Monday 10 June 2024

A good Snoozy Spot

Winnie: This chair is a pretty comfy place to sleep.

                                                I could sleep here all day...well almost all day.
                                              I do want to get up for my meals and playtime!!


Friday 7 June 2024

Happy Friday from Winnie

Winnie: Hi friends!
I told mum it was high time she helped me blog.
Good thing she agreed!
She needs the practise as she forgets things! MOL!!
Anyway, I am loving this place and as you can see I
really like this big sofa. 

         It is huge and L shaped.
I can see a lot sitting at the top.
There are lots of neat places to see in this place.
I am really happy to be here and out of the shelter.
I get along with my furcousins OK and there is no hissing.
The 3 of us just accept each other.

                                            That being said, I do like that I have my own 
                                             room with mum. Now all I have to do is get her to 
                                             be more consistent with helping me blog!
                                             That is a battle I think I can win!

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Favourite spot to hang around

Winnie: I really like this sofa. As it is in a big room,
I have great views from here.
I am sitting behind Auntie L.

                                                  With the camera a bit to the left , you can see
                                                  the fireplace in the corner. As  we are into Spring
                                                  it is not being used.

If I were to turn around and face the opposite
                                                     direction, I could look out of the big window.
                                                    There is a nice big cat tree there  and a great view 
                                                    of the outside. I can watch cars and people passing by.
                                                    As it is pretty busy, it makes me happy to be an indoor cat!
                                                    It  is good enough that I can see where mum is from here ;)
                                                    You never know when she may go in the kitchen...MOL!


Wednesday 22 May 2024

Hi from Winnie

Winnie: Well...hello friends!
I finally got mum to help me blog.
I have really been having fun here as it is
wat more fun than the shelter.
See that toy behind me ?
I have a LOT of fun with that!
I love to chase it around!

                                    I also have a really cozy bed and pawsome a pillow.
                                                            It's called Mum!   MOL!!!!!! 

Well, I gotta go play now!
Catch you later!!!!!

Monday 20 May 2024

Get that Toy!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just sitting here ignoring that toy
in front of me.

Ha! Who am I kidding!
You knew I would attack !!!


Monday 15 April 2024

Hi from Winnie

Winnie: Gee! It takes a while for me to get Mum to
help me blog. I think she is out of practice. MOL!
She had to figure our again how to get mu pics on the computer
and size them. I need to make sure she does this more
often ;)
Life is good here and I get along with my housemates.
I just have to work on Mum and regular blogging.
I think that will be good for her brain! MOL!!!!


Monday 1 April 2024

Oooooooo! What a sunset!

Winnie: Hi friends! It has been a while, but here I am.
Gee! Mum really needs to post more often.
She is getting forgetful about using a laptop.
I do not think that is a good excuse...she is 
just a little lazy. MOL!!!!!!

                                                  There was a really nice sunset the other night!
                                                    This picture does not do it justice,
                                                    Mum needs to find a new photo editor.
                                                    If you have some ideas let us know.
                                              Free ones for now would be nice as mum needs 
                                                       to get back into photo touch ups.
                                            She needs to get back to blogging in general!
                                                        I like seeing so many cool friends!

                                                                     Happy April Fools!
                                                        Hope no cat gets caught ! MOL!!
                                                Save the jokes for your people ;) MOL!!!

Friday 29 March 2024

What do you mean by block?

Winnie: Hello again! Mum finally got around
to helping me blog. Sheesh!
She needs to do this more often as she can forget
stuff, I am new to this blog thing, but mum is not.
She is getting on though,,,MOL !
Anyhow, she called me a block!!!!
Can you imagine?

    So, what is a block and why are you laughing?

Did I mention that sometimes mum is silly?

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Hi from Winnie

Winnie: Hi friends. Life has been good for me.
Getting mum to blog...not so much.
I told het that if she does not blog, she will forget
how to do things,(she is getting up there in age you know)
Any way, as you can see I am doing well and enjoying life.
We both are :)

 I will work on mum to post more often 
as I want to see my new friends and I need mum to 
get better at posting from a laptop.
I mean really...she just needs to do this more often.
I really like the idea if having SO many online friends!
So...see you again soon!!!!

Monday 18 March 2024

Snoozing with a Friend

Winnie: When snoozing, it is always nice to have a quiet friend