Monday 31 August 2015

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Georgia: Hi there! As you can see, I am on the porch
having a nice time relaxing. It is comfy and warm.
Those are good ingredients for Summer snoozing.

JJ has already discovered this and is well on his 
way to a good snooze.

Our furcousin Cookie is staying in the bathroom.
It is the safest place for him as he is mostly blind.
He is waiting for mom to give him scritches. 

Mom saw our other furcousin Mike  on the ESS early
in the morning and took his pic.

In the afternoon when it was getting close to suppertime,
 he was in the kitchen hoping to convince mom to hurry up 
and  feed him . Like us, Mike loves to eat!

Back on the porch, Treasure is looking very intently at something!

It was Julie, snoozing in a box!

Want to see what else Julie did this weekend?

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Friday 28 August 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today we remember some family members that have
crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
We are sad that they are gone,but thankful
they were in our life.

Zee & Zoey have created a very special day to honor and 
remember those cherished pets we have lost but not forgotten"
 ~ Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day ~ 

Our blog founder Mickey.
He and Mom were best friends for almost 18 years.
He was a great friend and a kind and gentle cat.
We miss your easy manner and friendship.

Mickey loved his grass, and Mom liked picking
it for him. She fed it to him a blade at a time.
He had her trained well.

He loved looking out windows and enjoying wiffies.

He liked to participate in "Meow Like a Pirate Day"

But his biggest joy was his dear Miss Peach.

We miss our sweet Tiger.
She was a sweet girl and quite a talker too.

A spirited kitty with lots of Tortitude!

She enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest.
We miss you and love  Tiger.
She crossed her Bridge in her 18th year.

This is Moxie and he crossed his Bridge in his 3rd year
just months  before we started blogging.
He was a cute little imp and had a big hold on Mom.

Moxie was a littermate of Tillie and Georgia.
It was pretty hard to get over his passing as he was
quite a character!

The last in our remembrance is the hardest.
Our dear sister Tillie. She crossed her Bridge in her 10th year.
She had a big hold on Mom's heart and still does.
She was sweet,a Diva, demanding of Mom's 
attention and a silly girl at times.

She loved boxes no matter what the size!

Like all of us, she loved "Meow Like a Pirate Day" too! 
Here she is with JJ and Tiger.

Mom had a special bond with Tillie as she does with 
pretty much all black cats.Tillie wanted to be near
 Mom all the time too. In  many ways  she still is.
Mom thinks about her all the time and still misses her.

We miss all of our siblings.
We are glad we had the time with them that we did.
We will always remember them.

To all others remembering a special friend, we send you
love,hugs, purrs and we share tears as well.

"Part of Me..."

I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too.
I think of you in silence. I often say your name.
But all I have are memories and your picture in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake, with which I'll never part.
God has you in His keeping. I have you in my heart.
I shed tears for what might have been. A million times I've cried.
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place, no one can ever fill.
It broke my heart to lose you, but you didn't go alone.
For part of me went with you, the day God took you home.

-Author unknown

Monday 24 August 2015

Our 8th Blogoversary !

Today we celebrate  our 8th year of blogging!
We thought it would be good to share some memories.

Our very first post was Aug 24, 2007 and featured
the blog founder Mickey, The Black Cat.
Our first commentor was our frucousins Team Tabby.
The next day, we had Daisy ,the Curly Cat(on FB now)

We continued to get used to blogging and meeting so many new friends.
Mickey found love with the lovely Miss Peach and on
You can see more at the Wedding Blog.

In  March of 2010, we revealed that there were actually 
3 more kitties living with us. We do not have a good reason
 why we waited so long to include them, but we are
glad we finally did.
Here is Tiger.

And here are JJ and Treasure.

 In July of 2012, we adopted Julie.
She was rescued from the great outdoors.
She is now very happy as an indoor kitty(as we all are).

Some years were sad, when we lost good friends, and our own
siblings. We said goodbye to Mickey in 2011, 
Tillie in 2013 and Tiger in 2014.
We still miss them 

Winter of 2015 is a season we will not forget.
At least Mom won't as it was the year of lots
and lots of SNOW!
Mom wore out her shovel trying to keep up with
all the storms. She was lucky that neighbours had
machines to help out.
We kitties were cozy and warm inside!

On hot days like we are having now, it is good to
remember what we had a few months ago.

We look forward to more years of blogging and meeting new
friends. We think that as long as there are kitties(and critters)
 there will be blogs! 
Thank You for being a part of our journey!

Julie is happy today too.

See her at House Panthers.
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Friday 21 August 2015

Finally Friday

Georgia: Mom says we will have showers all weekend.
While we will get porch time, it's not as fun without
the sun. It will be a great time to catch up on 
lots of snoozing though!

JJ and Treasure have already started the snooze fest!

So has Julie!

Our furcousin Mike is still thinking about where to snooze.

Cookie loves to get brushies.

He also loves chin scritches.
What kitty doesn't?

WE purr you all have lots of FUN this weekend!

Monday 17 August 2015

Georgia- I'm On the Porch, but Not Relaxed

Georgia: I am on the porch but as you can see I am
not very relaxed. My tail is not relaxed either.

That's because my furcousins Mike and Cookie are 
still here.

I am not sure of them. I am OK with
my siblings  though. These interlopers are not
familiar, so I need to keep an eye on them.

Well, mostly on Mike as he wanders around the place.
Mostly he meows, but he also comes up to me for a 
sniff and I don't like it  because he is not part of
my regular family. There has not been any smacky \paws though.

Cookie, well he is OK as he spends his time in the
bathroom sleeping.

JJ is curious and willing to be friendly.
He pretty much gets on with everycat.

Treasure is nervous about Mike.
But then, he is nervous of his own shadow!

Julie was amusing herself on the porch today.

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Friday 14 August 2015

The Things You See!

Georgia: It's amazing the things you see when you look
out the window. One morning I saw Earl the Squirrel.

I don't think he liked me looking at him.

Putting on a brave face.

Once he determined I wasn't going to chase or eat him,
he proceeded to have a bath!
Lick,lick here,

lick,lick there,

do this tail,

bite this,

fluff up the tail,

What are you lookin' at?


Those squirrels run around so fast I never knew they
stopped to have a bath!
Still, I'd love to chase that Earl!
MOL !!