Friday 30 September 2016

Finally Friday!

Georgia: It's finally Friday and I am looking forward to 
lots of mum time.
I am also looking forward to snoozing on the porch!

JJ: I totally agree with Georgia.
The porch is the best place for naps.
It's just off the kitchen.

Julie: Oh you just know I'l be on the porch!
The views,the sun ,the time with mum!
I'm so happy!

Treasure: I'm not sure where I will spend the weekend.
Maybe just trying to avoid that flashy box!

Where ever you choose to spend the weekend, 
we purr you have a FUN one !!

Monday 26 September 2016

The Tooth Fairy Visits Julie!

Julie: Guess what!!!
I got a package from the Tooth Fairy!
I did not know such a thing existed!
I was not happy that the Vet stole 2 of my teeth,
but if a Tooth Fairy brings toys,well that  makes it
a bit better to take!

Mmmmmmmmmmm, it smells good.

WOW!!! Look at this! TOYS!

I'll try this light one first.
Mum says it looks like a gourd.
I say it looks like fun!

Come here toy!


Why yes,as a matter of fact  I AM having fun!


Thank you SO much  for these pawsome toys
I love these toys and will share them with my siblings...

 I really liked these toys.
You can see me playing with the orange pumpkin 
Click  the RED link.
All RED links open in a new window.

Friday 23 September 2016

Lazy Poses on Friday

Georgia: For this Friday post, mum wanted some action shots.
I did not comply. I was relaxing .
Mum needs to take pics when I am up and about,
not when she decides to get the camera!

Treasure: Yeah, what Georgia said.
After meals I like to enjoy a little rest.

JJ: Here is my pic. I hope you do not think I am angry.
It's just that mum is sitting in MY spot taking my picture.

Julie: A while after supper, mum gives us treats.
Sometimes I even have to remind her that it is treat time.

I love treats.

I think I should have more. Mum does not agree
In that case, I do not think mum should have any more cookies!
She had her treat too and now it's time to play!
After all, it IS the weekend!

We purr you all have a FUN weekend !

Monday 19 September 2016

Meow Like a Pirate Day!

We pirate cats be on the street in Fisherman's Cove.

We see there may be some interference with a fellow
pirate by scurvy humans! Arrrgh!!

Arrrrrgh, tis good!
The pirate be OK .
Just restin' his weary bones.

We be not far from Halifax.
A fair port to be sure.

We can sail there in easy time.
But first,yar!!!!
We be needin' foods!

 A fine piece'o fish.
Done up too fancy by these scurvy humans!
Arrrgh, but tasty none the less!

Yarrrrr! We hope to see you all on the seas,taverns and streets
so we can share in our plunder and merriment !
Today is ours!
Come join us!

We are posting this at House Panthers too.
Arrrrrrgh, it be true!

Friday 16 September 2016

Finally Friday After Vet Visit

Georgia: I am happy it is Friday as I like having mum
around to give me treats and scritches for two days!

JJ: I like Fridays for the same reasons as Georgia plus
I like being on the porch. It is one of my favourite places to sleep.
Plus, it is just off the kitchen. Heehee

Julie: I love my porch!

I really love my porch!

Porch time!


Did you know I love my porch?
Mum dragged me to the Vet for a check on my mouth.
I had 2 teeth out and my mouth healed just fine.
I'm purrfect, but I could have told her(Vet) that!

Treasure: I went to the Vet too!
It was my semi annual visit and the Vet stole my blood!
She called mum a bit later to say my kidneys are doing well.
So well that there was some improvement in one of the kidneys!
Not bad for this 19 year old boy!
She also said I had a bit of a UTI so mum dragged me back
for a needle! Can you believe that?!
Mum said she is happy I don't need pills as I am not at all
co-operative in that department. Heh,heh,heh.
In any event, I am home,happy and ready for  mum
to make up to me by spoiling me all weekend!

We purr you all have a FUN weekend too !!!

Monday 12 September 2016

Lazy Monday at Mickey's Musings

Georgia: Oh Monday. I like to be lazy on Monday.
We get up early and then send Mum off to work.
Then we can do as we please.
We will start off with a good long nap with Treasure !
Maybe play later.

Julie:  I like Mondays too. I actually like most days.
Weekends are the best as mum is home.
Today , I am easing into it.
I am relaxing with my big brother JJ.
I think,though, I might go out to the porch.
The view is better.

You can see more of me at House Panthers.
Come on over .

Friday 9 September 2016

Finally Friday Close Ups

Georgia: Well, another week is ending and we are glad.
It started very sadly with the passing of dear
We always enjoyed his dancing Tuesdays.
We know it is a sad home right now.

There are other sad homes.
Visit the Cat Blogosphere to pay your respects.

In  other news, mum was lazy, busy and did not take many
pictures of us.
Therefore, we are doing the Friday Close Ups
That is a win-win!
No camera in our faces and some (older)pics for you.




We purr you all have a FUN weekend !

Monday 5 September 2016

Labour Day Monday with Georgia

Georgia: I like sitting in windows. There is always a nice view.
The view out of this window is mostly trees though.

There is also a spider web outside. 
There is  nothing in it right now though.
The spider must be hiding.

Treasure was wandering around. He gets nervous when mum
has the camera. Then again, iy does not take much to 
make him nervous!

JJ is on the porch. He loves the porch as much as Julie does.

JJ and Julie love to relax on the couch.
They are enjoying having mum home as much
as the rest of us.
We see treats and scritches  ahead.

 Hope you are enjoying your Monday too.

If you want to see more Julie.
pop over to House Panthers.

Friday 2 September 2016

Julie's Ordeal

Georgia: Over the past little while, mum noticed
 that Julie had bad breath. She was also not eating all her foods.
 She was worried.
She knows that bad breath can mean dental issues, or worse,
something internal.
She took Julie to the Vet for a check up.
Her bloodwork was great.
The vet found that one of her back molars looked inflamed.
A dental operation was scheduled for yesterday.

The vet had to remove the molars as it was loose.
The vet also found one of her incisors was loose 
and it had to be removed too!
Mum was sad about that.
Because it was busy when mum went to get Julie, she was not
able to ask what caused the incisor to be loose.
She will do that later.
Julie is home and no doubt feeling better.

While we are sad she had a sore mouth, we are thankful
that it is better now and she will recover.
Mum's bank account will take longer to recover. MOL!

September(where we are) is Dental Health month.
Be sure to check your cat's teeth to be sure they are
Bad teeth can cause lots of health problems.

We are happy that it is a long weekend.
That means an extra mum day!
We purr that whatever you do 
you have a FUN weekend !