickly.
I don't mind so much as I am enjoying myself.
I spend a lot of time on mum's lap.
She likes to read so I know I will not
be disturbed for a while. MOL

As you can see, I live relaxing on mum's lap.
She can read her books and give me scritches
at the same time.

                                               If I want to have a snooze I can just pop over
                                                to the right and curl up on my fuzzy mat.
                                                I tell you, life is good!
                                                I hope you are doing something FUN today!
                                                If so, let me know in the comments!


Monday 26 September 2022

Yes, I Still Like to Play!

Julie: Mum got this toy because she thought it was
cute and funky and it made her smile.

Know what? It makes me smile too!!'s also really FUN to play with too!!!

Just because I am getting older does not
mean I forget the kitten in me!!
I still love to have FUN!!!!

Besides, mum is OLDer and she bought this thing!

PeeEss: Don't tell her I said she was old!!

PeePeeEss: Hurricane Fiona blew into Nova Scotia early Saturday morning
as a Category 2 hurricane with winds  of 165kmh or 90 knots.
It made landfall close to the Cape Breton part of our province.
While that was far from where we live, the size of the storm
passing by us was intense.(We are about 40km from Halifax)
We lost power for a short period. Other parts of our province took
longer  to restore and some will not have power for days as
many power poles are broken and lying in the streets!
We are lucky to have assistance of power trucks from  the provinces
of New Brunswick ,Quebec, Ontario and even the state of Maine!
Hurricanes are just not FUN!!!

Thank you to all who wrote  wishing us luck.
We are glad it is over with and that it did not
cause us any problems. Whew!

Friday 23 September 2022

Hurricane Fiona headed our way!

Julie: Hi friends. Mum and I are a bit concerned.
Hurricane Fiona is headed our way  and she does
not look very friendly!

This image shows this hurricane over our province!
WE live in Nova Scotia.

If you do not hear from me for a bit it will probably be
that we have lost power!
For everyone in the path of this hurricane...hope you will be safe!

Monday 19 September 2022

Enjoying life with Mum home all the time


Julie: One think I like about Auntie's 
place sofa. Can you see the lovely sunbeam
shining down on me? 

                                                            I must say...I LOVE IT!!

                                                      Yup, even with my black furs it feels 
                                                        good. I love the heat!

Many times Mum sits next to me and reads
her books. She can reach over and give 
me some scritches. How pawsome is that!!!!
I gotta say...I am one happy cat!

Friday 16 September 2022

Just hanging Out with Mum!

                               Julie: Mum was outside one day when she saw this pawsome dragonfly.

                                                                 I also did some posing.
                                                         Here  I am on this pretty bedspread.  
                                                   I can even pose, when I choose to do so.

                                                       We are just hanging out this weekend.
                                                             Mum will probably watch TV.
                                                   Something to do with a Queen.  Mum said                                                                                                      . she passed away  at age 96 years!!
                                                        and we are part of the commonwealth.
                                                    Her picture is on some of our money too.
                                                        I do not know about human things so I 
                                        will just keep her company and get some belly rubs as
                                                        she will be in one place for a while !

                                                Hey! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Monday 12 September 2022

Still Loafing Around

                                                 Julie: I like to sleep next to mum when she
                                                  is reading her books and lucky for me she chooses
                                                  this most comfy place. As you can see my fleecy mat
                                                    is here.Mmmmmmm!

                                                        Just for you friends! A tongue blep!!

                                                        What can I say, life is pretty good.
                                                As I am getting more comfy here I am moving
                                                around more. I am still a bit nervous as I spent
                                                so many years with it being just mum and I.
                                                Now There are three people here. Oh well, I do things
                                                in my own time. Time mum and I have lots of these days!

                                    While it is FUN, I do need to offer you more exciting pictures
                               as you may think all I do is sleep!! Well, I am a cat , but still... MOL!!

Friday 9 September 2022

Friday Thoughts with Julie

Julie: I am a bit sad today and so is Mum.
Yesterday Queen Elizabeth passed away.

 She was 96 years old and that is a pawsome age.
She lived a good life too.
She reigned for 70 years!

I did not know this lady, but Mum says she was pretty cool,
even though she has never met her either.
Her picture is on our money so her image will be with
us for some time.
Purrs to her family.
Hail to  King Charles 3rd

Friday 2 September 2022

Cool window views!

Julie: I like this cabinet.
It is by a window so I can look outside
and it is up high so the view is pawsome!

                                                                I can easily jump off too!

There is a nice cat tower here for me to sit on.
I can look out the window and see the people
walking and driving by.
So cool!

                                                   This window seat was a favourite spot of
                                                                     Auntie's cat Mindy
                                                 I must say, I like looking out the window too!!!!