Monday 29 February 2016

Finally,a Sunny Weekend!

JJ: As you can see, I am enjoying these pawsome sunbeams!
I was on the porch and enjoyed a lot of great snoozes

Oh yes, it was good to be on the porch!

Georgia: I like the porch, but I also like the softness
of this blankie. Also, I am close to mum when she 
works on the computer.I like that. I also like that
Julie is on the porch. We get along OK, but she still
makes me nervous.

Treasure: Mom, I know the porch is sunny but I am 
comfy here. Take that camera and go away...please.
I'm not done sleeping.

When we have sunshine, you know where to find Julie!

Yup! On the porch.
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Friday 26 February 2016

Thoughts on Friday

Georgia: A while ago, when it was sunny and I was on 
the porch,I thought I was being watched.

I was right!

I even meowed at her.

She was pretending she did not notice I was there.

Julie: Who,me?
I'm not doing anything.
Just enjoying the sun.

Naturally she would say that.
I still don't trust her.

Treasure: This is Mom's shovel. She uses it to move snow.
She is hoping she will not heed it anymore this season.
It is overcast and drizzly today and is getting colder.
We might see some flurries, but that's it.
Saturday should be sunny!
We hope so. We like sun.

JJ: I also do not want snow.
I like sunshine and heat!
I am hoping we get both soon !

What ever your weather, we purr you have a
FUN weekend!

Monday 22 February 2016

Mancat Monday with Treasure and JJ

Treasure and JJ: Today, we are doing a post.
We are the Mancats around here and we thought
we should have a post.

I am JJ . I am 19 years old and in good health.

I still like to groom my furs as I like to look good.

My brother Treasure seems to think I may need help.
I don't !

Treasure:  I am also 19 and in good health.
Unlike JJ, I do not obsess about my furs.
Mum says I should as I have lots of matted furs.
She is always trying to remove them and I don't 
like it!

See! I can do some grooming!

JJ: That's not grooming Treasure,
That's only your paw.You need to do ALL of your furs!
That Treasure keeps Mum busy.

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Friday 19 February 2016

Happy Birthday Mo !

Day after day, rain or shine, snow or not
 (well, there's usually no snow down Florida way!)
he keeps those daily linkies up and running for us ...
 so we can easily keep in touch with one another.  
MO posts our special events, and giveaways, 
and contests ... and when we need
purrs and prayers, or need to share the sad news 
of a rainbow bridge crossing, 
 sure all are given a paws-up 
to visit the appropriate blog.

Thank you Mo, for all you do!
Have the happiest of birthdays too!

To visit Mo, (please do) click on the links below.

In our Monday post, we showed you all of the snow we had.
Tuesday and Wednesday it was pouring rain!
It washed away our snow!
There is only a bit on the road in the background.
There are lots of trees that keep our road sheltered
 from the sun.
We bet all the critters are happy about that.
We know Mum is happy!

WE wish all of you a FUN weekend !

Monday 15 February 2016

Earl the Squirrel loves Seeds!

Georgia: Guess what? Mum is home today because it is a holiday!
Not only that, it is sunny today!
Its cold outside, but not as cold as Saturday and Sunday.
Tomorrow we get rain! How crazy is that?

On Friday, we showed you 2 bags of seed  we got for
the wildlife.
The bags said "wild bird seed" 
Now we know the Trout Towne Tabbies do not like birds,
but they are not the only ones that eat them.
Earl the Squirrel loves them a lot!
Here he is running up this tree.

You can just see his head as he grabs another seed.

He is so fast running up the tree, Mum could hardly take the picture!

He sits on this stub of a branch and eats the seed,
then repeats the process.
We think it would be easier to stay on the ground.

Earl: Hey! Are you criticizing the way I eat my seeds?
I happen to like it up here instead of the cold snow.

Georgia: OK Earl, don't get anymore excited than you 
already are. Eat those seeds  any way you please.

Want to see what Julie is doing today?
Sure you do!

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Guess who is having a birthday today?
Why not pop over and wish him a happy Birthday :)

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Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentine's Day
to all our friends !

Friday 12 February 2016

Finally Friday and Long Weekend!

Georgia: Hi friends. Well, it's Friday again and that
means the weekend and Mum time. This weekend
we have Mum for an extra day as Monday is a holiday.
We are celebrating Heritage Day.

This is gonna be fun!

 Julie: That's right Georgia. We also hope to get some
porch time. Mum says it will be cloudy 
Saturday and Sunday and we will get another 10cm of snow.
Monday should be sunny though.
If it's not too cold we should get on the porch.

JJ: While we like the porch, we are just happy to hang
out with Mum. She gives great scritches and 
belly rubs!

Treasure: I also like more Mum time.
I like to be near her too and get some attention.

This picture was taken before the blizzard we had last

This is after the blizzard.Mum  took this picture Thursday.
She already had paths to the bird/squirrel feeder.
While we will get snow this weekend,
it is supposed to rain next week!
This Winter has been very strange.

Earl the Squirrel  will be happy for these!
In Canada,labeling is done in French and English.

This is what is in the bags!
Earl loves the sunflower seeds.
Visiting birds like the other seeds.
Our Chickadees love the sunflower seeds too.

No matter what kind of weather you have this weekend.
we purr you all are safe and warm.
Have a FUN weekend!

Monday 8 February 2016

Georgia's Weekend

Georgia: I do not often get on the porch in Winter.
While it is enclosed, it is not heated.

When the sun shines though, it gets nice and warm.
especially when there is no wind.
It is nice too after all the rain we had Friday.

Needless to say I enjoyed that sun and heat.

Oh, this is nice.


Time to get up.

Turn around, 

and do the other side.

I was not the only kitty to worship the sun.
If you look at my first picture, you can see me looking at her.
Yup, it's Julie!

You can see more of her weekend at House Panthers.

While we enjoyed the sun this past weekend,
there is a BLIZZARD warning for today!
We think Mum will be home early.

Friday 5 February 2016

Finally Friday

Georgia: Once again Friday is here and we are happy.
We like when mum is around because we love the company
and all the attention.

JJ: Mum told us it was a very strange week with regard
to weather. It was stormy last Friday and mum was late 
getting home because of snow. Then the temps went up
and a lot of snow melted.

Treasure: Thursday and today we have had rain and lots of it!
Mum said  we had about 50mm (2 inches) !
That really got rid of some snow!
It was also warm enough to be on the porch after dark.

Julie: Mum says Saturday will be cooler but sunny.
I like sunny.

Mum took some pictures of the snow last Saturday.
Here is some water dripping from the roof. 
You can see it splashing.

This picture shows icy snow on tree branches.
You can see it melting.

The icy,heavy snow caused big problems for many people
 in our province. On the map below the area near the upper right
is called Cape Breton. They got lots of snow and wind.
Just opposite the island (Prince Edward Island)
is Pictou.

This is a picture of Pictou last weekend.
It was taken by Nova Scotia Power and shows snowy trees
 on power lines,This type of thing caused lots of
 power outages for lots of people.
Some had no power for 3-4 days!
You can read more at this link here.

We are thankful we did not lose power!
We are also glad we are indoors and dry with 
all the rain falling today!

Where ever you live, we purr you are safe and warm .
Have a FUN weekend too!