Saturday 30 July 2011

Saturday Close Ups

We are posting this today,Saturday,
because Mom is LAZY!!!!!
She is also goofing off.
This weekend is Natal Day weekend,
so Mom is taking Friday off. She and  her
sister are off doing things that do not involve us!!!
She pops in once in a while,then off again!!!
We hope we will get to visit our friends
sometime this weekend.Meanwhile, we
hope you have a fun weekend !!!!!






Monday 25 July 2011

Monday With Georgia

Oh hi!! Georgia here. Happy Monday.
 WE all got to hang out with Mom on Sunday,
but on Saturday,Mom ,her sister and her hubby 
went to  see a parade. It was  the Halifax Pride

There were lots of people there
and lots of entries in the parade.

Animals too !!!!!
Here is a horse from the mounted division 
of  the city police and his rider.

This woman is in the  dress uniform 
 of the RCMP

Mom said this looked pretty tasty.heehee

Here is a decorated doggie.

During a long parade,sometimes you have to 'go'!!

Good thing his person was there 
with a baggie ,heehee

Here are a few more pics that Mom took.
It was supposed to be hot and sunny, 
but was cool and a bit foggy!!
Mom did not mind as it was more comfortable
 when you are watching a long parade!!!

We were happy when Mom came back home.

Pop over to House Panthers.
Tillie will show you what she was doing

while Mom was at the parade!

Friday 22 July 2011

Friday Close Ups

Once again a weekend is here!!
It has been a warm week, but not 
nearly as hot as other places.
The evenings have been quite nice
and bot too warm for snoozing.
We have enjoyed lots of great naps
and play on these summer days.
These are the cat days of summer ,heehee
Our furcousin Cookie is doing well,
and we know he appreciates your purrs.
We hope you all have a fun and not 
too hot weekend. If it is hot, we purr your  
a/c  is working!!!






Monday 18 July 2011

Mancat Monday

Hi, I'm Treasure and today I am doing a 
photo shoot.
Before we get to that, I must ask you a favour.

Cookie went to the Vet to get his teeth cleaned.
 We are not sure what happened, but he woke up
and cannot see. There is a 50/50 chance he will get
his sight back.
Cookie has has operations before.
He had his tail removed a while ago.
We are purring  very hard for Cookie!!

Now,on to my photo shoot.
Here I am on the porch.

Here is a body shot so you can see my floof!!

Here is my belly floof!!
Did you know I LOVE belly rubs?????

The porch is a good place to have a bath too,

I always like to look my best!!

Want a smile???
Go see what Tillie is doing

over at House Panthers!!!!

Friday 15 July 2011

Friday Close Ups

Hey!!!  It's Friday!! It's the weekend!!
It's Mom time!! It's Summer!!!
What more could we kitties want? 
Well, Ok, treats, scritches,hahahahaha
Anyway, we will be having fun and
we hope you all have fun too!!!!!!!!!






Bonus Pic:
American Goldfinch

 Mom had to take this pic through the kitchen window.
that's why it is not the best quality.

Monday 11 July 2011

Special Mancat Monday

Hello my friends. It's me, Mickey.
I am making a special post from the
You see, this day would have been
 my 18th birthday. I new Mom would be
feeling a bit sad today,my siblings too.
Mom wanted me to celebrate my birthday with her.

See how eager I am to see you!!
I do miss you and my family, but 
I had to go. Cancer was making me
 feel to badly to stay in this life.
I am happy at the Bridge because
 I feel like a kitten again!!!
I also have the company of  SO many great friends!

I did get Mom to show you some nice 
pictures of  my handsome self,heehee

I was a very lucky cat,because I 
know how much I was loved!!
I had lots of places to wander,

great places to relax,

and I had fun taking Mom's seat  at the computer!!

Mom loved to take face pics too.
I know they give her great memories.
I do miss you Mom.

I also miss my sweet,darling wife,
the lovely Misses Peach. I visit her
sometimes,in her dreams. We can do 
that from the Bridge.

There is a bunch of sweet tender grass
here at the Bridge. I will be sure to treat 
myself to some for my birthday!!

Well, it is time to go.
Remember that it is not goodbye,
 it is "until we meet again"!!
I love and miss you all,and I 
will see you when it's time.
I wish you all a long and happy life!
Until next time...PURRS!!!!!

Happy Birthday at the Bridge Mickey!!!!!!!!
 We love you and miss you and we remember
all the good times!!!

Friday 8 July 2011

Friday Close Ups

Happy Friday friends !!!!!!
No long weekends this time,dang!
Mom and her sister are almost over their colds.
Now Mom's sister's hubby has the cold.
We purr he gets over it quickly too !!
We hope to visit more of our friends this weekend too !!!
So!!!!! What fun do you all have planned???






Jellyfish in Halifax Harbour

Quite a pretty (and big) specimen too!!

Monday 4 July 2011

Happy 4th to Our American Friends!

We hope all of our American friends
are enjoying  the 4th of July as much
as we enjoyed Canada Day July 1st!!!!!

While celebrating this weekend with her sister,
Mom caught a cold.So did her sister !!!!!
Good thing Mom has  we kitties to look after her!!!
Silly Mom,heehee