Monday 31 July 2023

Random scenes from our place.


Julie: Just a few random pics from the weekend.
It is still pretty warm, but as August comes, it should
cool down a bit...we hope. I spent time on
the porch. Mum had the door open for me.

We had a visit from this deer. It did not
come into the yard. It just looked...whew!

A fly on the deck railing.

Last night a robin dropped by at suppertime.
Just enjoying the evening sun.

It will be another warm week, but may start cooling a bit
come the weekend...maybe. At least the nights will be less sticky.
We just enjoy ourselves. I must say, I like having mum
home all the time. She likes it too!

Friday 28 July 2023

This cat is done with hot, humid days!

Julie: It is pretty warm outside, so I sit in the shade.
Mum does not like me to be out too long.


I  do not go far as it is hot and the grass is  long 
                                                    and not very tasty. It also needs to be mowed!
                                                    For now, I am content to sit in the shade and
                                                    listen to the outdoor sounds. 

In a while, I will go in and sit on the porch sofa and
                                           maybe have a little snooze. Mum says we may have a 
                                           thunder shower tonight! It would be nice if it takes 
                                           away the sticky air! August is coming and it is usually
                                           a less humid month.
                                           Hope things are more comfy where you live.                                                

Monday 24 July 2023

Hot Days of Summer!!

Julie: We had a pretty wild Saturday . We got a lot of rain!
I am pretty sure that a lot of people were affected.
We did OK as we live on a hill.
It was nice Sunday, but hot.

I snoozed on the porch for a while.

After supper, I napped on top of a filing cabinet.
It was pretty nice as it is cooler in the house and it got a 
bit cloudy. That will be good as it will not be
too hot tonight for sleeping.

I may be staying indoors a lot as the temps are going
to be hot and muggy this week with temps of 27-29Celcius!!!.
 Our place should be a tad cooler...we hope.
If it is hot where you are, be sure to drink lots of water!!!
At least the nights are a bit cooler!


Friday 21 July 2023

Relaxing on the porch

Julie: Mum was doing other things and |I HAD to remind
her about my blog! Sheesh!!


Anyway, the penny finally dropped.
It is overcast and there will be rain, so I am enjoying 
the outside as much as I can! We may even have  
thunder and lightning!

 Life is good...even when Mum forgets ! MOL!!!!!
Also I am super close to the door in case the rain comes.

Monday 17 July 2023

Just hangin' with Mum

Julie: Mum was away for part of the weekend 
to attend a nephew's wedding

It was nice when she got back as I got to go
out and and enjoy a bit of sun.
I also got to relax on the porch with mum.

I like hanging out with mum.
We enjoyed a nice afternoon together.
Purrfect, even if it was a bit muggy!!
Mum says we might see some rain  for
the rest of the week but no major
storms or heavy rains.
That suits us just fine.

Friday 14 July 2023

Random thoughts with Julie

Julie: It is overcast this morning  but I wanted to 
go outside for a bit.

I did not stay out long as I had to remind mum to put
up my blog post!

    Mum will be abandoning me for a day
as she is going to a family wedding.

Monday 10 July 2023

Julie says life is good.


Julie: Yesterday was a pretty quiet day.
Mum was on the porch reading and she opened
the door for me. It was nice to look out and smell that 
nice fresh air.

That fresh air does things to a cat!

It tends to make a cat feel sleepy. 
I did not fight that feeling!

I had a good snooze and mum had a good read.
Life is pretty good.

Friday 7 July 2023

I relax, but mum is lazy!

Julie: So, mum is a bit lazy at times.
That means she did not get the picture program
loaded and had to use ones from the internet.
She is not familiar with them and it shows!
Oh least she got a picture of me  to post!

She also caught a picture of this Blue Jay just 
hanging around the yard looking for something 
to eat. Well, we are all looking for something to eat...right!

I will have to remind mum to get a programme  she likes on the 
computer soon. A cat wants to look good you know!!
I'll keep you posted.

Monday 3 July 2023

Grass is high and rain is coming!

Julie: I got to go outside for a bit 
It was pretty nice. The grass was not! It is too high!
Mum needs to mow it before I get lost in the tall blades.

This week is not looking good for grass cutting.
There is lots of rain in the forecast.
It started Sunday night and while it may stop 
by Wednesday, the temps will be high!
That will most likely be accompanied by high
humidity. Yuck!!!

 Good thing the house is cooler...for now.
We are not looking forward to hot sticky weather!
Maybe the rain will help, but I will not be going 
out in the rain! It's wet!