Monday 30 March 2015

Monday Musings with Georgia-Deer and Snow

Georgia: This was quite a weekend for us.
We had more snow on Saturday night!

See? This is supposed  to be Spring!
It is almost April! We do not want snow!

This makes me a bit crabby.

Mom did take some pictures .

She liked this one with snow on the branches.
The sun is behind.

Some snow fell off the branch. You can see it in the
bottom right,next to the green arrow.

We also had a new visitor. We have not ever seen one
of these in the yard before!

A vishus deer!

OK, so Mom says they are not that vishus now.
She says they do not eat cats!

Mostly, they are hungry because of all the snow we
have had this Winter. He/she is eating the seeds in the feeder.

Oops, missed  a few.

Time to go now.

Bye Mr/Ms Deer.


 You can pop over to House Panthers.
Julie saw the deer too!

Friday 27 March 2015

Friday Close Ups

Since Mom was good enough and busy enough to not
bother us with the camera, we had a good week!
We do have some close ups for you to enjoy.





Today is rainy, Saturday will be snowy,Sunday and Monday
will be sunny and Tuesday has a 40% chance
of rain or snow.
We are looking forward to better luck with weather in April !

We purr you all have a FUN weekend no matter what the weather!

Monday 23 March 2015

Georgia- Comfy Snoozy Spot and Pretty Feathers

Georgia: I am relaxing on this chair. The porch is a bit cool
and it is not very sunny. We had some rain and snow on the
weekend , but not too much. We should see more sun 
early this week.

Since it is cold on the porch, a nice comfy bed is a good place 
to have a nice snooze.

Treasure and JJ are joining me because they like to snooze 
and be warm too.

Yes, this is the place to be when it is cold outside and on the porch.

The cold and snow do not seem to bother these ducks.

Mom was quite taken by the lovely patterns in the 
feathers of these ducks.

What did Julie do this weekend?
Well, let's say it involves dirt!

Go and see her at House Panthers !

Friday 20 March 2015

Another Snow day and Welcome Spring!

Georgia: Well, the effects of the snowstorm have affected
Mom again and she was home for another day yesterday.
We liked that and  she did too.

It was sunny and Mom went outside to take some pics.
Our yard now has these pathways.
The banks on either side are taller than Mom!

The driveway was shoveled out after the snow last weekend.
Now, it is knee high, but the banks are high.
Mom finds it hard to throw the snow up on those banks.
It is a slow process as she drags a shovel of snow
to a place where she can put the snow.

She does have a path to the bird feeders. As you can see
there is a lot more snow than on Sunday!

Julie: That's right Georgia. But  today is sunny
and it is the first day of SPRING!

We purr Spring will make all of this go away soon!

We are all happy to welcome Spring !

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Thankful To Be An Indoor Cat !

Julie: Guess what? We had another BIG snowstorm!
This is 48 hours after the last one.
Now, we have a lot of snow!
It was so bad, work was cancelled,as was the transit system,
and Mom was home .

This is the view when we got up this morning.

The snow piled up in these funny cones .

There were birds in the trees waiting for some seeds.
They had to wait until Mom shoveled a path to the feeder.
Can you see the snow on the roof of the feeder? Yikes!

The ducks were waiting too.

I was brave and had a sniff of the air.
Brrrrrrrr, it was cold and windy too!

I also sniffed this stuff called snow. I was not 
going outside in that stuff! It was cold!
Can you see the marks in the snow?
Earl the Squirrel made them. Guess he came knocking
for Mom to hurry up with the seeds.

Some people on the internet were having fun with the crazy weather.
This is a pic from the Nova Scotia Webcam website.

Today, this is the pic we saw!
Humans are funny.

 Mom is really hoping we do not have anymore storms.
As you can see, her shovel may not make it through
too much more snow.

As I said, I am glad to be an indoor kitty!

We purr all our friends are safe and warm if you are
having bad weather. We also purr for any critters 
having a hard time in the tough Winter.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Happy St. Paddy's Day





We wish all our friends a

Monday 16 March 2015

Georgia - Our Big Snowy Weekend !

Georgia: Well , Sunday we had a BIG snowstorm.
We got lots of snow too.
Mom was not too impressed, but she got lots of
exercise moving the snow.

This is before the storm.

This is after all the snow!

Our very icy driveway before the snow.

After the snow. Mom has started to shovel a path.

The bird feeding area before the snow.

After the snow.

After Mom cleared a path to the feeders.

Julie had a fun time watching some other critter 
play in the snow.
Want to see?

Pop over to House Panthers !