Friday 30 July 2021

Long Weekend Ahead with Mum !

Julie: Are you calling me mum?
Is it time to come in already?

OK! I'm coming!

You have some treats...right?
And some brushing time?

Mum: Yes Julie. Come on, let's go!

One day, mum was looking out the kitchen window
and this is what she saw.
She had not seen the deer for quite a while.

 We are having a 3 day weekend.
That is because it is Natal Day.
That is the day we celebrate our city's birthday!
Happy Birthday Halifax!!

I am looking forward to an extra mum day!!
You know that will be FUN!!!!!

Friday 23 July 2021

Typical Cat Behaviour !

Julie: Today, mum says I am demonstrating
"typical cat behavior"
I am not sure what she means by that, but maybe you 
can my friends. Mum says the humans will
likely understand.

Mum: Julie, it's time to come in!

Now? OK mum.

Gee, it's not even dark outside.

Oh!!!!! What is that down there?
I must check this out now!

 Mum: Typical cat behavior!

Monday 19 July 2021

Monday thoughts and Flowers

Julie: I see mum was changing the hummingbird 
feeders. Guess this one needs a washing.

There are quite a few blooms in the garden for critters 
that like flowers. Most of the flowers are daylilies.

The colours are vibrant.
That must attract birds.

These flowers make mum smile.
She says they are happy flowers.
Um, OK mum.

This is a foxglove.
I hope it does not attract foxes!!!!
If they did I would never get to go outside!!!!

Oh well.  I guess I'll go in and check on mum.
Maybe she is having a tasty lunch.

Maybe I can score a treat.
Probably not, but worth a try.
I think I have a few goodies left in my bowl.
I like my crunchies.


Friday 16 July 2021

Finally Friday!

Julie: Hello friends! Good to see you again!
Mum was feeling a bit under the weather earlier
in the week, but she is fine now and able to help
me post!
We saw these ducks heading back to the river
that feeds into Lake Echo..
They had their seeds and were happy.

But then, they noticed mum watching them!
She seems to have that effect on lots of wildlife.

If I am looking a bit sad it is because it is raining outside.
Mum says that it might be better Friday evening when she
gets home. Gee!!  I am excited about that!!
I like eating fresh grass!!!

 What are your plans for the weekend?
I hope they involve lots of FUN !!!!

Friday 9 July 2021

Julie sitting on the Grass

Julie: On Wednesday, I was outside for a bit
and enjoyed sitting in the grass. I like grass.
Mum said it was time to come in, but I
did not want to come in.

I guess I better go in as I may not be able to get 
outside again. It is always smart to listen to your person!

 I am not sure when I can go outside again as it will
be rainy for a few days. Mum says maybe Sunday
unless I want to experience rain.
Something tells me that will not be FUN!

Monday 5 July 2021

Baby Squirrels !

Julie: Look at these squirrels.
They look a bit smaller than I normally see.
Mum thinks they are babies or very young.

They are still as cheeky as ever!

Even the Mourning Doves agree!
They are cheeky!

I would like to chase them but mum says NO!
She says cheeky or not, they still have sharp teeth
and claws. Not to mention that they are super fast!
Oh well, I guess I'll just watch. After, it is starting to rain.


Friday 2 July 2021

Just Hanging with Mum on Canada Day !

Julie: Yesterday was July 1.
Mum said it was Canada Day.
That means that our country was formed 153 years ago.
That is a long ago. I am pretty sure I cannot
count that high! All I know is that
mum was home with me!
Oh!! I hear her calling!

Oh! Did you say suppertime?
OK! I like suppertime.

Here I come!
I like to come when mum calls. If I don't, 
I might not get to go outside.

That is FUN and you know I love to have
FUN !!!!!