Monday 27 June 2022

Happy Monday from Julie!


Julie: As you can see, I am getting a little bit
used to Auntie's place.
I still find is strange compared to the quiet of the home 
mum and I shared. I am used to it being
quiet all day and then just Mum and I.
This  place is pretty cool though.
The windows have cool views.
I can see people walking up and down the street

I must admit that I am still nervous and like to
hang out in my bedroom.
For a change, I like to sit in the chair in Auntie's room.
I am most comfy hanging out on the bed in my room.

I have been used to a quiet home when Mum was at work.
Now that she is home all the time and we
are in a new place, I am a taking my time to explore.
Mum would like me to be out and about more,
but I will do that at my own pace. Have a pawsome week!!

Friday 24 June 2022

Happy Friday with Julie


Julie: Hi friends and Happy Friday to you!
Mum and I are staying with Auntie and I am
slowly getting used to this place.
As long as mum is here, I am happy.

 I am still nervous of this place and I spend 
a lot of time in the bedroom.

When I need a break, I go into Auntie's
                                                             room. It is at the top of the stairs.
                                                          She has a nice chair just inside the door
                                                          and I can see who is going up and down 
                                                          the stairs. Uncle is here too and I am not as sure
                                                        about him, but that will take time ;)

                                                      I am still adjusting to this place. I think it
                                                 will take a while for me to be really comfy here.
                                                        I love having mum around all the time!

Mum got a new laptop when she retired.
She was using her desktop.
It is taking her some time to get used to  posting 
from the laptop and the keyboard functions.
Good that I am not the only one making adjustments!
Anyway we are both happy.
Have a pawsome weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 17 June 2022

Happy Friday from Julie

Julie: Hi friends! As you can see, I am still at Aunties place.
Mum and I are enjoying it here.
I am still exploring and enjoying myself.
I am upstairs and have explored the downstairs when it is 
quiet, often early in the morning. As we expect to be here a long time
I imagine I will get braver.

I already found a comfy place for afternoon naps.
This chair is in Aunties room.It has a nice soft
blanket that makes for good napping.


                                                         I think I will enjoy a few more naps.
                                                          Have a good weekend!!!!!


Friday 10 June 2022

Relaxing on Friday with Julie

 Hi, Julie here again.
I am still am still staying with Auntie Nina and Mum.
I am a bit nervous as I am not used to this place.
I did do some exploring this morning though.
I went downstairs and looked around.
My place  is one level so the stairs are new to me. 
It was fun, but I like my room  and the upstairs places best.
Have a FUN weekend!!!!


Monday 6 June 2022

It's Me, Julie and I'm Back !

Julie: It  has been a while since I was here!
A lot has happened too.
Mum retired and now she is with me ALL the time!!!!!!
I am really liking that.
Well, we both are enjoying that. MOL!!!!
I am getting used to being at Auntie's place
and I am a bit nervous as I do not like new places.
It may take a while for me to be comfy but as long
as mum is with me it will be OK!!
Not too sure how long we will be here, but that
is OK too.
As long as I am with mum my world is a happy one.
Now, I need to catch up with all of you, my friends!!!!!

                                                MOL, Mum got a laptop when she retired and has

                                                to figure out the keyboard functions. 

                                                  All I care about is being back on the blog!