Tuesday 30 January 2024

Hello again from Winnie

Winnie:  Hi again friends!
I kinda like this blog thing as I get to meet so many
cool cats and other friends.
Mum is not as familiar with blogging on a laptop
and she says there is something called a 
learning curve. 
All I know is she is figuring it out and now
     I get to see some new friends!
I am still loving my new home and housemates.
We are not besties yet but we will be.
Mum assures me I am NOT going anywhere!
I do not miss the SPCA shelter at all :)

                                                     I am looking forward to  seeing you all!
                                                     Oh,,,by the way, what is it like where you live 

Sunday 21 January 2024

Fun with housemates

Winnie: I am liking this place and having housemates.
I also like stalking. Here, I am stalking Summer. MOL!

                                                     We are all still getting used to each other.
                                                     At least there is no hissing or growling. MOL
                                                     I am liking this place a lot! Life is good.


Saturday 20 January 2024

Winnie relaxing on the sofa

Winnie:  Hi friends. Life is interesting with mum,
I was never involved with blogging before I came here,
I am getting used to this process and so is mum in a way.
She is more familiar with a desktop computer than
a laptop.
I think she is forgetting how to take a picture!
I mean, really ?

                                     Oh well, it is not a bad shot because I am in it! MOL!
                                      Mum is catching on so I will likely be seeing more of you
                                      and you will see more of me!
                                      Also, I am hearing the word Vet lately. Seems I have some
                                      balding spots on my hips and she wants to have that checked out.

Friday 12 January 2024

Winnie popping in to say Hi!

Winnie: Jeepers, mum must be getting mighty 
She had to remember how to do my pictures on 
the laptop.
Good thing she was successful.

Gee, I think I need to be the one looking
after mum! MOL!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Enjoying life with Winnie

Winnie: Gee whiz!! It has been hard to get mum
to help me blog!
I can understand that she has been captivated
by my good looks and charm...MOL!
However, I want to get acquainted with all of you 
pawsome new friends!

Mum is not as used to the laptop as she is with a desktop,
so it is taking a while to figure things out.
She is scatterbrained( that is a safer word than old)
Anyway, she finally succeeded and here I am.
Life is still good here and I am quite happy.
I really am a lucky cat. I like it here and am getting 
used to the other cats,though that is going more slowly.
I told mum that if she posts more often, she will
not forget  how to do things as often ;) MOL!!!!
Till next time!

Friday 5 January 2024

Winnie...Learning to share

Winnie: I really like playing with strings and
So does Summer. She is a bit nervous in playing with me
as I tend to be a bit more aggressive. I cannot help myself!
I love the toys and think they are all mine.
I was  an only cat at my former home so getting
used to housemates  will take a while.
At least the hissing is pretty much done... mostly. MOL!

This toy is in my room.
That makes it mine...right?
MOL...another learning curve...sharing.
We slowly getting used to one another and mum says we
have lots of time. Thank goodness!!


Wednesday 3 January 2024

Hi from Winnie

Winnie: Hello again friends.
As you can see, I like this spot.
A lot has to do with the placement of this mat.
It is more comfy than laying on the floor.
I am currently playing with mum.
I hold the big string and she tries to get it away from me.
It keeps her amused for a good while.
She is easy to amuse...MOL!!

I am slowly getting used to my roommates.
We still have not interacted a lot but we are all curious.
I am really liking this place and I feel comfortable about
referring to it as home. 
Home is such a lovely word!