Monday 27 April 2020

Happy Monday from Georgia and Julie!

Georgia: Happy Monday friends! How are you doing?
We are still hanging out and having fun with mum!
WE like that a lot too.

Julie: I must admit, I do agree with Georgia.
That does not happen all the time.

We have been enjoying Window TV.
These pretty finches were enjoying some seeds.
Usually the squirrels are there . They tend
to hog it a lot!

Mr Groundhog tends to visit  a lot.Here he is  on 
a sunny day.

Here is is on an overcast day.
He seems to like our yard.

Friday 24 April 2020

Happy Friday!

Georgia: We've had a pretty quiet week.
We also got lots of scritches and cuddles.
We can get used to having mum around!!

Julie: Georgia is right. I DO like having mum at home!
Belly rubs and cuddles all day long!!
What's not to like?
I get plenty of lap time when mum reads 
her books too.

We are looking forward to a nice sunny weekend.
We wish you ALL a happy and safe weekend.
Be kind to one another.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Sadness in Nova Scotia


Dimitri Neonakis, the pilot who flew the plane in a heart shaped pattern over the area where the shooting took place. This flight pattern was captured on radar.This image was used from a Facebook post.
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I did not know this man that committed this horrible act.
I did pass his denture clinic every morning on the way to work.
I have no words to describe the horror he has committed.
This is not who Nova Scotians are.
I wish peace to all  who were affected.
Nancy , with Georgia and Julie

Monday 20 April 2020

Another Monday in Lockdown

Georgia: Happy Monday friends.
We are still enjoying having mum at home, but we
have not gotten used to the picture taking.
Sounds silly after all these years, but there it is.
Oh well, mum likes a challenge.

Julie: Not too much is going on at the moment.

I just like hanging out here on this fuzzy mat.
I can relax and keep an eye on what mum is doing.
I also get lots of scritches too!

The other day, mum saw this deer in the yard.

The deer realized she was there and started to run!

Deer: You're not going to chase me are you?
Mum: Nope! Just want to take pictures of you.

Things are pretty quiet here and as a result we
get to see more wildlife. Mum likes that as she is often
 away at work. Being home allows her to see
all the friends that visit our yard.

Friday 17 April 2020

Happy Friday!

Georgia: I love having mum home a lot.
I get brushings that I love and scritches too.
It's fun to get them on demand.

Mum has seen Mr Groundhog in the yard.
He is super nervous so mum can only take
his picture in stealth mode.
He was enticed by some seed that mum put out.

Mum spent some of the day attacking these super 
thorny branches. She needs to get rid of them 
before they bloom and the leaves come out.
Spring is the best time for yard work.

Julie: I need to wash my face so you all can see 
how lovely I am.

I wouldn't want to greet you with a dirty face!

We purr you all have a Happy Friday!!
Make sure to wash your paws and have
FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 13 April 2020

Signs of Spring with Julie

We love Spring! The snow is gone, the days are
getting longer and warmer too.
Mrs Earla the Squirrel is also showing  that she is
ready for Spring. 

You can see her gathering the dried grass
in our yard.

She will be making a new fresh nest.
Chances are that there will  be new squirrels  soon
to run around the yard.
Too bad we cannot go out to chase them, 
 but then we never go out. Dang!

We stay indoors and nap like Georgia

Or we lay on the floor, look cute, and get belly rubs!
I love belly rubs!

What do you like about Spring?

Monday 6 April 2020

Georgia and Julie Checking In

Georgia: Hi friends!! Thought it was about time to check in.
We have been enjoying having mum home all the time.
She has been amusing herself  with cleaning and 
dispensing scritches and belly rubs.
We kinda like having her around

Julie: I know I love having mum around.
As you can see, I have a great place for fining too.

What? I never said I was a neat eater!
Besides, I have some great Critter TV  to enjoy.

See? The groundhog came by to see what was for eating.
He was there a while, so ne must have found something.

Guess what else we saw? Deer!!!
These pictures were taken on April Fool's Day.
We got fooled with some snow!
Thank goodness it's all gone now.

These pictures are not great because mum had to 
be in super stealth mode.These 3 young ones were 
pretty skittish even though mum was indoors.
Well, that and the dirty windows.

They look nice, but they are way bigger than me!

Kinda glad to be an indoor cat.
There are lots of critters outside our place!