Friday 31 January 2014

Finally Friday

Earl the Squirrel, outdoors one fine day.

Nom,nom,nom. HUH?

Who are you? What do you want?

Are you after my seeds?
They're mine !
Please go away!

Are you still there ?

 Meanwhile, indoors on a sunny porch...
JJ enjoys some warm sunbeams.

Julie is curious about things she hears.

Inside the house, Treasure and Georgia lay curled up
on a nice ,soft fleecy blanket.

Oh yeah! Life is good!!!

We purr you all have a great time this weekend!

Monday 27 January 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: OK, was  a nice sunny day on Sunday morning.
Mom says the sun will not last. It will get cloudy and then there
 will be snowflurries .

I hurried out to the porch to enjoy those nice warm rays!

Wait!! I hear somecat eating!

JJ!!! What did you get?

I have to check this out!

You didn't even save my a lick?

 Mom here:
 JJ was recently diagnosed as having Hyperthyroid.
So far, it is mild. Due to his soft/runny poop, I took him to the Vet.
That is a symptom of the disease.
He gets Metronidazole twice a day and Tapazole once a day.
He takes his pill in a bit of stinky goodness.
At night, I give all the kitties a bit of the stinky goodness.
They are upset as they did not get any in the  morning!

You know you want to see Julie's reaction!
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Thursday 23 January 2014

Thankful Thursday

Georgia: Guess what? Yesterday we had another blizzard!
It was kinda cool because Mom stayed home.
Good thing as work sent people home at lunchtime.
Problem is, because we live just outside the city, the buses
only run in the morning and evening(rush hours).
With the storm, they sometimes take the buses off the roads.
That happened with the last storm and Mom stayed home
then too. This time the buses were "paused" until visibility
improved. That would have been a long wait.
Mom was glad she stayed home with us !

This is a picture taken the night before the storm.
Tuesday night.

Wednesday during the storm.
Mom kept the birdfeeder clear of snow all day so the
birds could get the seeds.

Tuesday night.


 We kitties are thankful to be indoor cats!
We wish every critter had a safe and warm place to live.

Monday 20 January 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Hmmmm! What is that lump in this old blanket?

It's Georgia!

Georgia loves to find cozy places to sleep.

This old comforter is nice and warm too.
I don't think she is happy I found her little spot though!

This is what happens when you do not hang your coat up
right away. JJ took advantage of a nice puffy winter coat
to have a bath. Guess I will have to wait until he moves
before I hang my coat!

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Friday 17 January 2014

26 Toes!

 HI friends, Georgia here.
Mom is fascinated with my toes. She says they are special.
I have 26 toes, at least that is all Mom  can see.
She thinks they are neat!

One sunny day in October she took some pictures when I was
sleeping on the porch.

This is one of my back paws.

This is one of my front paws.
Mom calls them mitten paws.

Last week I was sleeping on my pillow and mom 
took more pictures.

This is another one of my back paws.
This one is pink on the pad part.
My other foot is dark brown.
To me, they are just feet. But Mom always likes to
touch them. I think Mom is jealous!

Monday 13 January 2014

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Hi friends. It has been an interesting week.
We had a blizzard on Jan. 3. A rainy day on Jan 6.
Then it was really cold all week.
Then we had a huge rain and wind storm on 
Saturday! It washed away most of the snow too.
Mom is happy about that.

The birds are happy too as they do not have to 
dig in the snow for their seeds.

Earl the Squirrel is happy too as he can get around
without having to make tunnels in the snow!

He loves sunflower seeds!

This was the snow we got Friday January 3.

This is what the yard looked like on
Sunday January 12.
There is still a lot of Winter left so we expect this 
view to keep changing from green to white.
Thank heavens I am an indoor kitty !

 Julie was pretty active this weekend.
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Friday 10 January 2014

Finally Friday with JJ

JJ here today.

I get to do the reporting today because all the other kitties
are busy or snoozing. Besides,I hardly ever get to post!

As you can see, Georgia is having a great snooze!

Last Friday we had a BIG snowstorm Mom said was a blizzard.
It was so bad,work was cancelled. Mom took these pictures
during the storm.
Even in blowing snow, this mourning dove sat in the tree!

It was then joined by some friends.

Even the smaller birds came looking for food.
During the storm,Mom would go out and clear out the birdfeeder
and stump and put out seeds. The snow quickly piled up and 
the birds would dig for the seeds!

The tree branches were well covered in light,fluffy snow.
Mom said it was easy to move with her shovel.
When Monday came, it got warm and rained and took a lot 
of the snow away. Then it got cold and everything froze again.

There was even some pretty frost on the windows.

Winter paints some interesting images.
Today is not as cold and tomorrow will be even warmer.
Mom says we will be having rain this weekend and 
temperatures above 0 Celsius for next week.
There will  not be much sun though!

We wish you all a fun weekend !

Monday 6 January 2014

Saying Goodbye to Tiger

Georgia: Once again, sadness has come to our home.
Our big sister Tiger has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Tiger was 17 years old and was showing her age. She slept more
and did not always want to eat. Mom took her to the Vet
Thursday evening and she stayed there. The Vet gave her
fluids and medicine. She also did blood tests that showed
Tiger was not doing well. Mom left her there to see if
she could rebound.She did for a bit, but it did not last.
Rather than have her alone at the Emergency Hospital, 
Mom brought Tiger home Saturday afternoon and looked after
her. She was restless and did not want to eat. Mom set her
up on her heating pad and she slept.Every time she woke,
Mom gave her a pat  and told her she was a good kitty
and that she loved her.
Around 3:30 AM, Tiger's breathing slowed and she passed
gently away.

Mickey and Tillie were there to welcome Tiger to the

Julie is also doing her memorial post at
House Panthers. Pop over to see.