Friday, 23 August 2019

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

Georgia: Well friends, we have all been enjoying the 
open window and now we have 2!

It is such fun to enjoy window wiffies up close.
Plus, we get to hear all the critters outside better.

I might spend the weekend sniffing the air!

Julie always loves the porch.
It makes her happy to be out there and when
she is not relaxing on the couch, she likes to 
hunt for any critters that may get into the porch!
Mum just hopes she does not bring them inside!
Sometimes she does!

JJ is Mr Cool. He is always happy and he enjoys the 
porch too. He is a pawsome big brother.

We plan on having FUN this weekend.
It will be nice and sunny and purrfect for window watching.
How about you? What will you be doing?

Monday, 19 August 2019

Vacation is Over and We're Glad!

Georgia: Who are you?

Mum: Oh come on Georgia!
I dropped in most days and our friend Joe
came over to feed you.

It's not the same mum!
We were alone at night and we missed you!

Well, I missed you too. Lots!
I was just visiting family,especially those
from away.

Oh, OK then.As long as you're back!

Yes Georgia, I'm back!

JJ: Oh I hear a familiar voice...Mum?

Are you back? Oh goody!

Yes JJ, vacation is over and I am staying here with you.

Julie: I can't believe you left ME!
I know you dropped in, but you did not stay.

Well Julie, I know you do not like lots of people around
and there was a lot of family members visiting.
I'm back now and you can have lots of belly rubs!

Can I have one now?
 You bet!!

Oh, one more thing Julie, those relatives got you something.
Come and see.

Maybe this vacation thing is not so bad after all!
Thanks Auntie Linda!

Mum: It was a great vacation! Lots of family visiting 
from out of province and lots of family to visit
around Nova Scotia. I am lucky to have someone I trust to 
look after my furkids.
They were as happy to see mt as I was to see them!

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Black Cat Appreciation Day !

Julie: Guess what!?
Today is Black Cat Appreciation day!!!
A day just for cats with black furs!
That is so pawsome. I love being appreciated!
Our friends Manny and Chili Bruce are hosting
this year's event
Drop by and say Hi to them(click the red link)

As you all know, I love my porch and I love to look 
out the windows. A friend of mum's made a 
new window for me!!!!

 This is SO cool! The window slides up and I can get
 lots of window wiffies!! It just needs a few more adjustments.
I love being appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

To all the black cats out there
" Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day" !!

Friday, 9 August 2019

Close Up Friday and Mum is Super Happy!

Georgia: Today we are sharing close ups.
That is because we are excited!!!

JJ: That's right Georgia. We are looking forward to this 
weekend and the coming week. It's gonna be great!

Julie: It sure will be great. Know why?

MUM IS ON VACATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That will be so great! Mum will be home for a whole week
with ME!!!!!
Georgia: Um Julie, she will be home with ALL of us!!!!
Julie: Um, oh...right!!!
We are so excited!
This will be FUN!!!!!

What FUN things will you be doing this weekend?

Monday, 5 August 2019

Happy Monday with a Celebration!

Georgia:  Happy Monday friends.
We enjoyed the weekend.It was mighty warm too.
I was on the porch and got a really nice  brushing!
I love getting brushed a lot.
Mum got a lot of fur with the Zoom Groom too.
She can brush me anytime with that because I 
love getting brushed!

Julie and JJ were happy too.
They both enjoyed a good snooze .
Summertime is so nice. We love the heat and lazy days.
Well, maybe not the super hot days we had ,
but the ones with nice breezes.
We all enjoyed some lazy days.

We are happy because mum is home too!
She is off because it is Natal Day.
That means we are celebrating our city's birthday.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: As mum is preparing our post, it started to thunder outside!
It is suddenly dark and erie too.
Mum thought she better get our post up in case
the power goes out.
Now it is hailing!!!
We are keeping it simple with some close ups.
Hope you enjoy them.

The ever photogenic JJ

Miss No I will not look at the camera...Julie!

We purr you all have a FUN weekend .
If it is hot where you are, we purr it cools off.

PeeEss: The storm moved out  without any loss of power.
It is still a bit muggy though.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Happy Monday friends!It is a new week and 
the hots  and sticky are back. That is why I am in the chair
again. It's cooler in the house

JJ continues to do well. He sleeps a lot but he eats well.
He also drinks water well too and that is a good thing.
Mum gave him some grooming this weekend
and he liked it,except when there was the odd matt.

Julie as usual loved the weekend.She thinks mum
stays home just for her. She follows mum around and will sit 
on her lap when she sits down. She also had some brushing
that she loved and got her nails trimmed that she
did not like. MOL!!
She had lots of porch time too.

The first batch of daylilies are done and the next batch 
is in bloom. Many of these daylilies are old varieties 
and bloom all Summer.

Earl was watching mum take pictures.

He even posed a bit for the camera.

How was your weekend?

Friday, 26 July 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: Well it's finally Friday and the weekend is here!
We are happy and so is mum.
Our week was not too hot, but the weekend looks like it will be hot!
Mum is glad she will be home and not have to travel to work
in the heat.
I also like to lounge in this chair.It's comfy.

Oh yeah!! Really comfy.
You all look interesting upside down too! MOL!

JJ: What do you mean,"why am I laying on the floor" ?
It's cool and comfy.

Well, OK, this IS a bit more comfy!

Julie: Weekend,mum home,porch time,scritches.
Oh yeah!! I am SO ready!
Let's get this weekend started!!!!!!

I'll just rest up until mum gets home.

Happy weekend ahead friends!!!
WE purr it will be good for you and that you have a cool
spot if it is crazy hot where you are!
Whatever you do...Have FUN!!!!!
Stay cool too.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Hot,Hot Weekend!!

Georgia: Happy Monday friends!!
We had the HOTS this weekend!!
Where we live, we do not usually have temps
that are this high  with lots of humidity.
For us,32C(42C with the humidex) is really hot.
We do not always have lots of humidity.
If this is global warming we don't like it!

We are happy to be indoors as it is a bit cooler as we do not
get direct sun. We do feel the humid air though.
As a result, we relaxed pretty much all weekend.

JJ was on the porch. Mum wanted him to come in the house 
as it was a tad cooler.

JJ did not go in. He was pretty happy  where he was.

Julie loves the porch almost as much as she loves
hanging out with mum.

Time for a change of place. Down we go!

On to the couch.She stayed there a while and when it
got to hot she went inside to hang out with mum.
Mum was reading and Julie kept her company.

For all those that deal with the hots on a regular basis, we feel for you
and hope you have ways of staying cool!
We stay in the shade and drink lots of water!

Friday, 19 July 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: YAY!! The weekend is here again 
and that means mum time!
 here I am telling mum to hurry up and get this post ready.

I am looking forward to the weekend so I can have lots
of scritches and brushings!

JJ is pretty much up for anything.
He likes food and attention and naps!
He has lots and lots of naps.
That is OK when you are 22 years old .

Julie wants more porch time.
She also wants more belly runs and scritches.

She gets all excited!

Then she starts to rub her face.

Oh yes mum!! Keep rubbing the belly!!
I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to scritches,brushings and belly rubs.
They are such FUN !!
We purr you all have a FUN weekend too!