Monday 30 January 2023

I see Big Birds!

Julie: Gee! I see ducks!
They must be after the seeds Mum puts out.
No matter what the weather they stop by.
This Winter has not been too bad as the
temps have not been too cold and we have not
had bad snowstorms.

I like looking at them as they are so big.
Way bigger than Chickadees!

Still I would like to go out and see them.

Mum says I cannot go out. Darn!
May as well have a bite to eat then.


Friday 27 January 2023

Going to the Vet in the rain?!!

Julie: See this picture? 
Well it was raining outside!
That did not stop the ducks from coming over though.
They really like the birdseed.

So, why am I screaming?
Because mum took me out in the rain!
She took me to the Vet!
OK, maybe it was not pouring, and I was covered,
but still!

OK! I survived the visit with the Vet.
They stole some of my blood!

 Later when I got home, they called
to tell me that everything looked great.
Sheesh!!! I could have told them that!!
I demanded and got a treat for my ordeal.
Needless to say, I got one!!
 Now I need a good long nap!

Monday 23 January 2023

Snow,Snow go away...

Julie: On Friday we got a big snowstorm.

I must go look out of the kitchen

The storm has started!
This was taken at 9:42AM

This pic taken at 9:43AM

 This picture taken at 11:16PM

Taken at 12:16PM

Later after supper the snow slowed
 then stopped.
On Saturday morning ,this was the view.


Sunday was pretty nice too. 
Tuesday, snowflurries 
Friday-sun and cloud
All I can say is that the grass better be 
super tasty when Spring comes!!!!!
55 days but who's counting 😼

Friday 20 January 2023

I love getting brushed!!!!

Julie: Gee, I wonder if I can get mum to give me
some brushes with the Zoom Groom.
I really like brushings, They feel so good
and gets rid of loose fur. I also like 
the massage it gives me!

 OK! Take the pics and let's get to the brushing
part! You know I love brushings!!!

OK Julie. I have your pictures so now come the 
Zoom groom fun.

MOL!!! I do have mum well trained, but she knows
I like getting brushed and she likes to make me 
happy! We both win 😉

I had my 2nd chemo on Wednesday and it went well.
Mum and I are very happy about that!

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Chemo Day

Julie: We has a lot of rain yesterday.
This morning it was overcast but not raining
so mum put out the birdseed.
As you can see, it did not take for the
ducks to come up for a  snack.

This morning is sunny but I will not see to much
of it as I have my 2nd  chemo today.
I hope things go well like last time.
I will be spending my day  with the Vet.

I will be glad when this day is over!

 I'll let you know how it goes!

Monday 16 January 2023

Wacky weather!

Julie: Ooooooo! Looks like this is a good day to
be an indoor cat!

We had some snow and freezing rain!
Mum said it was pretty crunchy when she went out to 
fill the bird feeders.
She also puts seeds on the ground for the ducks that 
come over.

All I know is that I do not like wet or cold or snow!

 It is going to rain all day. There might even
                                                          be some thunder and lightening! 
                                             By midweek, it will start getting colder again.
                                            We might even have a bit of snow by the week's end !
                                               Gee, even the weather is crazy and can't make up
                                                 it's mind! As I say, a good day to stay indoors
           where it is warm and cozy!
Hmmmm, maybe a belly rub from mum!

63 more days until Spring!!!!!!

Friday 13 January 2023

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!!

Julie: Today is one of my favourite days!
Friday the 13th!!!!
For many this means Bad Luck!

   OK, so for some it may be unlucky,
but for me it is a celebration of Black Cats!
                                                 It is a day to celebrate our shiny black furs!
We are not bad luck, we are just cats!
I will, however, take any opportunity to show off my furs.

Mum says my furs are silky soft.
I say she needs to pet me lots because it feels good.
So does getting brushed!

 So, Happy Friday the 13th!
Have a great day.

Be careful because, you never know what will happen...!


Monday 9 January 2023

Just hanging out, waiting for Spring!

Julie:  Oops! You caught me cleaning my nose!

There, this is a bit better and less rude...MOL!
Just hanging out, As you can see, the furs on my
left let are growing back. I went into the Vet
on Thursday for a blood test and it was good. 

My next chemo is Jan 18.
I am going to make sure mum spoils me lots
this week! I don't think I will have to try too
hard though! MOL!
We have been having fun just hanging out.

 We finally got some snow that stayed!
It was about 6cm(3in~)

With rain forecast for tomorrow, the snow may not last.
I don't mind since there is no grass, I do not want to do out!
I will stay inside where it is warm and make sure I get
plenty of belly rubs and brushings!
I like having mum around to hang out with me! 
With about 70 days to Spring, that means a lot of belly rubs!!!

How is your Monday going?

Friday 6 January 2023

Birthday and Snow(ish)

Julie: On Wednesday, mum had a birthday.
She went out to lunch with her sisters.
Mum has 3 sisters. She had FUN and for dessert
she had cake!

Yesterday. we got some snow. 
It was very light as it was mixed with freezing rain.
Mum said it was crunchy when she went out to fill
the birdfeeders.

The ducks really like the seeds mum puts on the
These are the boys. The girls came later.

I enjoyed a nice nap in my cozy while mum was
doing things around the house.
This is also a nice place for snoozing.
I like snoozing too. MOL!

If we are lucky we might see some sun on Sunday.
It will still be cool outside but I will be
cozy indoors!
Purrs you all have a great weekend!!

Monday 2 January 2023

Julie Thoughts

Julie: Well, it's a new year. All the festivities are over
and we are into a new year.

As a cat, none of that matters to me.
All I know is that mum is with me all the time,
I get my food and lots of scritches 
and belly rubs.

I am a happy cat. Mum is pretty happy too as she is
lucky to be spending all her days (and nights)
with me!

 I think that is a win-win  for both of us!

Sunday 1 January 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

Julie: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

 Purrs 2023 will be a pawsome year for