Friday 26 February 2021

Julie and Shades of Black

Julie: One cool thing about being a black cat is that you 
always represent a silouhette.Very much like those
 one dimentional pictures on signs and the like.
I, however , am real!

Add a bit of light  and voila, a 3 dimensonial
cat. Pretty cool right?

I must say, that was FUN !
Know what else is FUN ?
It's the weekend! 
Hope you get to enjoy yours!

Monday 22 February 2021

Snow and Sun on the Weekend

Julie: Well, the big snow we were expecting on Friday 
and Saturday did not come.
We got maybe 10cm(4in) of white,fluffy snow.
Mum likes that snow as it is light and easy to move.
She calls it broom snow because you could sweep
it away .

I watched rom the window as mum moved the snow.
 It did not take too long. She cleared a path to the birdfeeders
 and the steps down to the road.

On Saturday, the sun was shining so the snow melted
where mum shovelled .
Me, I watched her from this warm,sunny windowsill!

The mourning doves came before the sun came out.
They did not mind as they could still get the seeds.

When the sun came out, they did some sunbathing.

 No snow predicted for this week, but maybe sun and  rain!
Our Winters are not as cold as they were years ago.
Mum says that is OK. MOL!!!

Friday 19 February 2021

It's Friday and a Snow Day !

Julie: Hello friends and happy Friday, the day that 
gets the weekend started!
It is my favourite day as I love to have mum
home on the weekend with me.
I get to have lots of brushings, scritches, and snuggles.
Those are things that make me happy.
I think they make mum happy too.
Once again we are expecting snow.
It could be  between 10-20cm(5-10 in).
Mum should be home before  it gets too bad :)
When mum is home, we will have FUN!!!!!
Oh, I can't wait!!!!!

On Monday, we had some mixed weather and freezing rain.
We had some icicles hanging from the back of the house
and one fell off. You can see it below.
It's about a foot long. Good think mum does not 
go out back  in Winter.
There are lots of trees and the deck where
this icicle fell. Another reason to be an indoor
cat especially when there is snow.
I still have now put my paws in the snow.
I think it may be too cold, but maybe I will try
it sometime...maybe.

For now, I am content to have my FUN indoors,
away from the snow.
I wish you all a happy and FUN weekend!!!

Monday 15 February 2021

Monday with Mum

Julie: Happy Monday!
It is happy for me as mum is home!
We are just chillaxing and enjoying each  other's
Later, I will get some brushings  and I always
look forward to those. 
Mum put some birdseed out and not long after
the ducks showed up!

I like to watch the ducks, but I like to watch mum more.
She will make another coffee and then I will get those
brushings. They make my body tingle and my
soft furs even softer. Do you like getting brushed?


Friday 12 February 2021

Long Weekend for Heritage Day

Julie: Hey mum, the weekend is starting and we have an 
extra day to have FUN!
Yup! An extra day as Monday is a holiday!
In our province, we call it Heritage Day and every year 
we honour a person(s) who made a  difference.
To read about this year's recipient click here.

I have some toys ready so let's go!
I am ready or lots of FUN!!!!

 I hope you all have a FUN weekend
and get to spend some quality time with 
your person!!!!!

Monday 8 February 2021

Storm Day with Mum at Home !

Julie: This was the scene yesterday. There is a BIG
storm  that started last night.
These ducks must have known as they dropped by
to stock up on seeds.

Mum and I  usually see 2 ducks.
Yesterday, they brought friends.

Since it is a BIG storm, mum is staying home!!
Can you tell that I am super happy?
Oh boy!! Belly rubs? Yes please!

This was mum's snack last night.
Storm chips?* NO!!
She had storm crackers with cheese and wine.

 I am happy with my regular cat treats, though
a little bite of cheese might be OK ;)

* In our area "storm chips" are a thing.
The prefered snack when it is stormy.
It is so popular that you can actually buy   potato
chips labeled as "Storm chips"!
Works for any kind of storm, not just
snow storms ;)

Edit: This is the scene at 8AM
The wind is still blowing though the snow
has stopped falling.
Lots of snow to shovel.
At least it's light and fluffy!

Friday 5 February 2021

A Good Friday after a Stormy Tuesday

On Tuesday we had a pretty wild storm. 
Mum took the day off as it sounded like travel would
not be fun.Work agreed and decided not to open.
It was really windy and snowy!
We did not lose power though and that was good!

In the afternoon, it started to rain  and kept raining
all night! This is what it looked like after the storm!
The rain took away the snow!
Mum was happy as she didn't have to shovel  .
While this is nice, there is still a lot of Winter let.

I enjoyed spending the day with mum!

OK mum! Put the camera down and give me some
 brushings and belly rubs!
I love having mum at home!

Now when she comes home it will be the weekend!!!
Oh boy! I am excited! Two days with mum will
be FUN!!!!!!!
The weather should be pretty good too.
I purr you all have a FUN weekend too !

Monday 1 February 2021

Indoor Cat and Outdoor Deer


Julie: The home mum and I live in is protected!

By ME...Julie!!

I even have my own chair...MOL!!

I have to protect against deer intrusions.
However, I do not think this deer wants to come indoors.

I think it is more interested in eating the rhododendron.
Those leaves must be tasty.
Mum even put out a few apples.
Hope the deer like them.

A lot of our snow is melting. The weather continues to 
be up and down temperature wise.
A storm is coming for Tuesday that will bring
snow,and rain!
Sounds like it will be a messy week and I am
really happy to be an indoor cat!!!