Friday 30 January 2015

Finally Friday

Georgia: Well the weekend is here again and we are happy.
Mom says we will have more snow, but only a little bit.
That's good as she  will be available to snuggle with us.
JJ and I are keeping the blanket on the chair warm.

Treasure is nearby waiting for some cuddles too.

Julie is getting her furs warm from the warm air
vent so she will be nice and warm when Mom picks her up
for a hug. Julie loves hugs.

We are looking forward to the weekend snuggles.
We purr you all have a cozy weekend too!

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Pictures of the Big Snow Storm

Julie: On Monday we showed you pictures of our yard
 before the big snowstorm.

 This is what our yard looked like after the snow.
We got about 15 cm( about 5-6 inches)

In spite of the storm, the mourning doves came and 
spent some time sitting in the tree!
Mom did keep putting out food for the birds during
the storm.

The ducks also discovered that there was food
at our place!

Even Earl managed to get a good feed even if he had to 
dig in the snow for them.

Apologies to the Trout Talkin Tabbies for the bird pics :)

Monday 26 January 2015

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hi friends,how are you doing?

I'm just laying on this cozy blankie.
It is nice and soft, so if you want to join me come on!

This past weekend we saw Earl the Squirrel eating lots
 of sunflower seeds. He even buried a few.

Mom puts our cracked corn for the mourning doves, but
it seems the ducks like it too.

See those dots?
Those are ducks wintering on the lake that is down the hill 
and across the street from us.
 It does not take long for them to find food.

Last week we showed you the snow on these lights and
branches. We had lots of rain this weekend.
Now, we are going to get a big storm on Tuesday.

This is our yard today.
We will show you the yard after the snow comes.

Julie was in the kitchen.

Why not see what she was doing at House Panthers.

Friday 23 January 2015

Random Picture Friday

Georgia: It's been a pretty quiet week around here.
Nothing exciting happened,just an average week.
I'm just relaxing on the chair. I also like to sleep
on the bed.

JJ is sitting on the edge.Maybe he is waiting for something
to happen, or maybe just looking.

Julie is just sitting on the bookcase.
Maybe she is waiting for a phone call, but from whom?

Treasure is just hanging out.
He is sitting on top of a litter box.
It is in a little nook and he likes that.

Last weekend, Mom saw this sunrise.

Yesterday, we had some snow.
Mom has not taken down the Christmas lights yet.
She is lazy. She did turn them on for this pic though.

 So there you have it. An ordinary week.
Now it is the weekend and we like that.
It means Mom time and scritches.

We hope you all had a good week too and that you have
a FUN weekend !

Monday 19 January 2015

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Our weather lately has been very strange.
Friday we had some rain and then wet snow.
Saturday the temperature dropped and it was very cold!
Sunday was warmer,sunny at first,then cloudy.
Today is rainy.
Winter is having a hard time deciding how to act .
We would say, give us more sunshine.

JJ would love more sun and more time on the porch.

Treasure would like sunshine too.

Julie would like sun and warmth on the porch.
However, she made good use of this windowsill.

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Friday 16 January 2015

Getting Artsy with Treasure

Mom was on the porch one sunny day and saw Treasure 
sitting on the windowsill inside the house.

There was a lot of reflection from the porch door
on the window because of the sun. It gave Mom
some ideas.
Here, the door frame centres Treasure's face in shade.

Mom used her hand to block the sun.
This is a cat in the hand.

Give your purrson a camera and they might get artsy with it.
We would like to see your pics.
Have a fun weekend too!

Monday 12 January 2015

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Yesterday was sunny and the porch was warm.
Mom asked why I was not on the porch.

I said I was on the porch for a while, but I like this
soft ,cozy blanket  indoors better.
I have it all to myself when the others are on the porch.

JJ loves to soak up the sun.

Then he can have a bath.

Sometimes Treasure likes to sit on this sill overlooking
the porch. Mom took some "artsy" pics with 
Treasure and this window. We will share them
in another post.

Julie loves the sun. Those black furs just soak
up the heat  and she gets really warm.

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Friday 9 January 2015

Oh How We Love a Sunny Porch!

Georgia: It has been a very cold week!
We had temperatures ranging from -18C to -12C*
with wind chills making it feel like -25C !*
Needless to say, we have not had much time on the porch.
I remember how nice the porch is. I wanted to relax.
Mom wanted pictures.

I lay down.

I gave Mom the"go away now" eye,

and decided to snooze anyway.
Your person tends to go away when you close your eyes.
They like to be able to see your eyes.

 JJ spent some time sitting here before going off
 to another spot to have a nap.

Even Julie enjoyed the sunbeams.

She likes to sit here and look out the window.

Treasure likes to be dramatic.
He is sitting in a sunbeam with the darkened room behind.

Where do you like to catch the sunbeams?
Where ever it is, we purr you have fun!
Happy weekend friends!

* -12C =10F
-18C = -0.4F
-25C  = -13F 

Monday 5 January 2015

Georgia Enjoys a Sunny Porch

Georgia: On look! A brush!

Mom, you know how much I love to be brushed!

You ARE going to brush me...right?

This little raspberry is for you if you don't.

Mom! This is a bigger raspberry!
I want brushes!

You just need to be firm with your purrson!
I got my brushes!

Just look what we got on Sunday!
A bunch of snow and then it rained.
That makes the snow heavy to move.
Mom has to move some of it because it will be cold for
the rest of the week and the snow will freeze.
When that happens, you cannot move it.
I'll watch her from the comfort of a nice warm window ledge.
I love being indoors.

Julie has fun this weekend too!
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