Monday 25 February 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia,Julie and JJ

Georgia: Happy Monday friends. 
We had a pretty good weekend that ended better 
than it started. There was a plumbing issue.
A pipe started spraying water so mum had to 
turn the water off. This did not affect the kitchen, 
but it did affect the bathroom!
Lucky for mum,  a friend of hers knew a guy who
could fix it and he did. Now the place is all cleaned up
and back to normal.

Old pipe with worn piece in lower right corner.

New pipe in place.
This pipe sends water to the toilet.
Now mum can flush her "litter box" !

JJ: I am glad things are back to normal.
I like to relax and don't want too much drama.As it turns out, 
I slept through most of the thing anyway.

Julie: I liked this weekend pretty much.
We had sunshine and I was on the porch.
Sunny days are best for critter TV.
However, mum says another storm is coming 
Sunday evening into Monday.
Sadly she is right as it is raining and then will change
back to flurries. Darn!

These ducks came for breakfast.

And Earl came by Sunday afternoon.

I would still like to chase him though!!
Earl: Good thing you are inside Julie!

Friday 22 February 2019

Finally Friday Close-Ups

Georgia: Happy Friday friends.
While it was a short work week for mum, she is glad it's Friday.
We got more snow on Thursday and mum had to shovel again.
She did remember to take our pictures too
In this one of me, you can see all my glorious Tortie colours!
You can also see my white whiskers on one side
and black on the other side.
I also have light furs around my neck that look
like a necklace.
Mum says I'm cute and I think she is right.

JJ: Here is my close up. You can see I am  still 
a handsome Tabby in spite of my age.
I have long furs that mum has to work on  a lot
as they do tend to get matted. As an older boy, 
I do not groom myself as often as some areas are hard to reach.
My whiskers ate pretty cool too.

Julie: I am doing a body close up.
My glorious black furs are very soft and silky.
Mum likes that a lot.
I also have some cool white furs at my neck.
My whiskers are pretty cool too.
Also, I can pose quite nicely when I choose to do so.
For my friends, I will pose.

Here is a picture of the new snow we got.
As you can see, the ground is covered in what mum says
is light fluffy snow.
She went out to shovel it out of the way so
the birds can get the seeds she puts out.
While today and Saturday will be sunny, there may be more
snow on Sunday!

We do not mind as we are indoor cats so we will
be indoors having FUN!!!

What will you be doing this weekend?
Hope it includes FUN !

Monday 18 February 2019

Heritage Day at Mickey's Musings

Georgia: Mum is home today as it is a holiday.
It also means she will be after us for pictures!
I don't always like having my picture taken.

She wants me to look at the camera.
That tongue is sticking out at mum, not my friends!

JJ is ready for a nap.

Julie is looking out at the frozen landscape.
We had rain on Saturday and then it froze!

Some areas are icy,but mum has cleared some

Julie did consent to posing for the camera.

Mum is home because it is Heritage Day.
Every year we honour people that have made a 
difference in Nova Scotia.
This year, we honour Maud Lewis.
Click on her name to learn more.

Friday 15 February 2019

Finally Friday !

Georgia: WE are happy that it is Friday. 
It was a cold week and we had a storm on Wednesday.
It gave us a bunch of snow. Today is sunny and warmer.
This weekend it will  be rainy on Saturday and sunny
on Sunday, We look forward to some warmer temps.
There are no storms in the forecast  and lots of sun.
We purr that does not changs.
WE like it sunny as it is cozy on the porch.
The best place to snooze in the sun and that is our plan.

JJ is thinking about going on the porch too.

Julie, well she lives for the porch!

What plans do you have for the weekend?
We purr they will be FUN !

Monday 11 February 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We had a pretty nice weekend.
Mum was home and it was sunny
The porch was warm too ,even though the wind outside 
was blowing and it was quite cold.
The rain on Friday washed away most of the snow.
What little bits left are now frozen icy patches.

I think I will sit here a while and enjoy the heat of the sun.
It feels good.

JJ was napping  with his head hanging down.
That boy can sleep anywhere,anyhow.

He did sit up for his picture though.

Julie also enjoyed the warmth of the porch.
She has also stopped licking the fur off of her belly.
Mum is happy about that.

She had a good snooze in the sun.

Mum says that by mid-week the temperatures will be 
warmer (+2C) and will feel warmer if the wind goes away.
For now, we are enjoying the wind free,sunny porch!

Friday 8 February 2019

Finally Friday !

Georgia: Happy Friday everyone!
We always love Friday because it is the start of the weekend.
Mum is home on weekends.
That means lots of time for play,scritches and lots of attention.
It also means mum tries to get pictures of us.
Weekends are best as  she can take pics in daylight.
During the week, it is dark when she gets home.
I am looking forward to playing. I have my crochet toy

JJ is posing a bit in low light.
He is hoping for a treat.
When you are 22 years old, you generally get them.

Julie is the queen of "Not looking at the camera".
 Mum still manages a pretty good pic though !
She will be ready for play,scritches and porch time
this weekend.

What will you be doing this weekend?
We hope it involves FUN !

Monday 4 February 2019

Monday Musings with Julie

Julie: Happy Monday friends!
We had a pretty good weekend.
Mum said the temps were not too cold, but the wind was.
This week will be above  0C(32F) and there will be rain.

Sunday was sunny and I sat in the cat tree and looked out
through the porch door.

You can see out white landscape.
The snow is not very deep. It just covers the ground.

It did not stop Earl the Squirrel from eating the seeds 
mum put out.

You can see the tracks made by the critters.
Mostly squirrels.

The chickadees were happy to have some seeds too !

Georgia and JJ spent some time enjoying naps.

Georgia tells mum that that is enough pics for noe.

How was your weekend?
We purr it was not too hot or cold,depending on where you live.

Friday 1 February 2019

Finally Friday !

Georgia: Hi friends and welcome to Friday!
We like Friday because it starts the weekend
and mum is home on weekends!
Mum is glad as the past two days were pretty cold.
We are on the edge of that Polar Vortex so  our
cold is not nearly as cold as other places.
It should slowly warm up and then be raining 
by Tuesday.
We had a light snowfall Wednesday night
and then it froze, so our landscape is white again.

The weather indoors is wonderful as the furnace
blows nice warm air.
Today we are offering up our Friday Close Ups
Hope you enjoy them.
Here is mine



AS it is the weekend, we purr you all have FUN !!!
What will you be doing? Hope it includes FUN !