Monday 29 May 2023

I rule the roost...because mum lets me

Julie: Hi friends. It has been a lovely weekend and 
a warm weekend. As you can see The door to the porch is
open  so I can go  out anytime. The kitchen is a good
place to be as that is where the food is kept. 

Yes I am sitting on the counter. Mum knows I am up 
here when she  is not home, so  she cleans the counters 
when she makes meals. Usually, I just sit on the 
windowsills. They are pretty wide.

The best place to be though is on the porch!
The old couch is comfy and when it is warm,
mum opens the door and I get lots of nice outdoor smells.
Sometimes I go out, but only when mum is with me.
I do like to go out to eat a bit of grass. MOL!


Monday 22 May 2023

Sun, Rain and Critters!

Julie: We had a mostly good weekend.
Saturday was quite nice and sunny.
I sat on the front stoop/ramp and watched
the front yard. That's where the bird feeders are
and the groundhog, though I did
not see her around.

Good thing I was not out back!
Rocky was there!
I would not want to tangle with that beast!

On the other paw, the hummingbird feeder
is there and was busy.
Most often, I watch them from indoors.
Mum's room has patio doors that look out onto
the deck and I can easily see the feeders
from the comfort of mum's bed.

It is still a bit coolish outside but the
temps should rise during the week as
the sun will be back! Sunday was very rainy
but today is better and dry.

The rest of the week should be sunny too
and I like that!! Bet the critters do too!

Friday 19 May 2023

Just another Friday with Julie

Julie:  I am posing for this picture.
I am not a fan of the camera but I 
so cooperate when it is for the blog.

Anytime mum sits, I love to jump on her lap.
Yup, I am a lap cat. This makes it easy
to get scritches and pats. I love those things. 
I also love the warmth of mum's body. MOL!


Here, I am showing off my profile.

Purrs you all have a FUN weekend!!

Monday 15 May 2023

A Short trip outside

Julie: Ooooooooooooooo!
Look at all that nice green grass!

This grass is tasty!

Well, that was a nice snack!
I think I will go inside now for a nice drink of water.

 Fresh grass is the best!

Sunday 14 May 2023

Happy Mother's Day to all Mums and Cat "mums"!!

Julie: So, this is Mother's Day.
Or, as some places say Mothering Day.
I guess it counts if I refer to my human as "Mum"
She does do all the things a mum would do.
She looks after me, feeds me she gives me brushings.
I like those things.

She makes sure I am happy and safe.

She also loves me lots and tells me that every day!
 Happy Mother's Day "Mum"
You are my pawsome human!


Friday 12 May 2023

Lots of Views!

Julie: These window ledges are so nice.
They are roomy enough to lay on comfortably.
They also offer great viewing.

I must say, the sun on my furs feels SO good.
Mum likes it too. She lays her hands on my back and 
feels the heat!

I also lay in the doorway and watch the  yard.
There are birds,sometimes people  and other

On the stairs going down to the road ,
I saw the groundhog!
No babies yet!

As you can see, there is plenty of nice juicy grass
 and plenty of great views!
Makes a cat happy! MOL!

Monday 8 May 2023

Window Views and Sunshine

Julie: I enjoyed a nice sunny weekend.
I even got to go out a little bit.
The grass is growing and it is quite tasty when it is 
new as the blades are tender.
There is still a coolness in the air though,
but that will soon pass.

This picture is not very good to make out,
but the squirrel is hanging on to the feeder.
He likes the oil seeds Mum puts out
for the chickadees.
Those squirrels like any kind of food.

At least they provide entertainment.
Sometimes I lay in the other window and enjoy 
the sun on my black furs. It feels so nice and warm.
Sometimes mum puts her hands on my furs
and says how warm it feels.

You can see the sun on the floor too.
I could lay there but the window has a better view.
Since I am in the kitchen maybe I can convince mum 
to give me a snack.

It never hurts to try.
Sometimes I get lucky!


Friday 5 May 2023

Just hanging out with Julie

Julie: Mum got some pictures if me laying
on this very soft blanket.

 I like this blanket and often lay here.
I can help mum as she posts my blog.
How relaxing is that?

It was overcast yesterday and I relaxed inside
as Mum went to the dentist.
She did some shopping too and brought me 
more food. Thank goodness I will not starve. MOL!
I do not think she would ever let that happen!
There would be consequences!


Monday 1 May 2023

Groundhog Monday

Julie: I had a nice time  sitting on the porch
this weekend. The nice time about this time
of year is that it is getting warmer. I like that!

The groundhog is out and about more often. 
I guess the grass is pretty tasty in the Spring.

They are quite nervous but they are happy
as they are in a quiet area. This one can eat in peace.
Mum is hoping to see babies soon and
I must am I!