Monday 28 June 2021

Cats and Critters #3

Julie: When you get up early, you get to see
interesting things.
Sunday morning, mum and I saw this deer.
It was happily eating the hosta! MOL!

The duck family dropped by for some seeds mum put out.
The ducklings are getting quite big now.

Earl, as usual, entertained us with his

 Quite the determined character!

He really likes those seeds !


These Mourning Doves were just grazing, to see
what goodies they could find. 

Mum changed the hummingbird feeders 
but the hummers have not been back since
she put them out. They are quite fast!

 She did capture ME having a drink though.
Staying hydrated is important in the Summer.
Mum says it will be a HOT week with a mix
of sun and rain.
Thursday is Canada Day, so mum gets to
stay home with me.

Is it Thursday yet? MOL!!!

Friday 25 June 2021

Finally Friday and the Weekend Starts!

Julie: I was hoping to go outside last night.
I gave mum a big hint by sitting on the porch.

That did not work, so I followed her into the
living room. She said  that tonight was not good
as she has a conference call for a group she
is involved with.

I sat beside her while she was on the call to
make sure  she knew I was not happy.
She promised that Friday  night will be better.
She will be able to devote all her time to ME!
That seems fair, right?

Actually mum is really good to me so I am
not worried . After all it's Friday night!!!
I like weekends. They are FUN!!!!!




Monday 21 June 2021

Ducks and Julie and the Great Outdooes!

Julie: Mum has seen two duck families coming
to our yard for seeds.

 As you can see, the ducklings are getting big!

I spent some time relaxing on the ramp.
It's nice to just watch what's going on outside.
I do not go far as mum keeps an eye on me.
She wants me to be a tad nervous. I am.

See! She is always keeping an eye on me.
The kitchen window is next to the ramp, 
and the door is only s few steps away.
Yup, the great outdoors is still a bit scary for me.

Friday 18 June 2021

Grass makes a Nice Light Snack!

Julie: I was outside last night for a short while.
The grass is looking pretty tasty.

Should I eat some?
Yup! Silly question!

I had a good chomp and it was good!!

This is the Rhododendron in our yard.
As you can see, it is quite big

 Mum says the weekend should be quite good
so I should have more time to go out and have more
tasty grass! I am looking forward to that.
I also look forward to mum-time.
That includes lots of brushings.
That is always FUN!!

Monday 14 June 2021

A Good Weekend to be Outside!

Julie: We had some visitors this weekend.
This is a Downey Woodpecker

This is Earl the Squirrel.

Those toenails are really something!!!

These next pictures are of me enjoying the warmth
of the deck.

Oh yes, it feels nice and warm.

A good place for napping, but I do not nap.
I am still a bit nervous outside.

I am happy to just enjoy the sunbeams!
I think mum likes it that way.


Friday 11 June 2021

Short Trip Outside as Cooler Weather Returns

Julie: Mum, it's getting late and we need to do 
the blog! I also need to go outside for a bit!
Ok, Ok, I would like to go outside for
a little bit...please?

I do like going outside even for a few minutes.
After a few days of hot weather, it has started
to cool off. In fact, it is quite cool out here!

I still want to have a bit of a look though.

Hmmmmmmm! This looks interesting. Wonder
what it tastes like.
Gee! Not at all exciting, or tasty!!

 Guess I will go indoors. The hot temps
of the last few days are gone and it really is 
quite cool! Besides, the treats taste better than the wood!
Stay safe everyone and everycat, and stay safe!!
Since it's the weekend ...have FUN!

Monday 7 June 2021

Monday Musings with Julie

Julie: Mum hurry up an take my picture!
I want some brushes!
 Good thing she listens. MOL!

Around lunch time, I got to sit on the porch ramp.
It was really warm and the sun felt so good
on my black furs!

Around suppertime I wanted to go out again.
Mum said no, because Mr and Mrs Duck came
with their family. Mum did not
get any pictures of them as they were quite nervous
and stayed in the tall grass even though mum
did cut the grass where she put the seeds.

 Mum saw this  spider  on the screen in the kitchen
window.  As you can see, It is pretty big.
Mum was happy it was on the outside!
It came and went as it was probably
hunting for food.
Good thing the bugs are outside!!

 Well I'm taking it easy today.
We are under a weather warning due to high
temperatures and humidity!
The highs will be around 24-36 Celsius!!
It will feel sticky as it is also a humid!
The end of the week should be back to normal.
At least we hope!

Friday 4 June 2021

Birds,Groundhogs and Grass!!!!!!!!!!!

  Like a bird on the wire...
That what mum thought when she saw these pigeons.

Guess they were waiting to see what goodies there
were in the yard for eating.I 'm pretty sure they
know mum puts out seeds.

This Groundhog likes this patch too. It is close to her/his
 home. I don't think he bothers with the seeds, but
maybe. I'm not sure what a Groundhog likes.

I know what I like...GRASS!!!!!
It is tasty!

Have you tried grass? It's really good!

This is the look I give mum when she says it's time 
to come indoors. I like it outside, but she will not
let me stay out alone. Darn!
Oh well, at least I get to go out a bit!

 While it is a bit rainy this morning, it should be
sunny when she comes home and sunny all weekend!
I am looking forward to more FUN in the grass!!!
Or should I say "Splendor in the Grass" MOL!
Gee, mum is weird. She referenced two movies in this post.

All I really want is the grass!!!!
Have a  FUN  weekend !!!

PS: Sorry to the Trout Talkin Tabbies for mentioning
and showing pictures of birds.