Friday 29 April 2022

Cloudy Cool Weather, But Good News!

Julie: I'm just sitting here thinking.
I did go outside for a bit but it was a bit cool and 
cloudy. I came back in  where it was warmer.

I like it much better when it is warm and sunny.
Mum says we might not get that weather this
weekend. She says it will be rainy and cool.

Next week will be better. The weather will be a bit 
warmer and mum has some really exciting news!
She will spend more time with me!!!
She says she is retiring!!!!!
Oh boy!!! I am excited!
Mum home all the time!
Mum is a bit excited too !

 Now, you just know that will be FUN !!!!

Monday 25 April 2022

Welcome Back to the Chipmunk!

Julie: While mum was looking out of the kitchen
window she saw the chipmunk.
She was quite happy  to see it  as there are lots
of squirrels around!

We are not sure if this critter will stay around, but if he 
does, there will be lots of tasty seeds and sunflower
seeds. He may have to put up with birds though.
They like to drop by for a bit.

Earl the Squirrel is pretty good at chasing
competitors away. He is pretty greedy when it comes
 to foods. Not one to share.


Having said that, I must say that I don't like to share
my food either. If you want something, you need your own 
bowl. MOL!
See? I will share as long as it is in another bowl.

When I am done, I can watch Critter TV.
I really have a great view and 2 wonderful
windows for my viewing pleasure.
Have a great day friends.

Oh, mum has some exciting news(for her)
that we will share on Friday!

Friday 22 April 2022

Dining with a view!

Julie: I like my view when I am having supper.
It is really nice when the sun is shining.

Yup! My dinner is ready to eat!

Suppertime is a really nice time.
I like my meals. I really like them with sunshine.

Mmmmmmm! This is good!

 Now that the weekend  is here I am looking forward to 
seeing how the grass is coming along. Mum says
it will be sunny and that's good for grass.
Oh boy, I'm looking forward to some FUN!!!

I hope you all have a FUN weekend too !!!

Friday 15 April 2022

No Grass but plenty of brushings!

Julie: I went outside to check out the grass.
April is not a good month for grass where we live.

As you can see, there is NO grass.
There is green, weedy stuff, but no tasty grass!

I went inside and lay on this cozy bankie.
Mum said I looked like a black pillow.
Really mum?!!!!

I might forgive you if you offer up a treat or three.
I got lucky and got a treat...and scritches and brushings!
You know what? I am a happy cat!!

The they are FUN!!!
They feel good too!
Do you like getting brushed?


Monday 11 April 2022

Mama Crow Gathers Nesting Materials

Julie: Earlier in the month there were crows
in the yard. There was also a Mama crow.

As you can see, she was gathering nesting 
materials, namely old grass.

That is quite a beakful Mama!!!

Away she goes!

Off to build her nest and welcome the babies.

                                                           Have you ever seen a baby crow?
                                                                              We have not.

Friday 8 April 2022

Julie Goes Walkies!

Julie: Our snowstorm on Monday was not so bad.
We did have some snow, but then it rained.
Mum said it was wet and messy.
Then the temps rose and by midweek, there was no
more snow!
It was, however, a cooler week with sun and cloud.
I went outside to look.

Then I looked at mum...


Here I am! At the end of the ramp.
Mum took the picture showing me
at the end of the ramp This is the space between 
the house and the ramp.
As you can see, we still do not have any
grass! I cannot wait for it to grow!!

Mum says next week will be sunnier and warmer.
That should help the grass grow.
I sure hope it does!!!!
That would be FUN!!!!!!!

Monday 4 April 2022

Sun before the Storm!


Julie: Look at all that sunshine!

I was laying in the porch doorway.
I liked the sun on my furs.

I ventured outside. It was sunny but  cool.
Mum said I better enjoy today because
we are getting a snowstorm Monday!!
That will not be fun. Mum says it may not
last as the temperatures will go up for the rest
of the week and there will be sun and then rain
later in the week!

Gee! I guess I will not see too much of the outside this week!

Friday 1 April 2022

It's Friday and April Fool's Day

Julie: I am gradually getting better at posing for mum.
Still not a fan of the camera, but I realize that sessions are short
and even shorter when I cooperate.
I'm glad she did not play any April Fool's joke
on me either. However the day is not over yet.
Maybe I will play a joke on mum! MOL!!!

It is still pretty cool in the evenings, but the light is 
lasting longer. I like that!
As  it gets warmer, the grass will begin to grow.
I can't wait!!! As it is still chilly, I do
not spend much time outside as it is too
cool and that is not FUN!

Are you all ready for the weekend?
I hope you all have FUN!!!!!