Friday 31 May 2013

Close Up Friday

Georgia:  Hello friends and happy Friday !
We are excited that it is the weekend because it will be
sunny and FINALLY nice and warm!!
Oh boy!! We look forward to spending lots of time on the porch!
Today, we are doing some close ups,and we did not try to run
away from Mom either !






Stray Kitty  (taken through a window as he is still shy)

Have a fun weekend !!!!

Monday 27 May 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Oh Hi! I am just checking out this floor. It has a 
neat smell.

OK, maybe not that exciting. The weekend was though,because
we had some sun yesterday! We love sunshine,because we
get to go on the porch and soak up those warm rays.

Gee, where should I go and enjoy these nice warm rays?

Oh, maybe up on the shelf with the window view! Yeah !

JJ is on a shelf with a window view. He likes it too !

Treasure was enjoying a sunbeam in the living room.

Tiger was enjoying lots of snoozes on her heated pad. 
She says it feels good with her arthritis. She sleeps 
lots, which is OK as she is 16. 
She always wakes up for meals though! 

Today is cooler again, but we should have much nicer weather
 by Wednesday!!
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Friday 24 May 2013

Finally Friday

Georgia: Happy Friday friends !! This is an older picture of me
taken when we had sunshine.We did see some on Sunday 
then the sun went into hiding. While it was sunny, Mom saw some
interesting things that I will share.

Mom was at her sister's place and saw this cute fellow in Aunty's
 garden. This is a chipmunk, and he was keeping an eye on Mom!

Then, they went to the boardwalk on Halifax Harbour.
They saw this fishing boat and wondered what he was doing.
It appeared he was looking for something,perhaps a trap fell in the
water .They did not pull anything up and soon went on their way.
Halifax Harbour is an active shipping lane, 
so no fishing is done in the harbour.

 Further down the boardwalk, Mom and Auntie spotted these
crazy lights! They thought they were cool !

While they were off doing the exploring thing, we were doing the
snoozing thing!! Here are 5 of us .

Tillie likes to snooze by herself unless Mom is around.

It appears we will have more rain for the weekend, so we will be
doing lots of snoozing and snuggling with Mom.
We hope you all have a fun weekend and are lucky
enough to have sunshine !!

Monday 20 May 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Here it is,Monday and Mom is home! I am happy about 
that ! I like that I can have more snuggles with Mom. 
She was away visiting with family on Saturday and then
went to see a movie on Sunday, but today is for us!
We are snuggling today because it is cloudy and the 
weather is NOT warm!! The Spring is very slow in coming.
It is also Victoria Day and that is why Mom is home.

Treasure and JJ were snuggling on a comfy chair.
That is a nice way to stay warm!

Tillie thought it was a nice idea, so she decided to join them!
When Mom sits down to read her book, we will snuggle up
with her. It will be fun!

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Friday 17 May 2013

Long Weekend Ahead!

Happy Friday friends!!!
Here in Canada, we are celebrating Victoria Day!
That means we will be spending more time with Mom!
She will be out and about some with her sister and
they will visit with  Grammie and other family members too.
We are looking forward to this weekend.
It should be pretty nice with sunshine  too!!

We purr you all have a super fun weekend too !!

Monday 13 May 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Hey JJ! What's up?

Have you been eating any goodies?
JJ: NO!!

Georgia: Are you sure?  You smell tasty.

 JJ: That's just my regular Manly smell. 
Do you like it?

Georgia: No. I thought you might have gotten a treat from Mom,
and I would have gone to get one too.
JJ: Sheesh. Sisters!!

Mom was getting artsy with Tillie and Julie's pictures!
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Friday 10 May 2013

Finally Friday

Georgia: As you know, we like to hang out on the porch when
it is nice and warm and when Mom is home. Tillie and JJ
get along quite well and JJ often grooms Tillie.

Do you want to see? OK 

Tillie and JJ relaxing in a box.

They see Mom with the flashy box.

Trying to ignore her!

Tillie asks JJ for a bath and JJ says OK.


More licks!

 Here is a little movie of JJ giving Tillie a bath.

We purr you all have a good weekend.
We will be having rain all weekend, but that is OK as we are 
indoor kitties. We can snuggle with Mom !!

Monday 6 May 2013

Monday Musings with Georgia

JJ: I am too excited that I am having the first grass of the season!
It's about time too as it is young and tender and tasty!

 Oh Mom, hurry up! I've been waiting all Winter for this!

Oh yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

 Georgia: I was enjoying a pawsome snooze under cover
when Mom came along with that darn flashy box!

A while later,Mom was back and by then I was soaking up
the nice afternoon sunbeams!

They feel so nice on my furs and really make snoozing cozy.

Our friend Stray Kitty is a regular visitor and comes every
day for breakfast and supper.
He is still quite shy,but only goes out of arms reach when
Mom puts out his food.

He even will sometimes stay around for a bit and enjoy
the sunshine!

Tillie loves grass. Julie,not so much.
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Friday 3 May 2013

Friday Close Ups

 Well friends, it has been a pretty nice week and warmer than
it has been for a while, so Spring is finally here!
We are looking forward to another nice sunny weekend too.
We will leave you with another round of close ups.
We hope you like them .
We hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are !