Monday 29 July 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: I am in the kitchen checking Tillie's bowl.
She did not finish all her crunchies ! Yum!!

What do you mean I need to watch my weight?
That's your job Mom!

 Mmmmmmmmmmmm!! That was good.
Now to hang out on the porch.

JJ is relaxing here and if you look carefully
at the box, you can see Tillie's ear.

Treasure enjoyed a nap in the living room.

 Mom spent some of the weekend helping Moe and Mindy's
human brother,TallSon and his girlfriend move.
They are packed up and ready to go!

Now all the boxes are in the new place. This apartment has
two floors! That is more space. We think it would be fun
to have stairs. We live on one level.
Mom did not bring any empty boxes home!
Can you believe that?

We did spend Sunday on the porch.
Tillie demonstrated  a big yawn.
Want to see it?
Go to House Panthers.

Friday 26 July 2013

Things Seen Around Our Place

Georgia: Hi friends. It has been a busy week here and we 
have some neat pics to show you.

I must warn you, the other pics are not as cute as my pics!!

 Monday night was a full moon and Mom took this picture 
through a tree in the yard.

 The moon in the sky was surrounded by some cloud.
That did not show up as well as the bright moon.

 That moon has some pretty neat markings,
but I think mine are much prettier !

Mom gets up very early to go to work. She happened to
look out the window and saw that Roxy Raccoon brought
her kits with her for breakfast! This was the first time 
Mom got to see the babies.

The sun was not quite up, so Mom was not sure if she could
 get decent pictures. She had to lighten them  so you can see, 
but they are not too blurry. These critters are kinda cute.

When it started to get lighter, Roxy called her kits and 
they headed home. There are lots of trees around here.
They seem to like our place,just like Stray Kitty.

Hope you all have a fun weekend !!

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Mom and Auntie and #1 from the Poupounette !

On Sunday, Mom and Auntie N went to visit 
a very special person, #1 form the pawsome blog
Here is a pic of Mom and #1

This is Auntie N  and #1

Mom came home with a super bag of goodies from  Tama,Bibi,
Sei, Genji, Tommy, Vidock, Violette and #1 !
Julie is already picking a toy to play with.

Looks like she got it too !

Tiger also had some fun.

Georgia wanted to play while in her cozy  place.

She had fun with that toy!!!

JJ was all over it!

Tillie wanted to play in her box !

She was anticipating it!!

Checking out more toys!


We also got to sample some freeze dried turkey bites.
They were pawsome!!!!!

 Even Stray Kitty got some.

 He liked them too !

 Even Mom got a treat...chocolate!!!!!!
She did NOT share!!
Can you believe that?
What do you mean it's not good for us?
Wait Mom, are you purring as you eat that bar?

Mom says meeting a fellow blogger was such fun.
We hope that it will happen again and that  there
will be more bloggers. We can think of some that 
are kinda close :)

Monday 22 July 2013

Our Prize Package from Sparkle !!

Hi friends!! Julie here to show you this pawsome package
send to us by the lovely Sparkle, the Designer Cat!
We entered a contest and we won !!!!!

Oh boy! Look at all this stuff!  Smells good too !

Some kitties loved the toys in this tin.
Sparkle is pretty cool.

JJ can't wait to check out the toys!

Georgia has one of the felt toys from the tin.
She says it smells like catnip!!

 As you can see, she loves it!
Tillie is very curious, so Mom gave her one too.

Tillie likes her toy a lot!!
She is being watched, but will not give up her toy. 
 You can see more of  Tillie playing at House Panthers.

Tillie was checking out Sparkles  lovely card.
Yes, that IS Sparkle on the front!

You can see more playing with the prize toys  by
Tillie and Julie at House Panthers.

Next post, we will have a special guest!!!!!!!!

Friday 19 July 2013

Finally Friday

Tillie are you going to snooze all weekend?

Yes JJ, I just might do that.
Mom says she will be busy this weekend!
Tell our friends why Georgia.

You are right Tillie. Mom  will be busy with Auntie Bean

visiting with this bean from the Poupounette blog.
You all know her as #1 and she will be in Nova Scotia
this weekend!! Very exciting!!

Mom and Auntie Bean may also visit this island in Halifax Harbour
It is called George's Island.

Doing these things will keep Mom busy, so we may as well
do some quality snoozing this weekend until Mom gets back
then we can demand some scritches and treats!!!!!
We purr you all have a fun weekend too !

Monday 15 July 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia and Mom is Back!

Hi! Georgia here. I am ever so happy because Mom
is back from vacation!! Now I can get all the scritches I 
missed. I will sleep better too and I will have a little nap 
knowing all is right with my world.

Mom is still having some computer/electrical issues.
Maybe it is the modem.Lucky thing we got a new one
to hook up.

Even though it is hot, it is cooler inside and this sun feels

I love having Mom around !

Tillie is also happy as she gets to sleep in her box
on the porch!

Julie was on the porch too and loved it and Mom .

JJ is looking forward to scritches too.

Treasure was relaxing on the porch too.
He is always ready for scritches too !

While Tiger is happy Mom is home, she is ready for a snack!
Hurry up Mom !!

Stray Kitty was  happy to see Mom and he was relaxed
enough to have a snooze on the deck!
While Mom was visiting one of her cousins, she met her
cousin's kitty Lefko. His name is Greek for white.
Lefko's human Dad is from Cyprus.
Mom said he was very friendly.

This handsome kitty(can you believe Mom forgot his name? )
followed Mom and her sisters around her cousin's place.
Mom's cousin said kitty is due for major grooming!!
Bet kitty does not know ,heehee.

Want to see some horses?
Mom has them and others at House Panthers.
Pop over to see them and more  Tillie and Julie.