Friday 31 July 2009

Close Up Friday and Wedding Gift

We hope you enjoy our close ups today.
Have a great weekend too!!!!!!!




My dear friend TT sent me a wedding gift.
She communicated this wish to her family,
and Molly ,Shadow,Troo,Jake and their beans
sent it to me!!!

This is a picture of TT and the fresh catnip and
cat mint leaves.
TT's Mom grows these plants near the place where their
beloved Fatty is buried. I think Fatty watches over the plants.

Oh boy!!!!!!! Does this smell good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss TT, but I know she will be with me
and my beautiful Miss Peach on our wedding day.
I think a lot of our friends at the Rainbow Bridge will be with us!!

This art piece was handmade by TT's little girl bean Rhiannon.
It shows the catnip and cat mint growing in their yard near Fatty's grave.
There are even tasty treats too!!!! What a happy Mancat I am!
I am very honoured too, that I got this magnificent picture!!
Thank You Rhiannon!!!!!!!!!!

It took Mom a while, but she finally got this video up!!
You can see how I love the fresh leaves and they
are still in the plastic!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Remembering Our Friend,TT Girl

Georgia : One year ago today our friend TT Girl
went to theRainbow Bridge. I think it is up there.

Tillie: TT Girl was a sweet kitty.
We were glad we got to know her.

Mickey : I miss my friend. I know I will see her again some day.
She will be with me,in spirit, on my wedding day.
That will make me so happy!!

Happy in the arms of her Mom.

A beautiful ,caring friend.
We will send purrs to your family,TT.

Monday 27 July 2009

Mancat Monday

As a Mancat,I feel it is important to get good rest.
I will show you one of my favourite sleeping positions.

This is a great way to stretch out and still have a good snooze!!

Yup, it is a great position.......

Sunday 26 July 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Oh!! Hi!!!!!

I was just trying to decide if I want to go onto that blue tarp.

Hmmmmmmm,maybe not.
I just like hanging on the porch.
I can see outside and hear the birds and squirrels!!
I just need to decide on the best spot to sit.
I think Georgia and Tillie are inside at the moment.

Zzzzzzz...huh??? What?????
Mickey,why are you yelling ??
Oh,hi...I was having a nice dream.

Sundays are great days to simply laze about and relax.

I am in a comfy spot, so I might just go back to sleep.

Sleeping is just what Tillie is doing!!
She is quite good at it as well!!!!!!!!!!
We hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Friday 24 July 2009

Friday Close Ups

It's Friday and time for our close ups.
Mom woke Tillie up ,I don't think she liked it,heehee



Lost in thought

Theodore Too

(he was not going to crash into Mom's ferry,

he was turning toward his dock)

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Wordy Wednesday

It's Hump Day!! That means something to many beans!
To us,it's just another day in paradise,heehee
I am looking at Mom early in the morning.
She is bringing my breakfast.

Georgia is on he lookout for that BIG spider I think!!!!
If you see it ,Georgia,don't tell Mom!!!!

Tillie is just soaking up the sun!

In June,our friend Luna's person was in Japan for a short visit.
While there,he visited the Gotoku-ji Temple and saw many 'cats'
known as maneki nekos.
Mom saw a Japanese restaurant and this is the window
on the street.

This is a cute cat. It has spots, so it must be a boy.
I think he is a left pawed kitty,hehee

Monday 20 July 2009

Mancat Looking After Mom

On this Mancat Monday I am looking after Mom.
Her nerves are shot!! Heehee
It has to do with those monster spiders again!!!!!

These pictures are not clear.
Mom should have used a flash,
and she did not want to get too close!!!!!
She came across a Wolf Spider moulting!!
That means it will get BIGGER!!!!!!!

After a while, the spider drew it's legs close to it's body.

Silly Mom blew on it and it moved super fast
scaring her to death!!!!!!!
It ran behind the deck post!!!!!!!

Now there is a BIGGER spider on the back deck!
She may never go out there again!! Hahahahahaha!!!!
Well, not without a big stick or a brave Mancat!!!!!

Look at that leg!!
It's coming for ya Mom!!

When the spider discarded it's shell,Mom used tweezers to get it.
It still looks scary to her !!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I am looking after Mom !

Saturday 18 July 2009

Lazy Day and Tall Ships

Hello everycat!!
I am waiting for my grass.
Mom is getting it for me so she can use my blog again.
Just get the tender blades Mom!!!!!!!!!

I think the police are pretty happy with their assignment,
looking after things during the Tall Ships weekend

These girls are looking for 'Captain Jack Sparrow'

Look at this tall ship!
What ship is it?

It is the USCC Eagle!

These beans have a great view on the Silva

This is the HMS Bounty

This is her figurehead.

The small ship in the foreground is the Viking Sea Rover
and the tall ship is the Fair Jeanne

The Europa

The Amistad and the HMCS Goose Bay.
a mixture of old and new.

This is the pride of Nova Scotia, the Bluenose!!
It is on the back of our dimes.