Friday 31 August 2018

Let's Get this Long Weekend Started!!!

Georgia: Mum was working all week and now it is 
the weekend. But as it is something called
Labour Day, she will be home an extra day!
I am really excited and so is mum.
That means lots more cuddle time!
Mum is happy as the weekend will be cooler
and not humid!
Mum also likes this pic of me as it shows my
white whiskers on one side and black on the other.

Julie: I love having mum home because I believe
she is MY purrson.
I have to share her with those other 2 cats,but
she is MY PURRSON!

JJ: Yes, it is nice to have that lady around.
She is pretty good at scritches,but dang, 
she keeps working on these darn mats that are in my furs.
Oh well, bit  by bit they are disappearing.
Besides, we will all have FUN !

How will you be spending the (long for many) weekend ?
Will it be FUN?
We hope so!

Monday 27 August 2018

Staycation is Over!

The reaction you get when you tell the cats you 
have to go back to work.

What did you just say?
You're going back to work?!




Yup, it's true, I have to 


Friday 24 August 2018

Mickey's Musings 11 th Blogoversary !!!

In 2005, mum started helping a woman whose dream was to
start an animal sanctuary. Cancer intervened and by 2006
she was gone. There were about 30 cats and 1 dog
Members of the board did not live close and some also 
had health issues. It was decided The sanctuary would be 
disbanded.Mum and her sister found homes for many
of the cats. The response was amazing.
The ones too old,sick or with other issues were kept.
By 2007 there were only a handful of cats left.
While searching the internet for information about
cats, mum discovered the blogging community.
It was a friendly(still is) and informative community.
By the Summer of 2007, mum acquired a digital camera
and took the plunge into blogging.
The picture below was the very first picture mum posted.

Mickey was mum's cat and he was 14 at the time.
Mum had developed an attachment to Georgia and Tillie
and was not going to put them up for adoption.
On August 24, 2008 we celebrated our 1st Blogoversary!

Mum quite enjoyed the blogging while she was looking
after the cats.
Blogging was getting quite popular as more and more cats 
started blogging and having all kinds of adventures and trips!
One of the coolest happenings in 2009 was the
wedding of Mickey and the lovely Miss Peach.

You can read more about it here.

It was a great 2nd year!

In 2010, we celebrated our 3rd Blogoversary.
This year, mum decided that she was keeping
the other cats that were still living with us.
Mum's sister also adopted some of the cats.
The big reveal came in this post.

2011 was a very sad year. Our sweet Mickey passed away 
on March 11 just shy of his 18th birthday (July 11)
We did not post about our 4th blogoversary 
as the sweet Miss Peach passed away on August 22,2011.

In 2012, our 5th year of blogging we added a new kitty to 
our family. We adopted Julie!
As it turned out, mum adopted her on  the same day she
decided to keep Treasure,Tiger and JJ...July 7.
Since all adoptions and birthdays were so close,
we decided that July 7 will be the Gotcha for all of us!
It was a good year!

2013 was our 6th year of blogging.
It was a fun year until the fall when our sweet Tillie
went to the Bridge in November.

In January of our 7th year of blogging, sweet Tiger
crossed the Bridge in her 17th year.
That left us numbering 4 and we had good times
for the rest of the year.

In 2015 we celebrated 8 years of blogging.

Then 9 years of blogging in 2016!
This was Treasure's last celebration.
He crossed the Bridge on December 1 at 19 years .
He was a happy kitty to the end.

Last year we celebrated 10 years of blogging.
It was a good year and we are still having FUN!

So! This year,August 24,2018 marks 11 years of blogging!
We are all pretty happy about that and we look forward to continuing.
Cats are on pretty much all social media and we sometimes 
make appearances elsewhere too.
However, blogging is the best platform because it is
not competing with other stories like Twitter does.
We can easily go and visit our friends.
Mum can have the other media to visit her friends !

Below is a collage of pictures from over the years.
We want to thank all of you that follow and visit us.
We look forward to bringing you many more stories too!

Now...LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The party bus is ready to pick you up!!

(these pics were first used in our October 31,2007 post.)
Don't worry, there is plenty of room you all of you!

Thursday 23 August 2018

Resting Up for a Big Celebration

Julie: JJ and I are resting up for a celebration
on Friday.
Mum says it is a big milestone for us.
Mum says it started before I got here.
I need to sleep on this .

See you Friday!

Monday 20 August 2018

Monday Musings with Georgia

Georgia: Well, this week mum is on vacation.
We love having her around.There are nonstop scritches,
cuddles  and attention.
This is going to be a pawsome week.

JJ is happy mum is home but nervous too.
He has a few mats in his fur and now mum has
more time to work on them. Poor JJ!
He still gets lots of scritches, so I don't think
he is minding her poking too much.

As for Julie, well she is ecstatic!
She loves mum around.She thinks mum is her very
own human.We keep reminding her she is not the 
only cat here.
She is hard to convince sometimes.
Ah well, at least she is happy.
We all are,including mum!

Have a FUN week !!!!!!!

Friday 17 August 2018

Finally Friday and Staycation !

Georgia: We are all happy today.
1,because it's Friday and that means weekend
and 2. because mum is on  staycation for a week !
We will celebrate by doing some close ups.
We suspect mum may have her camera out over
the next week and a lot of that time it will
be pointed at us.

That being said, here are our close ups!



We will be having fun and we know mum will too.
How about you?
What kind of  FUN will you be having ?
Good FUN or naughty FUN ?

Monday 13 August 2018

Georgia Says it was a Hot and Lazy Weekend

Georgia: After supper, mum often gets on the computer.
I like to keep her company.

Sometimes during the day, I like to go into
 the computer room for a nap

It is quiet in here and usually Julie free!

 Yes, that does make me happy!
It means she is not annoying me.

JJ loves his place in front of the old fireplace.
Being in the living room, he can keep an eye on
pretty much everything. He can also enjoy
a good nap.

Julie is a sun seeker!
Especially when mum is close by reading.

You can see more of Julie's weekend at

Click the RED link

Friday 10 August 2018

Cats and Critters, the Friday Edition

Georgia: Mum says we are in for another hot and sunny weekend

That means I get to have my baths on the porch.
 I like that,because mum usually brushes me too.
I love getting brushed.

JJ decided that Julie needed a bath.
He is a big groomer here.

None of us mind  grooming by JJ.

It is so relaxing!

Critter TV was pretty good too.
Mum caught this hummer on a wire by the house.

She caught it escaping too !

Earl the Squirrel has  been hanging around a lot.
He got on the porch a couple of times and mum talked to him.
She told him it was best if he did not stay as there were cats.
What?! Did she mean us?! Sheese!
Well, Julie would have given chase that's for sure!
Earl has taken to hanging outside on the deck railings.
He is hoping for nuts.
We think he is nuts!

He does all kind of stuff to look "cute"

Julie: Do I look miffed?
I AM miffed.
Mum won't let me chase that darn squirrel !!!

What FUN will you be having this weekend?
WE bet it will be good.

Monday 6 August 2018

Monday on the Porch with Georgia

Georgia: We are enjoying our extra mum day.
I think mum is too..
We are all out on the porch.

I can watch Critter TV.

Mostly I like to relax.
The other thing about being on the porch, 
mum often brushes me out here
I love getting brushed!
My furs feel nice and soft now.

JJ: I like being on the porch too.
It is sunny and warm and my old bones love that.

I even like to share the couch with my younger
sister Julie.
We get along really well.

You can see more pictures of Julie at

Click the RED link.