Friday 28 January 2011

Friday Close Ups

Friends,it has been a long week.
We have had very cold days and nights,
a bit of sun, flurries  then snow and rain
to make things really messy.
We are indoors,so we do not mind the weather.
The pictures today are a bit dark. That seems to
reflect our mood this week as Mom will tell you.
Have a god weekend.







Hello, the Mom here.It has been a hard week.
In hoping to do something good,I think I have failed greatly.
Monday morning while getting ready to leave for work
 the little black kitty got spooked.I was in and out of the house,
looking for lock de-icer as the car door locks were frozen.
This must have upset the cat and maybe he thought he was going in
the car again.He bolted!
My porch door has thin plexiglass and he crashed right through it 
and ran to the woods. I have looked for him every night,
 and my friend who is looking after my cats has not seen him either.

I can only hope that his living outside for a while will work in his favor.
I just feel so bad that I have made things so much worse for him.
We probably won't be visiting as much as I feel too upset.
I can only pray that he finds his way back to us . 
I will keep searching.
Maybe the power of the purr will help. We know
how powerful the Cat Blogosphere can be.
Little kitty,please come home.

Monday 24 January 2011

Mancat Monday- Introoder Alert!!

Welcome to Mancat Monday!!
I do not know what it is like where you
live, but here in Nova Scotia it is COLD!!
We are having a cold spell.
It should end by mid-week.
At least Mom hopes it does.
She has to go out in it, we don't!! heehee
Today the temperature will be -14 C (6.8 F)
The wind chill will make it feel like -26C  (-14.8F)!!

Some of you will remember seeing this kitty.
He looks in the window at Team Tabby's house.

Mom fed him while she was there.

                                                     He sometimes waited in the tree for her
to look out the window,then he would
come up on the deck.

He looked in the window and meowed.
He came in all kinds of weather and at night!
Last Wednesday we had snow,then rain and he still came!!!
Friday it got cold and even colder on the weekend!
Mom worried about him being outside.If he has a home,
he is hardly ever there!
As Mom was coming back to see us,she worried about the kitty.

Guess where he ended up?????
Yup! On our porch.
That means we cannot go out on the porch.
Mom will check again to see if she can find
if he has a home.He is very friendly.
For now,he is safe and out from the elements!

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Friday 21 January 2011

Friday Close Ups

We are excited that it is Friday!! 
That means more Mom time!
Mom is looking after our furcousins during the week.
but we get her on the weekend ! WOOT!!
We hope you all have a fun weekend too !




Tiger ( shhhh,she's sleeping)



Monday 17 January 2011

Mancat Monday

I have been quite entertained this weekend
by those silly squirrels!! You would think
they never saw food before! hahaha
Maybe they are just"squirrely" 

Here is Earl, tucking into some seeds.

He's not too sure about Mom being so close.

Is he sticking out his tongue??
Maybe just telling her to back up a bit.

Giving Mom a good looking over.

Not too sure what to think.

Oh, there ya go!!
 He's not too concerned after all.
Just a regular Mansquirrel!!

Earla,on the other hand is a bit more timid.

She is a bit more shy.
Not at all like my sisfurs!!! heehee

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Friday 14 January 2011

Friday Close Ups-With a Twist

Well guess what???
Things are different around here.
For one thing, Mom is not here!
She is staying at Team Tabby's place.
That is because her sister and her husband
have gone to Florida and will be going on a cruise!
They are meeting up with Moe & Mindy's Dad's brother
and his wife as they are already  staying in Florida.
They have a motor home , and that is good because
Mom's sister will be gone a month!!!!!
Mom's friend J will look after us during the week and 
Mom will be here on the weekend.
TallSon will look after his Mom's kitties on the weekend.'s confusing. But as long as we get treats and scritches
 we will not complain...very much! Heeheehee
So today, we are showing close ups of
Have a fun weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Mickey (is it the weekend yet,where's Mom)

Mindy (I miss Mom already)

Moe (is it meal time yet!)

Cookie (I'm not crazy about your flashy box Auntie)

BonBon (maybe naps before supper )

Mike (I need to convince Auntie that we eat ALL the time)

Monday 10 January 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Misses Peach !!!!!

Today is a VERY important day!
It is my dear wife,Misses Peach's 
18 birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See how beautiful she is!!!!!!!
I am such a lucky Mancat 
to have such a wonderful kitty

to call my wife!
"How do I love thee,
let me count the ways..."

Please drop over to Misses Peach's 
place and help her celebrate!!!!!!!!!
18 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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and see what Tillie is doing!!

Friday 7 January 2011

Friday Close Ups

Hello kitties and friends of the blogosphere!!
Mickey' Mom here to say how wonderful
it was to get birthday wishes from so many friends!!
We will be getting to your blogs to  say thank you :)
Now on to the close ups!!!!!!!

He was to comfy on his heaty pad to disturb.

Tillie - found someplace other than the camera
to direct her eyes

Georgia - she was in her box and heard
something fascinating  going on

Tiger - a lovely kitty who is constantly
in motion!!

Treasure - 
A shy,nervous kitty,but very friendly

JoyJoy -
Floofy, friendly and loves to make biscuits
especially on my tummy

While taking the ferry across Halifax harbour
on Wednesday,I saw the rig Chemul preparing
 to leave port after a major refit. Due to some 
paperwork, the rig did not leave until Thursday.
It is headed to the Gulf of Mexico

The oil rig Rowan Gorilla III is also 
preparing to  leave port. It is also
headed to the Gulf of Mexico.
There is always something going on

 Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy Birthday Mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?????
Today is Mom's birthday!!!
She is ,like, a bazillion  decades old !
We love her no matter how old she is!

OK,break out the treats for our friends MOM!!!

Monday 3 January 2011

Mancat Monday

Well, it is a brand new year!!!!
We have been having all kinds of fun lately.
So much celebrating and Mom time.

Mom also spent time with her sister.
Here is Mom's sister taking a picture.
They seem to be doing that  a lot!!

They both got new lenses.
Mom looks at me and's scary!
She says I might not mind so much
as she will not need to be as close.
We'll see how that goes  ;)
I like it better when she takes this 
kind of picture!!!

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You can see what Tillie is doing.