Monday, 15 July 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Hello friends. As you can see, I am having 
a meal. Mum often gives me s bit of wet food with
my laxative in it. Then  I get crunchies.

I actually like my crunchies better than the wet 
most days. Mum says I am a fussy eater.

JJ, the oldest , has a great appetite.
He simply likes food!

Julie likes food too, but she likes treats better.

Asking for more!

Mum is not granting her wish!

I think Julie may have said a naughty word !

On Saturday mum went to our Vet's place. 
They were having their annual open house.
We did not go,whew!
Mum got lots of information from other groups
that were there Emergency Hospital ( for after hour visits)
a dog rescue next door to the vet.
Mum said there were newborn puppies there and they 
were very cute!
No, she is not getting one.
She did bring home some treats from the Vet though.

Sunday morning mum looked out the kitchen window
and this is what she saw!

She hopes that part of the rhyme is true ;)

Friday, 12 July 2019

Let's Get this Weekend Started!

Georgia: The Summer heat has made us a bit lazy.

But not that lazy!

JJ would not agree either.
He thinks the best thing about being awake is the 
possibility of treats. JJ loves treats and he loves to eat.
He has a wonderful appetite for an older kitty.

I also like spending time on the porch.
I even hang out with Julie She does not bother me
much on the porch.Inside she can be a bit of a pest!

Julie loves the sunshine!
Today is a bit overcast and it is likely to rain
 by the time mum comes home from work.
The rest of the weekend looks pretty good with maybe
some showers. That's OK as we will all be together
and mum can give scritches and brushings.
We love that!!

What are you doing this weekend?
Hope it involves lots of FUN!!

Monday, 8 July 2019

Summer Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We has a very Summer like weekend.
That means it was hot! Sunday was a bit better as we had
a lovely breeze.

 A good day to be on the porch. Our new porch door 
.has a nice screen in it . It lets the breeze in nicely

JJ is doing well, though showing his age.
He gets around, though his walk is a tad wobbly.

He still has a wonderful appetite though!

On Saturday, mum put the cat tree on the porch.
Julie enjoyed sitting in it as she had a pawsome
view of all the birds and critters!

She was quite happy.

She laid on the porch couch next to mum
"Rub my belly" she said to mum and mum rubbed her belly.
Mum loves kitty bellies.

How was your weekend ?
What did you do?

Sunday, 7 July 2019

It's Our Gotcha Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is our Gotcha Day!
Thank You to our friends Pipo,Dalton and Benji
and their Petcretary for making this most
beautiful card!!

We are delighted for this card as we know mum would
have forgotten! 
Georgia and JJ were adopted  in 2006 and Julie  in 2012

JJ is 22
Georgia is 16
Julie is 10
The biggest coincidence is that we were all adopted on July 7 !

OK Mum, time for some treats to celebrate!!!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

Georgia: Guess what? Summer has finally arrived here
and brought the hots with it!
We are a bit lucky. Some of the trees around us
block the sun from shining directly in the house.
We do get some morning sun, but that tends to  be
a cooler time of day. Mum is happy there is not
a lot that shines in the bedroom as that would
make it very warm. The warm temps are enough. MOL!

Needless to say we get out on the porch.
It is pleasant and we love the heat. 

JJ is showing the setting sun shining in the computer room.

He likes the heat on his old bones. He is doing well
and has a wonderful appetite!

Julie loves the porch  in the evenings. She can hear
all the evening sounds of critters. 
She hopes they will join her on the porch.

Oh yes! She will chase them if they come in!
She is pretty good at catching them(mostly mice) too!!!
Mum is glad she does not eat them. She just wants to play.

How about you?
Are you enjoying the Summer?
We purr that you have FUN no matter what you do!!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Happy Birthday Canada!

Georgia: We are enjoying Canada day with mum!
So far it is not too bad as the rain we are getting
will not start until after supper.
Julie and I are enjoying the porch.

Julie loves looking out the window at all the critters and birds.

She likes to pose and not look at the camera MOL!

I am more interested is seeing what mum is doing.
I do not mind looking at the camera...sometimes.

JJ is just going to hang out and hope that mum delivers 
some treats to him. He thinks there should be 
Canada Day treats!
Naturally we all agree!

We purr your Monday is going well !

Friday, 28 June 2019

Canada Day Long Weekend!!

Georgia:  JJ and I are waiting for the day to end
and for mum to get home. Then we will start the 
long weekend!!
Yes, an extra day with mum as we will be 
celebrating Canada's birthday!
It will be a bit rainy and it is rainy today and will be tomorrow.
Then the rest of the weekend improves! WooHoo!

We are looking forward to lots of cuddles and hugs
and scritches and treats.

JJ: Huh? Did somecat say treats?
I like treats! I like scritches too!
I like it when mum is home too.

Julie: I am SO happy mum will be home for 3 days!
I love following her around and getting scritches and belly rubs.
I love to have FUN!

Mum, you can practise rubbing my belly. I'm ready!

Yup! WE are celebrating Canada Day this weekend.
Canada will be 152 years old on July 1st!

That will be FUN !

What will you be doing this weekend?
Hope it involves FUN!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Freaky Monday with Julie

Julie: If I look a bit miffed, it's because I am.
Mum was gone all day Sunday and when she came home
she realized she forgot her camera bag in her sister's car.
As it was too late to get it, she got her little camera
to take these pictures.
As you can see it was dark. That means dinner was late.
This will mean extra treats for us!
The pictures are not great because she has to use flash.
Sheesh !
I am sure you all understand. We just want to look our best.
Yes, these pics are a bit freaky!

Georgia avoided laser eyes by taking a drink when mum
came to take her picture.

JJ decided to finish dinner(that was served late).
Now you can get a better look at his shave cut.
New fur is growing in. It will be cool for Summer and he is
happy not to have the matts anymore.

OK mum, now that you have done this post how about some treats?!

Friday, 21 June 2019

Friday Close ups!

Georgia: Well, today is pretty rainy. That means mum will get wet.
She says that is OK as the weekend looks to be sunny!
We also get to say "Happy Summer Solstice" at 12:54 pm,ADT
Woo Hoo! Summer is here!!!
Guess that means plenty of porch time ahead.
It also means many lazy days,at least for us. MOL!
Today, we are sharing close ups.
Happy Summer Solstice to you!!



Blueberry blossom


Lots of daylilies!

Summer means FUN!
What will you be doing on this 1st Summer
weekend? Hope it will be FUN !!

Monday, 17 June 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Hi friends! We had a pretty nice weekend.
It was quite pleasant with sun and warm temps.
As you can see, I was on the porch.

I have not been on the porch for quite a while because
it is pretty cool during the Winter and early
Spring. It is good for watching Critter TV too.

JJ likes to sleep more, but he does get up and has a 
wander around the house.

When he wakes up he is always interested in food.
That makes mum happy. Mum says his appetite is the best
of the three of us!

Julie loves to hangout near mum.
Mum was reading and Julie was waiting for tummy rubs.
She got plenty.

Julie still enjoys the porch and spends lots of time there.
Her appetite is still not 100%, but she is eating.
She is a happy cat and follows mum around.

As for Critter TV, Mr Groundhog stopped by again.

He even posed for this pic!
(actually mum was in the kitchen.If the groundhog
 saw her he would take off and hide. They are very nervous)

We hope you had a good weekend.