Monday 31 August 2020


Julie: Oooooooooo!
Sometimes I wish I could go outdoors!

Mum says that it is safer inside.

There are too many things outdoors that could hurt me.

I am pretty sure I could take care of myself...maybe

But ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I would love

to chase that duck!!!!

Or maybe just say Hi.


I guess I will have to be happy indoors.
It's not so bad. That's where the treats are and mum gives
really good scritches.

Friday 28 August 2020

Finally Friday !

Julie: I like to sit here and look out on the backyard deck.
Very often I see squirrels. I would love to chase them,
but mum says no. I say darn!


Sometimes, I like to sit here after supper.
Mum will often give me some treats. She calls it desert.
Hurry up mum! I like treats!!!

 We are going to have a quiet weekend just hanging
out together. I like that!!!
Mum can read her books and I can curl up in her lap.
That makes me happy and it is also FUN !!!

I purr you all have a FUN weekend.

I also want to thank all  that have commented on 
the 13th Blogoversary post.
It has been quite a good time even if I was not there at
the beginning. I look forward to doing my bit 
to keep it going.
BIG purrs, Julie

Monday 24 August 2020

13th Blogoversary !

Julie: 13 years ago today, Mickey the Black Cat
started this blog. This was the first picture.

Now there is just me...Julie, also a black cat.

The ones who came before...






Mum loved all thes cats and still misses all of them💔

Will there be others...who knows...

Friday 21 August 2020

Fiinally Friday!

Julie: Mum was giving me some treats and wanted me to pose.

I looked left...

I looked right.

I  ate the treats.


Still don't like having my picture taken!!

 like giving mum a hard time and making her work for pictures.

It's FUN!!!!!!!!!!! 

I purr you all have FUN this weekend too !!!!! 



Monday 17 August 2020

Lazy Monday with Julie

Julie: What a weekend.
Mum was going to be away all weekend(Friday to Sunday)
She was going to her sister's to watch her nephew get married.
This was done over the internet!!!
Anyway, mum decided to take me along.
She would miss me she said.

I must admit, I would miss mum too. I like being with her.
It was a good weekend, but I am so happy to be home.
I am tired and so I will spend the day napping.

There was a glitch(video) during the ceremony,but the audio was good.
 The rest of the festivities were  fine.
I am tired after the travel so I am catching up on my sleep.
Mum is at work,heehee.
Happy Monday!!


Friday 14 August 2020

Finally Friday!!

Julie: Why do I have to look at the camera?
Mum: Well, your friends might want to see your face.
It is polite after all.

Julie: Really? My friends want to see me?!!
Mum: Well, when you visit your friends, don't you like to see 
their faces?
Julie:  Oooooooo ! You're right!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hi everycat and purrson and all others!!!!
Happy Friday!!

 I hope you all have a FUN weekend!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mum is excited!
New Blogger is acting like "old Blogger" 
Mum didn't have to try and figure things out.
They must have listened to the complaints and fixed them.
Hope it's not a fluke ;)

Monday 10 August 2020

Julie's Weekend and Rocky pays a Visit

We wish to thank our friends for these amazing
tributes to our dear Georgia.

Ingrid from "Meezer's Mews and Terrieristical Woofs

Ann Adamus  from

Julie:It was pretty hot this weekend so I did a lot  of lazing around.
Here on the porch...

and here in the kitchen

On Saturday night we saw Rocky Raccoon in our yard!!!
Rocky: Hey lady!!!! This feeder is empty!!!!

No labels today, mum is not up to fighting with this new blogger.

WE accidently deleted the origional post :/

Friday 7 August 2020

Georgia is Gone

Georgia: September 2003- August 2020
 My sweet,beautiful gentle girl is gone.

Monday 3 August 2020

Happy Birthday Halifax!

                                   Georgia: Is it time to get up and why are you home on a Monday mum?
Mum: Well, today is our city's birthday and we call it Natal Day.
                                                                        I am off today. 
                                   Georgia: WooHoo!! I like when you are home. Guess I should get up!


                 Julie: You are staying home?                                            Oh boy! Treats,belly rubs ,porchtime,treats!!
 Yeah Hoo!!!!!

Mum: Cats, easy to please sometimes !!