Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween from the Rainbow Bridge!
It is me,Mickey and my beautiful wife Miss Peach.
We are getting ready to celebrate with our friends here.
We hope you are ready to go to your parties too.

This night also marks our 4th wedding anniversary.
So, when you are celebrating at your parties tonight,
take a moment to remember those that came before and 
say Hi should you see them !
Now, over to my siblings.

Thanks Mickey and Miss Peach.
We are looking forward to visiting with our friends ,
Halloween parties, and getting lots of treats!
We hope you are all having fun.

Tillie and Julie managed to behave long enough to 
make this card. They are sharing it with a lot of
Pop over and see!

Just one more thing...


Monday 28 October 2013

Monday with Treasure

Hi, I'm Treasure. As you can see I am very handsome
and floofy. I am a Tabby cat.

We had sun on Saturday so I did a photo shoot.
This way I can show off my fine furs.

I also have a very floofy belly!

You know you want to snorgle this belly!!

Sometimes I like to be silly and hook my paws in the screen.

Sometimes it is nice to just relax and enjoy the sunbeams!

I hope you enjoyed my photoshoot.

If you want to see those two Black demons,cats
Tillie and Julie, then go to House Panthers.
Click Here !

Friday 25 October 2013

Thoughtful Friday

Julie:  Hi friends. It's Friday and we are looking forward
to having a Mom weekend. While it is a bit
cool today, it is still sunny so that presents a little
problem. Namely, where is the best place to nap.
I am in the kitchen and I am hopeful of getting a treat.

Georgia: I see you with that flashy box Mom !

Mom! I want to sleep now !
No more bothering me, please.

JJ seems to have found a cozy spot. He may be thinking if
 it is the right spot, bit I think he will stay there.

 Tiger: Hi Mom. I see you there.

I am not going to look at you unless you feed me.
Is it suppertime yet?

Tillie also seems to be thinking about the spot she has
chosen. It looks comfy enough, so she will probably stay.
It would be a good choice since  as she can catch some sunbeams.

Treasure seems to be in a thoughtful mood too.
He is wondering if he should snooze or keep looking out the 
window from his comfy place on top of a cabinet.

Yup, we are all  in thoughtful moods today.
Not thinking anything deep or serious as that might
interfere with our naps.
We purr you all have happy thoughts today too  :)

Monday 21 October 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mmmm, oh hi! I love snoozing on the sunny porch.
It is so comfy.

Well, Mom and her family members went out and did lots of
thinks that humans like to do. They walked around the city at 
night, then next day they walked around an island.
I am SO happy I got to stay home!

 They did see lots of Fall foliage on McNab's Island
on Sunday.

They also saw some old homes when people used to live there.
Mom said it was fun and she walked a lot!

Saturday night, they went to the Nocturne event.
This is one of the displays they saw.

They also encountered some strange looking people.

They did stop for ice cream and ate it ALL!

Continuing on, they saw this strange group.
Mom said they were puppets of a group called "Kiss" and the 
people were performing a dialogue  of the group critiquing
 their own performance.

While they did not get to see as many exhibits as they would 
have liked, they all had fun!!
So did we, because we stayed home!!

Pop over to House Panthers and see Tillie and Julie.
They enjoyed the porch too :)

Saturday 19 October 2013

Mom's Busy Weekend

Georgia:  Guess what?  Mom will not be home 
much this weekend. She and Auntie N
are going to some events.

Tonight, they are going to Nocturne which starts at 6 PM
and ends at Midnight! They are going to see all kinds of art.
They will be joined by other family members too.

On Sunday, they are going to visit McNab's Island
which is near the entrance to Halifax Harbour.
It is called a Fall Foliage Tour.
There will be lots to explore there.

While Mom is gone, we will be doing a lot of this!

Friday 18 October 2013

Finally Friday

Georgia: Hmmmmm, I think I will have a nap in this box.


maybe not.


I just felt like changing my mind!

Tillie is pretty well recovered from her bite.

Well Julie still has  a bit of the naughty in her yet!
Better beware Tillie.

Monday 14 October 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving !

Georgia: Guess what? We have Mom  for a 3 day weekend!
Know why? Because today is Thanksgiving
here in Canada!!!!!!!!
That is so neat! We got to spend lots of time on the porch.

JJ enjoyed that a lot!

Julie  baked in the sun.

 Treasure relaxed keeping Mom in view.

Tillie and Tiger were soaking up the sun as well.
Tillie's arm is doing quite nicely too .

Mom and other family members got together on Sunday 
to celebrate Thanksgiving, the nice Fall colours and 
another very special event!

This is our Grammie.(Mom's mom)

She was outside for family pictures.

Sunday October 13 was Grammie's birthday!!
They all helped  her celebrate !!
We did not mind Mom being gone for most of the day,
because beans do not turn 89 every day!
Happy Birthday Grammie !

To all our fellow Canadians,
Happy Thanksgiving!!

To see more pictures of Tillie and Julie
and a nice horse,
pop over to House Panthers!

Friday 11 October 2013

Uneasy on Friday

 Tillie: Yesterday Mom was home.That was a good thing.
Just before she got up, Julie and I had a disagreement.
I wanted to go in the bedroom and Julie would not let me.
We started whapping and fighting a bit and Mom told us to 
"knock it off" 
We did, but not before Julie bit my arm!
Can you see my wound?

Mom got up and when she got to the bedroom door, she saw
a trail of blood! My blood! Mom checked me over 
and realized I was still bleeding a bit. You can see my puncture
wounds,though a bit of fur is in the way.

I was not happy as Mom whisked me off to the Vet.
There, my furs were shaved off.I got a needle against infection 
and another one for pain.I also have pain meds for 5 more days.
Mom has to clean my wound and put stuff on it,yuck!
Julie, this does not make me like you!!

Julie: I am sorry I hurt you so bad Tillie, I cannot
help myself. Mom's bedroom is my sanctuary and I hang out 
under the bed(UTB).  I was only protecting my domain.
Mom says I am a little possessive, but only where Tillie
is concerned. I let the other kitties in the room.
I just want Mom for myself.
Thing is, so does Tillie.

I guess we can try to keep our distance from each other.
I am not sure we will ever be friends, but Mom wants us to
work on it...slowly. I guess we can try, but don't place any bets!

Georgia: Those girls!!!! Divas both !
Why can't we all just get along?!
I don't like fighting, I like loving!

We purr you all have a peaceful weekend !