Friday 30 May 2014

Finally Friday

Georgia: I am so happy we are having a sunny weekend.
It will be warm too.Sunshine rocks!

JJ:  I know I'm sitting on this big box of litter.
It's just a nice place to enjoy those warm sunbeams.

Julie: I love sunshine. Not only does it make my furs hot,
it shows off the dirt on my fur! Heehee!

Treasure: I am looking forward to the weekend. I like sunshine, 
but I like Mom's company more. I like scritches too.

We purr you all have a safe and FUN weekend !

Monday 26 May 2014

Come and Look at This with Georgia

 Georgia: Hey gang! Come and look at this!

JJ: Hey, what is he doing out there. Is he eating?

Mom, did you put food outside ?

Treasure: Oh yeah JJ. 

He looks pretty solid !

 Are you cats talking about an outdoor kitty?

YIKES!!!  You are!

This is  Stray Black Kitty. He has been around before, but is
so shy, he runs away if you look at him. Mom was doing yard 
work yesterday and he watched her for a while at a safe 
distance. Mom was able to talk to him, but she did not try
to approach him.When Mom came in to feed us, 
she put food out for him too. He paused to make sure Mom was
not coming out, and she took his picture.
She thinks he is very nice looking.

Julie: Hmmmmmmm,another black kitty in my yard!

Julie was intrigued by Stray Black Kitty.
Check it out at House Panthers.

Friday 23 May 2014

Finally Friday

Georgia:  Yay, the weekend is here.
Mom has been lazy this week and we have not visited as much
 as we like. There are several other blog related things she has not 
attended to  as well! We hope to fix that this weekend.
We will also enjoy some sunshine on the porch.
It's a cozy place to be on sunny days.

JJ, already picking his spot!

Julie has a love affair with sunbeams on black furs.
Mom says her furs get very hot to touch!

Treasure likes the porch. He likes to be anywhere Mom is.
That is why he loves Mom weekends!

Wew purr you all have a FUN weekend!
Happy LONG weekend to all American kitties
as you observe Memorial Day !

Monday 19 May 2014

Victoria Day and Mom is Home!

Georgia: Oh! I think I heard a car!

That must mean that Mom is home!

YES! Mom is home !

Julie: Mom is Home? Sweet!

Mom was in the valley helping her brother plant these
grape plants .These cuttings are called Chardonnay.
They also planted some Pinot.

Planting in progress.

Lots of help from family.

Today  we also had some special visitors in Halifax.
The Duchess is wearing the Nova Scotia tartan.
As Mom was traveling back here, she did not go to see them.

We wish all Canadian kitties and people a 
Happy Victoria Day !

Friday 16 May 2014

Long Weekend Friday

JJ: This weekend is a long weekend for Mom. 
That is because Monday is Victoria Day.
We like that Mom has  3 days, but she is not spending all of
them with us!

Julie: That's right JJ. Mom is going away overnight to her 
brother's place. She is going with Auntie N.
That will limit my time on the porch and I am not too
happy about that!

 Georgia: Yup that's right. With Mom away overnight, 
we will probably be spending lots of time here.
At least it will be comfy and cozy, but
we will miss Mom.

She is going to her brother's to help him plant more of these.
They are grapevines. These are 4 years old.
They will give a full crop this year, as it takes about 4 years
 for the vines to become established and hardy.

They grow these things called grapes.

The grapes are turned into this stuff called  wine.
Humans like it, but we kitties prefer Niptinis.
This wine is from a Nova Scotia winery called
Benjamin Bridge and they buy the grapes.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, we purr you all
have lots of FUN !

Monday 12 May 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Yesterday  afternoon I was having a nice snooze
 and Mom came and told me that the sun was coming out.
I decided to go out on the porch.

JJ  was behind me  and wanted my attention.
 Something interesting was outside.

I figured I would go and see.

It might be interesting after all.

So JJ!  What is outside that is so interesting?

 Squirrel TV !
Oh that squirrel is so close.

You can see more Squirrel TV with Julie.
She is posting at House Panthers.

Friday 9 May 2014

Finally Friday

Georgia: Another weekend is here again.
We are looking forward to the Mom time, but we really
want some sun time. Today is sunny, but Mom says
the weekend will have mostly rain. Darn!
We do not want rain.

Julie: Yeah! We want sunshine and warmth.
Mom says it will be a bit warmer,just not sunny.
Oh well, we can still play on the porch.

We hope you all have a fun weekend.
We hope all you beans going to BlogPaws take lots of pictures
and share them with us :)
Have Fun!!

Monday 5 May 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia:  We had a really nice weekend.
Not only did we have some sun, it was warm!

I was on the porch again .There was some clouds in the 
sky that covered the sun, but it was still nice.

I am on my way to do some more stretching.

This feels good!!

Mom, if you are going to bother me with that flashy box,
I am going back inside!

We finally have proof Spring is here.
A daffodil in bloom !

Julie also enjoyed the sunshine.
You can see her loving it at House Panthers.

Friday 2 May 2014

What Mom Saw

Georgia:  As you know, I let Mom do a post from time to time.
One day, she went out with her sister and BIL.

They went to this place, Little Harbour.
It is located along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.
It is a place where there are fishing boats.

This fishing boat was in port.

This boat was just coming in.
Good timing Mom.

Getting closer.

Almost here.

Unloading the catch.

On the deck.

Weighing the catch.
See what it is?


Here comes another boat!

Unloading the catch.

 Taking the catch to the fishing shack ans to the
truck for weighing and transport to market.

Here are seagulls hoping for a snack.
They did not get any. 
Neither did we.
Neither did Mom.

We enjoyed a good snooze while Mom was gone.

Mom said we might get some sun on Saturday.
It rained Thursday and today, and will rain Sunday.
We hope it is nice where you live.
Have a fun weekend.