Friday 26 February 2010

Friday Close Ups

Mom was a little busy this week,
so we are showing you some close ups from
a nice sunny day in late November.
It has not been very sunny this week.
Today, we are having a windy rainstorm!
We are happy to be indoor kitties!!




Last Wednesday, we had a big snowstorm and
Mom took this picture .

Mom took this picture yesterday.
It had been above freezing all week and the snow melted!!!!
Today it is raining, so more snow will go!
Some might come back next week !

Tuesday 23 February 2010

What Mom Saw

Last Tuesday, this was the view of our driveway.

This is our driveway on Wednesday when Mom came home from work.
You can see where she walked in the snow!

This is what the driveway looked like yesterday.
The temperatures have been above freezing,
so the snow is melting. Mom says we might get rain this week.
That will be very messy!!! Good thing we are indoor cats!

This is downtown Halifax last Wednesday morning.
Mom took it when she got off the ferry.

Mom liked the icicles on this lamp.

This is a pile of snow on one of the deck posts.

The best part of what we saw yesterday...robins!!!!!
There were lots in our yard!!!
As it was suppertime, and Mom's camera is old,
the pictures are not too clear. She had to shoot through the window.

The robins were flipping the leaves like crazy,
probably looking for grubs.
With all the robins we saw, Spring can't be far away!!!!!

Monday 22 February 2010

Mancat Monday

When we get morning sunshine,
it's nice to sit in a window and enjoy the rays.

Having the heat turned on helps a lot too!!!!

We had a great weekend because Mom was home,
and Mrs Quilter was here again.
They played computer games and played with us all weekend!!!
It was great, but we did not get to visit very much.
I hope your weekend was good too!!!!!

Friday 19 February 2010

Friday Close Ups

Sometimes when the sun is out, Mom lets us on the porch.
The sun feels nice and it is warm.It feels good on my face.


Full sun or partly sunny days are nice.
It's good for us and our furs,because it makes them shine!


While I like the sun, I also like a nice soft blanket.
I also like the look of black on black, so I closed my eyes.


Monday 15 February 2010

Mancat Monday

Mom's sister ,Mrs Quilter, came to stay at our place
this past weekend. She wanted to take my picture.
I was not crazy about the idea!!

I really do not like looking at that flashy box.

I will look past it though.
I do realize my friends want to see my Mancat face!
After all, am a good looking Mancat, heehee !!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here I am with my lovely wife Misses Peach.
One year ago today, I proposed to her.
She said YES!!!!!!


We all wish you all a

Georgia wishes a special Valentine's wish to Shadow
"I will be your Valentine Shadow!!"


Tillie wishes Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!!!

Friday 12 February 2010

Close Up Friday

Well, it's Friday again and time for our close ups!!
If we can keep Mom away from her book, we will come and visit our friends!!




Monday 8 February 2010

Mancat Monday

All last week it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!
However, we had lots of sunshine and the porch was warm.
I did not get on the porch much, because Mom was at work.

This week, it will be warmer.
However, we will not see the sun all week!
It will be overcast and probably damp,
so this is where I intend to spend most of my time.
You can see my heaty pad on the blankie behind me.
Yup, this is how I keep warm!!

Friday 5 February 2010

Friday Close Ups

We like Fridays because we love to show you our close ups!

Just for the record, Tillie's eyes are pale green.


My picture was taken by Mrs Quilter when
she was visiting here a couple weekends ago.


Monday 1 February 2010

Mancat Monday

It may look like this outdoors and be very,very cold...

but I am warm and cozy on Mom's chair!!

See, she even stacks some soft blankies on it.
Must be for me. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!