Monday 30 April 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi friends. I am having a nice relax on the porch

It is a great place to be when the birds and squirrels are out.
You can hear the sounds they make and see them moving.

Ooooo!!! Sometimes the birds fly close to the porch !!!

I also like to be on the move!

This table close to the window is also a cool place to watch
the great outdoors!! Especially when Mm is out there
doing yard work!

Want to see how Tillie spends her day?
She is a tad lazy, heehee

Pop over to House Panthers!

Friday 27 April 2012

Sunshine Snoozing!!

Do you know  the best thing about morning sun?


Mmmmmmm,sweet dreams ahead!!

Yeah Georgia, I agree!!

That sun feels good and I feel sleepy.

We purr you all have a chance to enjoy some quality snoozing
this weekend...or anytime!!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Tillie and Georgia Show their Diva!

Today we are showing our Diva
in memory of Sweet Praline.
It was one year ago today that she 
went to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Diva Tillie

Diva Georgia

Monday 23 April 2012

Chewing My Way Out of Here !


Oh Hi!! Am I planning something you ask?

As a matter of fact I AM planning something!

I am chewing this screen! Maybe I might chew to the outdoors!

There were two screens here.

Why do I want out you ask?
Well,lately Mom has been doing more reading
than helping us visit!

Pay attention Mom.We want to see what our friends are doing.
 Don't read so much, OK?

Tillie got grass!!!!
Go over and see at House Panthers!!

Friday 20 April 2012

Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy...

I am enjoying some time in the sunshine.
It was sunny yesterday and it is sunny today!

Mom says it will be cloudy Saturday and rainy
on Sunday and through to Wednesday!!!!!!
That is why we need to soak up the sun!

JJ also sat in the window!
He wanted to get sunbeams on his furs too.

He agrees that it feels warm and cozy.
Makes you sleepy too, heehee 
We hope you find a cozy spot for the weekend.
Don't forget to have fun !!!

Monday 16 April 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

What a nice weekend we had!! It was warm 
and there was lots of sunshine!!
That meant that there was lots of things to
watch outside,like birds and squirrels!!

I am moving back to this ledge because the sun 
is shining here!

I like  the kitchen  too, because this is where all the 
goodies are, heehee
Mom just gave me a dot of her ice cream!!

Now,I am going to lay here ,look out the window
and enjoy the heat of the sun.
 I hope you have sunshine today too!!

Tillie is posing for Mom at House Panthers!!

Sunday 15 April 2012

Titanic - 100 Years Ago Today

On this date 100 years ago 

We offer purrs and prayers.

Friday 13 April 2012

Random Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday the 13th !!!!!!!!
Tillie here with a few random thoughts.
First, I am waiting for Mom to give me a belly rub.
Put the flashy box down Mom !!!

OK Tillie. Get ready for some rubs!!!

This is Treasure. He is the only one here that likes to sleep
this way!! Mom calls it a "face plant" 
I hope he can breathe like that! Heehee

Scary pictures below !

This is a sign of Spring...Spiders!!!

This big spider had his legs close to his body.
Mom took this picture at night and it was cool outside.
This is not one of the Wolf spiders that show up
 and scare Mom,just a BIG spider.
Mom is still glad it's outside!!!!!!

I hope you all have a good Friday the 13 
and a fun weekend! I am going to get Mom 
to give me more belly rubs!!

Monday 9 April 2012

Monday Fun with Georgia

Oh boy!! I like to play with these sheets Mom sometimes puts 
on the chairs. I like when I can hide underneath them.

Mom finds it funny. I like it as a place to hide.

Darn, the sheet is not hanging down enough for me to get under!

Oh well, it's OK. I can see what's going on.
I can always hide another time.

Do you know what else happened this past weekend?
We got snow!!!

This is Earl yesterday afternoon. By then the sun came out 
and melted a lot of the snow. He was glad as he could get the seeds 
Mom put out. He is always fun to watch!!

Do you want to see the snow we had?
Tillie has before and after snow pics!!
Pop over to House Panthers.

Also, be sure to pop over to Marg's Place ! (web site)

When there is an animal in need ~ it comes to Marg's door.
When there is an animal lost ~ it seeks out Marg.
When there is an animal wanting loving care ~ it will find that with Marg.
A special lady who never turns away any animal ~ the cats, the dogs, the goats, the donkeys,
all are welcomed by her.  None are special ~ all are special.
Marg is always doing for others, organizing and running auctions to
raise funds in support of others in need, never asking for anything in return.

Friday 6 April 2012

Happy Easter !!!!!!!!

We are enjoying sunbeams!!!!!!

Georgia is enjoying the sleeping bag!!!

WE wish you all a very

Monday 2 April 2012

Monday Musings with Georgia

I am in the kitchen looking out the windows.
This is the place Tillie spends most of her time.
She likes to hang out with Mom,
well she is not the only one!

This is a good place to lay down and observe things.

Oh I really want to stay here?

Yup!!! I do !!! I just like to keep changing my mind!
Hahahahaha!!! Girls prerogative...right?

Why not see what Tillie is doing at House Panthers.