Friday 29 October 2021

Monday 25 October 2021

Views From My Window

Julie: When I look out this window I can see the 
effects of Fall. The leaves are changing colour
and they look pretty.

The leaves in these trees have turned yellow.
In front is some of the tall grasses mum likes.
They are taller than her!
I do lot eat that king of grass!

Across from the driveway we see more pretty leaves.

The leaves on this Burning Bush are quite red.
They are quite vibrant and pretty.

Though Fall means the days are getting cooler and shorter,
it is a pretty time of year.
That means all the tasty grass will gone be gone too...darn!

Friday 22 October 2021

Julie's Vet Visit

Julie: Mum kidnapped me!
She put me in the PTU and we went to the Vet!

I was not too happy.
However, after the exam, the Vet said she
was happy  that I was doing well!
She said my teeth looked really good!
While I did not like her taking my blood and pee
I am glad it made her and mum happy.
The Vet will call mum with the results of
the pee sample and blood sample.

 The best part, we were not there too long 
and I came back home and had a good
Whew! I am glad that is over with!!
Now I can enjoy the weekend .
That will be FUN!!!!

Monday 18 October 2021

Checking the grass by the Birdfeeder Tree

Julie: Here I am in the jungle!
OK, I'm really in the yard surrounded by
the goutweed that grows very well here.

This tree is where mum hangs the birdfeeder.
It is very popular with the birds, squirrels and even the
raccoons sometimes!

I am also noticing that the air is getting cooler.
The days are getting shorter and cooler.

Pretty soon the grass will go away!!
Oh no! I need to eat lots before it disappears!
The mum: Don't worry Julie, it will be a while before
the grass turns brown!

Whew! That's a good thing!!!!
I am not too fond of this cooler weather
and I do like my grass!


Friday 15 October 2021

Curiosity Gets You in the Cat House!

Julie: Last night I went outside for my taste of grass.
It was not as good as the grass in Summer.

I moved  away from my normal spot near the ramp.

I sampled more grass. As you can see, things are starting
to turn brown. The ferns are really brown.
But I wanted to see if there was better grass.

I went past the stump and that is a no-no!
Beyond the stump are the stairs that lead down to 
the road. Mum stomped her foot !
That scared me so I came running to the house!
Mum says the weather is changing and there will not
be anymore new grass. She also said I cannot go out if I 
wander away. She mentioned the word harness.

 I am not sure I will like a harness, but if I want to go out
I may need one. This is a good time to get ideas oh what 
type of harness to get.
What do you think  makes a good harness?
Will it be FUN ?
I guess it may have to be if I want to go outside!

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Birds and a Cat

Julie: Looking through the railings from the ramp.

This Blue Jay likes the sunflower seeds in the feeder.

He likes them a lot!!

Me, I like the sunshine!

It feels SO good on my black furs!!

It was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.
Mum and I were at mum's sister's place and it was FUN!
I am happy to be home though, relaxing on my porch!

Friday 8 October 2021

Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada!!!!

Julie: Gee,  it's only 7PM and look at how dark
it is already! I moss the Summertime with it's
long, warm evenings!

Don't worry mum, I'm not going far.
I just want to have a few blades of grass.

You know, this would be easier if you mowed the grass!

Oh well, these look like tasty blades!

Yum!!! Long grass or not, it still tastes good!

 I am thankful that I have a yard where I can go out
and eat some grass and be safe. Mum always watches me
so I never go far. .
Because it is getting dark earlier now.
I did not stay out very long.

I am thankful too that it is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.
That means I get an extra day with mum!
You just know that will be FUN!!!

Monday 4 October 2021

Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me!

Julie: I was a tad naughty yesterday.
I walked s little way  from the ramp.

There were just so many things I wanted to see!

Mum stomped her foot and that always scares me!
I came running!!!

I had to go inside for a bit.
Mum did let me out again though.

Mum, I really will try to be good!
OK Julie, but I am going to keep a closer eye on you.

 I was good too!
It's hard to be otherwise when mum is watching you!

Friday 1 October 2021

Friday Views with Julie

Julie: From the windows in my place, I often have
some pretty good views.
I can watch the Chickadees eating the sunflower
seeds in the feeder.

I also see Mourning Doves and Blue Jays
eating the seeds mum puts out .

I like my view of the deck at the back of the house,

but I like the front of the house best!

That is where the good grass is and  you know how
much I love grass!
It is also where the birdfeeders are as well.
I have great views from the kitchen window
and can see the feeders.
Best of all, I like that I can get out for some grass!!!

 Yes! Being outside is FUN!!!!
It is the weekend so you know that will be FUN! 
as mum will be home!!!!
Happy Weekend!