Friday 29 March 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: Hi friends and happy Friday!
We had a pretty good week as it was sunny though
 the temperatures could have been warmer.
Today is much nicer, ut mum says we will be getting
rain and cooler temps at the start of next week.
Well, next week is not here so we will enjoy
our sunny days now.
Sunshine makes us happy and we pose more for mum.
Here are our Friday Close Ups!


Julie: laying on the porch floor

We purr you are getting nice weather where you live.
No matter what your weather, be sure to have FUN !!!

Monday 25 March 2019

Sunny Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Mmmmmmmmmmmm!
That sun feels SO good on my furs!!

Hi friends. Yes we did have a wonderful day on
Sunday. It was sunny and pleasant. Saturday was drizzly.
Needless to say we were on the porch.

JJ and Julie enjoyed their time there as well.

JJ loves heat. In spite of his age, he still manages to get
around. Even with poor eyesight, he can still find his way around.

Earlier on Sunday, Julie was enjoying the sun from the 
kitchen window.

She lay in the sun for a good while.

Then, when she got too warm, she moved to the
kitchen floor before heading to the porch.

The sun, and some rain Friday and drizzle on Saturday has 
taken away a lot of our snow. Because we live in the middle 
of a hill, melting snow makes for lots of running
streams of water through our yard. That makes it a bit
soggy at times. Our well never runs dry!
This week we will see lots of sunshine  and the
temps are getting better!

Earl the Squirrel was also sunbathing.
He has the remnants of an old shelf as well as
fungus  growing on this dead tree  to choose for sitting.
He was thinking some seeds would go nicely.
We hope he had some in nis nest as mum did not
put out any more.

We purr that all of you are enjoying better weather too.

Friday 22 March 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia:   It is finally Friday and we are so happy
as mum will be home with us.She is happy too
as it was a "long week".
That's human talk for "very busy'.
Anyway, all of us are looking forward to
relaxing and snuggling!
Good thing too as we are expecting major rain this evening!
25-30 millimeters (about 1-1.5 inches)
Mum hopes it will remove lots of the snow and ice 
in our driveway .

We even posed for pictures!
Here is mine.

JJ loves to pose for pictures!

Julie does not love posing.
She loves making mum work for her pics !

One think we all love is having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
We purr you do too!
What FUN will you be having this weekend?

Monday 18 March 2019

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: We had a pretty good weekend. 
The weather was pretty good too and lots of melting
happened though mum said  there was a little bite
in the breezes.It is supposed to be sunny all week!
Mum hopes for lots more melting.
We do not worry about outdoor weather as we are cozy indoors.
Here is a rare picture of the 3 of us together.

Sunday, Julie was watching Critter TV from the kitchen
window.Mum said her furs were very warm.

In many places the snow melted and you can see the ground.
This is where mum puts bird seed so it is good that
the ground is clear.

Mum took JJ in to see the Vet last week as he seemed 
unsteady and yeowling as he wandered around.
Turns out his heart murmer is a bit stronger..
This week, he went back for a check-up.
He had his blood pressure tested and it was higher
so he has meds for that.
Sadly, he is losing sight  in one eye, but we hope he will keep
it in the other.
In spite of this, he is still a happy fellow and gets around
 pretty good.Not too bad for a 22 year old.

Friday 15 March 2019

Finally Friday !

Georgia: Happy Friday friends!
What a week, Mum was happy as it was not freezing cold.
We had some warm temps Wednesday and Thursday!
Today is the warmest yet at 9C (48 F)
Mind you, we get rain with that, but as indoor cats we don't mind.
Besides, the rain starts tonight,probably when mum is coming home.
You all know that mum is lazy about taking pics,
 so we are doing our Friday close ups. Here is mine,



Julie was at the Vet for her semi-annual check up.
Mum thought she was getting,um,big.
The Vet said that she can still see the indent in  her body shape
and that is good.She should not gain any more though
Over all, she is in good shape and even her teeth
are looking good.
Julie was pleased and happy to get home.

JJ goes for his annual exam on Saturday.
We will see how this 22 year old is doing.

What will you be doing this weekend?
We purr it involves FUN!!!

Monday 11 March 2019

Monday Musings with Julie

Julie: Hi friends. As you can see, I was on the porch.
It was pretty cool and I did not stay out long.
We did have sunshine and that was nice.

Georgia and JJ spent most of the weekend snuggling.

Critter TV was pawsome this weekend though I don't 
think my friends in  Troute Town  would agree.
That's because we had birds!
Here is a crow with Earl the Squirrel.

There were also lots of ducks.

This group was getting ready to leave.
They winter in the river next to our place.
It runs along the side of the house downhill from us.
Then it goes under the road(bridge) into the lake.
Right now, most of the lake is iced over.

The best news is that the temps for this week will
be above 0 C !!!!!(That's 32F for our American friends)
We will be getting rain and some sun this week!
Mum hopes it takes away a lot of snow!

I hope it warms up the porch!

Friday 8 March 2019

Finally Friday Close Ups

Georgia: Well it is Friday once again and we are happy.
Mum is most happy  as it means she is with us
all weekend.
Our weather is turning better too.
After the storm on Monday, it was cold all week.
Now, the temps are starting to rise to the point we
 will see rain on Monday!
Mum will be glad to see the end of wind chill factors!

We have some close ups for you.
Here is mine.



Here are some pictures from the storm on Monday.
The birds were fighting to get into the feeder.

This guy succeeded!

These ducks were digging in the snow for seeds 
mum put out earlier and finding them too!

We will be turning our clocks ahead this weekend.
That means that there will be more light at the 
end of the day.Mum wishes they would leave it 
this way and not change ie in the Fall!

So! What will you be doing this weekend?
Hope it involves FUN !!

Monday 4 March 2019

Stormy Days !

Georgia: Saturday night we had a storm.
It was the first really bad storm we had as it 
brought so much snow. We have had snow, but it did not last.

Today we are having another storm that is bringing
snow,ice pellets and rain.Since it will be yucky outside,
mum is taking a vacation day and staying
home with us!

Julie: I love any day mum stays home with us.
I love to follow mum around and hang out with her.

Mum took this picture Saturday night.
You can see pathways we have cleared from a 
bit of snow we had a little while ago.

Sunday morning it looked like this!

Lots of birds came by for breakfast but had to wait.
Mum needed to shovel a path to the feeder.

When she was done moving snow, the birds came back.
The ducks,

and crows and a duck.
Mum took the pictures through the  kitchen windows
so the quality is not too good.

Now, I think I will find mum and hang out with 
her again!

Friday 1 March 2019

Finally Friday!

Georgia: Hi friends and welcome to Friday!!
Today we start a new month.One that will bring Spring!
Our forecast is not playing along though.
While we will see sun today and most of
Saturday, we will also be seeing more snowflakes on Sunday!
Well, Spring is not till the 21st, so there is hope.

I know Julie is hoping for sun and porch time!
So am I.

So is JJ !

Most of all we are looking forward to lots of time with mum.
We are also looking forward to having FUN!!

What  FUN will you be having this weekend?