Tuesday 28 November 2023

Family Members

Winnie: I friends. Getting mum to help has been a trial.
Luckily, I have prevailed!
Life is pretty good here, but I am still  bit shy.
I will introduce my housemates.

This is BC. She belongs to mums sister.
Mum says she is a cutie.
She stayed with her when  her son moved out.
She liked it here and made friends with the resident 
cat named Summer.

 This is Summer and she belongs to Mums sister.

We are still slowly getting to know each other.
Mum and I like each other a lot too!
Good thing we have lots of time.
Life is good and I am sure it will stay that way.
As long as mum is around I am happy, no matter
where I am! 

Friday 24 November 2023

Hello from Winnie

                                                   Hi, Winnie here. It is taking me a while
                                                    to  get the hang of this blogging thing.
                                                    I is even harder to get mum to help.
                                                    I am loving my new home. I have so much more room
                                                    than I did at the shelter.  I am in a room with Mum.
                                                    I still have not met the other cats , but I hear them.
                                                   I am getting used to the sounds.                                                                

                                                     Mum says I will get to meet the cats soon.
                                                      She wanted to make sure I was comfy in
                                                      this place and  I am. Compared to a cage this 
                                                      place is awesome! I even get this huge bed to sleep
                                                      on too! I know I am going to love it here and I am 
                                                       SO happy!!!

                                                                I'll be seeing you all soon!

Monday 13 November 2023

Hello from Edwina

Hi there. My name is Edwina.
I tend to get called Winnie.
Mum adopted me from the SPCA.
Mum says I  was born September 30,2018.
That makes me 5 years old.

                                                   I am really happy to have my own home now!
                                                   I have my own room that I share with mum,
                                                   It is SO nice to be here and I really like mum.
                                                   There are two other cats here, but we have not met yet.
                                                    That may take a while as I need to get comfy here.
                                                    I am pretty sure I am going ti like this place and I already
                                                    like MUM!

                                                    Mum and I are ready to start our new life chapters together.
                                                    This will be SO exciting!

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Farewell from Julie

Julie posting from the rainbow Bridge

Julie: Hi friends. I am sorry to say that the 
breast cancer I had some time ago has reared its
ugly head again. I was enjoying life with Mum
and Auntie L and Uncle J. We had moved in with them .
They have two cats...Summer and BC(black cat)
I was also losing weight. In spite of this, I was
doing Ok. 
Lately, however, I started to not feel so well.
Mum took me to the Vet and we got the bad news.
That evil C was back!

Here is my last picture and last post.
As you can see, I am at the Vet place
getting ready for my final journey.
I am happy that Mum and I moved in with
Auntie L and Uncle J and my fur cousins
BC and Summer.
At least she will not be alone when I go to
the Bridge.

Mums eyes are very leaky as she does not
want to say goodbye. I do not either, but I just do
not feel well.
Over the next few days Mum will post some pics of my
 fur cousins, Summer and BC.
 Maybe they will carry on the blog.

I have really enjoyed visiting with you, my friends.
I do not want to go, but I am not feeling the best.
Maybe on special times when the moon is right
I will pop in to say Hi!
I will miss you my friends!
I will miss you Mum!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum: Julie, I will always love you and miss you!

 Julie:  July,2009 - November 6, 2023