Friday 28 April 2017

Close Up Friday

Georgia: It was a pretty busy week for mum and she did not
do a lot of picture taking.
That was OK for us as we did not mind.
We did get attention and we are quire happy with that.
While it has been raining for the past 3 days, 
we are getting sun for the weekend!
That is exciting and mum says Saturday will be quite warm.

Therefore, we are offering up some close ups for Friday.
We are all enjoying sun in these pictures, 
and look forward to enjoying more this weekend!

JJ: When the sun shines,close your eyes 
and soak in those glorious rays!

Julie: I always look forward to sunshine.
It feels great on my black furs.
I hope to spend a lot of time sunning on the porch!

What are your plans for the weekend?
We putt it involves FUN !

Monday 24 April 2017

Monday Musings with JJ the Handsome

Georgia: Hmmmmmm, I feel like I am being watched.

Hi mum, I see you  there.
These pictures are for my blog right?
Yes Georgia, they are.
OK then mum.

JJ: Georgia may be snoozing, but I am up and ready to
 show off my handsomeness.
I like sleeping too, but I also like posing for my fans.

While our weekend was coolish, we did get some
neat critters visiting.Mum got some neat pictures.
Here is Mr Groundhog eating some cracked corn
mum puts out for the birds.

He seems pretty happy to munch .

Oops, I think he realized he was being watched
even though mum was taking the pictures from indoors.

We also had a Woodpecker visit.
He was eating sunflower seeds.
He takes one and hits it against the tree  and eats the
seed inside the shell.

He loves the seeds and so do the Chickadees.
Mum did not take any pictures of them though.

My little sisfur Julie did some snoozing this cool weekend,
but that's not all she did.

To see what Julie was up to this weekend, pop over to

Friday 21 April 2017

Finally Friday

Georgia: I am glad it is Friday. This week was a bit cool and 
mum says that it will be warmer this weekend and next week.
It's about time as it is the end of April.
However, mum says Saturday might have a little rain with it.
Oh well, as long as mum is home and I can get lots of scritches 
I'll be happy.

JJ: I am happy it's Friday too.
I love to snooze and the porch is comfy as long as it is warm.
Mind you, I can sleep almost anywhere.
I also sleep better when mum is around.

Julie: I am looking forward to porch time!!
I hope it is warm and sunny as mum comes on the porch to read.
When she does, I like to sleep in her lap.
 I  curl up in her lap anywhere she decides to read , 
but the porch is most fun.

One evening when mum was coming home from work, 
she heard a noise that startled her.
This is what she saw!

The deer was also startled and ran back in these woods. 
Mum went indoors and looked out the kitchen window.
Sure enough, the deer came back.

Here he is running across the driveway.

Turns out there were two deer!

They ran across the road  into these woods and up the hill.
Mum has lived here for about 10 years and this is only the 
3rd time she  has seen deer and all of these times have been
in the past 2 years.
They are bigger than us so we are glad they are outdoors!

 Well, time to get this weekend started!
We purr you all have FUN
no matter what you do this weekend!

Monday 17 April 2017

Womancat Monday

Julie: Hi there, it's me Julie.
As you can see we had some sun this weekend
an boy was it nice! It feels really good on my furs.

My big sister Georgia enjoyed the sun too.
I was good and did not chase her away.

I did enjoy myself quite a bit in the sunshine.

Mum liked the shadows I made.

Know who else enjoyed the sun?
Chip the Chipmunk.
Mum was happy to see him as she has not seen 
him since last Summer.

I think mum likes his racing stripes. Heehee !

As you know, sunshine is when I love to be on the porch 
and I was there a lot this weekend.
Want to see?
Pop over to House Panthers !

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Monday 10 April 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Hi friends.
Mum wanted me to pose for some pictures.
I agreed, but I did not want to move  as this place
is cozy and I may want to nap here.
It was OK because the sun was shining 
and brightened up the room.

There, this picture is much better  and not nearly as washed out.
Gee mum, after all these years of blogging you would think your
photo skills would have gotten better.

JJ even agreed to pose a bit.
As an older cat, he thinks sleeping is the best
pose in the world!

There...a nice face shot.
Now he can get back to snoozing.

As for Julie, well you know the baby of the family does not snooze 
as much as we do. She was enjoying this sunny window.

She quickly moved on to her favourite place.

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Friday 7 April 2017

Finally Friday !

Georgia: After our supper, mum gives us treats.
Sometimes we have to send Julie to find and remind
her that it is treat time.
Most often,mum remembers.
Mmmmmm,treats are good.

 After eating, it is important to drink plenty of water.
We all love drinking our water.

JJ: The highlight of my day is treats!

If you put any more out mum, don't forget me!!

Julie: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Those treats were great!

Today we are getting lots of rain.
Mum says it will stop on Saturday and we should
get some sunshine for the rest of the weekend.
Not only will be much warmer!
Can you say"porch time"?

Whatever you do this weekend, 
we purr you all have FUN !

Monday 3 April 2017

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well, it is Monday again.
Mum was busy late last week and did not help me blog.
She was visiting a new Great-Nephew who was 1 week old.
Gee, I think I may have been bigger than the baby.
While mum was busy with other things, we did see
some critters outside.

Mr Groundhog stopped by.
When asked where Spring was he just said
 "I'm a groundhog not a meteorologist"!
That much is true. As you can see, there is still snow
on the ground.

Earl the Squirrel seems to like the broken tree.
It gives him a great view.

He even posed for the camera.
I think he was hoping mum had more seeds for him.

 It has been pretty cool lately so we have not had any porch time.
Julie is not impressed as you can see.

To see Julie's thoughts for the past weekend.
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